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Using BetOnline’s Player Props Builder to Make Money from Betting the NFL Playoffs

| January 9, 2019 12:00 am PDT
Using BetOnline's Player Props Builder

The NFL playoffs are on, and you know what that means.

A lot of exciting football games, a new Super Bowl winner, and a ton of betting opportunities from now until February 3rd.

Most of you will focus on traditional NFL betting markets like totals and spreads for many reasons. However, I would like to turn your attention to an exciting tool that opens the door to some interesting options for the NFL playoffs.

I’m talking about the BetOnline Player Props Builder.

I’ve been wanting to write a post about this feature for a while now, and the time to talk more about it has come. As the name suggests, the betting site gives you the option to construct your own betting market.

This is not something you see every day, so let’s dive a bit deeper and see how you can use it to build the NFL playoffs player props you want.

How Does the BetOnline Player Props Builder Work?

First things first, so let’s start with a short tutorial on how to use the BetOnline Player Props builder.

I will explain the whole thing with the NFL playoffs in mind, but later in the post, I will talk a bit more about the other competitions that are covered.

You need to have a BetOnline account to use the feature, and if you don’t, now is a good time to get one. The online bookmaker works with US players, and it’s one of the best for the NFL out there.

So, once you are registered and have some money in your account, it’s time to open the Player Props Builder and create your own NFL betting market.

Open the BetOnline website and visit the Sports section from the main navigation bar on the top of the page.

On your left, you will see a list of options, and one of them is called Player Props. Click on it, and you will find yourself in the main overview of the feature.

In the middle of the screen, you will see the main panel of the Player Props builder. It allows you to select the competition you are looking for and switch between the main menus of the feature. Go for the NFL by picking the league from the drop-down in the top right corner.

After that, you will see the default option Quick Picks. As the name suggests, there are some options that don’t require you to do anything – usually the most popular ones for each league or game. You could select one of them or build your own.

For the latter, switch to the Build tab. You will be given the chance to select a game and a player(s) that is expected to participate. Once you do that, it’s time to take a look at the panel on the right.

This is where the magic happens, as you have multiple options. I won’t spoil the fun and go over each one of them, so I will only mention how it works in general.

You can select that a player will cover an event, such as getting a touchdown or a certain number of yards. You also have the option to pick more than one player and bet on the one that will rush for more yards or throw more yards; there are countless opportunities for any NFL position.

If you go for a single player, you can select over/under options. You can play with the Player Props builder quite a bit.

The user interface is perfectly intuitive, so you will quickly understand how to add or remove selections.

Once you’re satisfied with your choice, you will see the odds provided by BetOnline. If you like them, you can add the market to your bet slip and place your wager.

Honestly, it’s an awesome feature, and I sincerely believe that such products are the future of the online betting industry. Sure, some of the traditional options will remain available as quick picks, so you don’t lose time, but building your own betting markets is awesome!

What Other Sports and Competitions Are Available?

Using the BetOnline Player Props builder for the NFL playoffs and Super Bowl 53 is a great idea, but this is not the only competition that’s available. Here is a list of all the options.

  • Soccer competitions
  • NBA
  • College football

Soccer Competitions

BetOnline is working hard to cover all the popular soccer competitions, and this is evident in the Player Props Builder, too.

You can create your own markets from scratch for the English Premier League, the Spanish La Liga, the Italian Serie A, the German Bundesliga, and the UEFA Champions League.

You’ll find plenty of exciting options to pick from, including shots on goal, goals scored, assists, passes, and even tackles.


The NBA is another US competition with millions of fans from all over the globe, so it’s no surprise to see it here. BetOnline gives you the opportunity to select any player and go for various data – points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks…you name it.

College Football

The NCAA is where the future NFL stars are playing, so a lot of people love to watch and bet on the competition.

BetOnline made sure that the NCAA is included in the Player Prop Builder as well. The feature works in a similar fashion, so simply select a player and build your own market.

Other Reasons to Join BetOnline

BetOnline is one of my favorite bookies for US sports, NFL included, and they work with US players. If you don’t have an account there yet, you are missing out on many advantages.

Let me briefly show you the reasons why you should consider joining the sportsbook.

Bonuses and Promotions

As soon as you join BetOnline and make your first deposit, you can get the 50% sign-up bonus worth up to $500. That provides a huge boost to your bankroll. Still, you need to wager the money ten times prior to withdrawal, so be prepared to place some bets.

Once you’re done with the welcome deal, you can get unlimited 25% bonuses on each of your next deposits. Simply put, every time you add more cash, you will get some extra funds to play with.

On top of that, there are a couple of NFL specials that provide a lot of extra value. There is a $25,000 Survivor Contest and a Pick’Em Contest with the same prize pool. Both are free to enter, so you can have some fun and even win prizes without investing anything.

Finally, there are always a ton of exclusive promotions for big sporting events. The Super Bowl 53 promos are not live yet, but you can rest assured that BetOnline will provide multiple ways to boost your bankroll with special offers.


There aren’t many reputable online betting sites that accept American players, but BetOnline is one of them. The company has been around for ages, and every US player is welcome.

It’s all legit, as the sportsbook might not be licensed in the USA, but it has all the necessary licenses where it’s registered.

Odds and Markets

As you already saw, the BetOnline Player Props Builder gives you the chance to construct your own betting markets, and not many bookies do that. The operator covers every single game from all of the major sports and competitions around the globe for both pre-game and live betting.

On top of that, the odds are pretty good, especially when it comes to popular events and markets.

Other Advantages

Here are some of the other benefits of joining BetOnline.

You can enjoy some reliable payment options like credit and debit cards (Visa, Mastercard), e-wallets (Skrill, Neteller), and even cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin
The customer support team of BetOnline is fast and friendly
Mobile Betting
The website of the bookie is mobile-responsive, so you can place your wagers and manage your account on the go

Final Words

If you are a fan of experimenting and finding different angles for NFL betting, the Player Props Builder of BetOnline is certainly worth it.

Not many other bookies give you the chance to be the mastermind behind the betting markets you select. The playoffs and Super Bowl 53 are good opportunities to try the feature and hopefully make some money in the process.

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