US Gambling Site Payouts: May 2016 Update

By Kody Miller in General
| June 1, 2016 12:00 am PST
May 2016 Payout Report
Payout Report Overview

This monthly online gambling payout report focuses on the speed and success rate of some of the top online betting companies. Our goal is to give our readers an inside look at how they can cash out, how fast and what kind of a success rate they can expect when dealing with some of the more popular casino and gaming websites.

Our site list may switch from month to month, depending on popularity and our interpretation of what the gambling world should (or will want to) learn about specific sportsbook sites and online casinos. That will include some of the more well known heavy hitters, as well as some up and coming sites that could shock you with speedy and precise payouts. In addition, we’ll give you a summary of each site’s operations and what they’re known for, as well as a standing grade for the month at hand.

This month’s look touches on payout performance in May for the following sites:

Bovada Logo

Bovada May Grade: A

If you know online gaming and gambling, you’re no stranger to Bovada. For any newbies, they’re without a doubt one of the biggest and more popular betting sites, offering sports betting, as well as online casino and poker gaming. They’re renowned for speedy and secure payouts and are among the most trustworthy betting sites on the web. Read our full review of Bovada here.

“Raise Your Game”
Payment Options
  • Visa and MasterCard – 4.9% deposit fee
  • Bitcoin – must have bitcoin account, fast and easy, no fee
  • Rapid Transfer – Min $100 Max $800, $12-$20 fee
Payout Options
  • Check by courier – Min $50 No Max, allow 5-10 business days, 1 per 7 days ($3,000 max per week)
  • Rapid Transfer – can only withdraw here if deposited with Rapid Transfer first, one free check payout per month, $50 fee per check thereafter, $100 Min, $650 Max
Additional Notes
  • Visa Fast Funds (or VFF) have been the biggest issue for Bovada withdrawals
  • Some claims of outstanding balances stemming from mid-March
  • Bovada has successfully re-credited most accounts attempting to use VFF and it is suggested users attempt a new withdrawal method
  • Bitcoin is still the withdrawal method of choice, as users operating with Bitcoin have reported very few hiccups and speedy, successful withdrawals
  • The lack of availability of Bitcoin for every customer clouds the success of it
  • Users unfamiliar or not trusting of Bitcoin can still lean on check withdrawals
  • Check speeds remain solid, as one user reported a speedy completion ranging from April 14th to May 2nd. About two weeks should be expected for checks.

BetOnline Logo

BetOnline May Grade: A+

BetOnline is one of the premiere sportsbooks for bettors to target, as it has a lot to offer, both with payment processing and user experience. BetOnline offers a staggering list of payment and payout methods and is consistently recognized as one of the safest and more secure sites to complete transactions with. Just as important, BetOnline is extremely diverse, allowing users to place sports bets as well as participate in online casinos and poker games. Read our BetOnline Review.

“We’ll get you your money faster than anyone else”
Payment Options
  • Visa (via Person to Person) – Min $50 Max $700
  • Visa Min – $50 Max $5,000
  • MasterCard – Min $50 Max $5,000
  • Person to Person – Min $50 Max $900
  • MoneyOrders – Min $300 Max $9,000
  • Bitcoin – $20 Max $3,500
  • Skrill – Min $10 No Max
  • Neteller – Min $10 No Max
  • Book to book – Min $500 No Max
  • Bank Wire Transfer – Min $1,000 No Max
  • Cheque – Min $1,500 Max $24,900
  • Diners Club International – Min $50 Max $1,000
  • JCB – Min $50 Max $1,000
Payout Options
  • Person to Person – Min $50 Max $500 – one transaction per week, Fee: $26 to $101, allow 5 business days
  • Bank Wire Transfer – Min $500 Max $24,900 – generally fast under a week, can take up to 15 business days, fax/email BetOnline complete payout instructions
  • Cheque by mail – all Min $500 Max $2,500 – by mail allow 30 business days, $25 Fee
  • Cheque by courier – check by courier allow 15 business days, $35 fee
  • Cheque by EXPRESS – fastest check version, within 7 business days, must be deposited in bank account, $50 fee
  • ATM Only – Min $100 Max $2,500 – physical, reloadable ATM card that can be used at any ATM machine, sent by courier, one-time $80 fee for card, allow 3-5 business days (ID and utility bill required), once card arrives, $25 fee per transaction
  • Bitcoin – Min $20 Max $5,000 – extremely fast within 48 hours, first timers may require extra identification/documents, 2% fee of total payout
  • Skrill – Min $25 Max $9,900 – very fast, account credited within 36 hours, max 3 payouts per week, cannot top $9,900 per week, must deposit via skrill to get payout through skrill, not available in Canada, $20 fee
  • Neteller – Min $25 Max $9,900 – very fast, account credited within 36 hrs, max 3 payouts per week, cannot exceed max of $9,900, must deposit with neteller, $20 fee
  • Book to book – Min $500 Max $24,900 – fastest quote at 24 hrs, strive for far less, max is same for day/week, contact live help for specific fees per transaction
Additional Notes
  • BetOnline continues to dominate the payout seen, seeing no real overall decrease in speed in May
  • There have been some mild delays, with a user on PocketFives forum stating he had an accepted withdrawal where BetOnline informed him via email the payment could take an additional 7 days (7-10 days typically)
  • Bitcoin continues to be the preferred payout option for speed, along with check
  • Payment processing has been normal overall, with minor issues with the site’s poker leaderboard as well as some site connectivity issues stemming from April

RealBet Logo

RealBet May Grade: B

RealBet is very new (established in 2015), but has quickly risen in the online gambling ranks as a versatile sportsbook that offers online sports betting, a casino section and mobile ability. The site also boasts a clean interface, quality gaming and top notch customer support. More importantly, they so far have a good payout rapport, with successful and speedy payments. Their chief knock is that some payouts are subject to an extra fee, but they do provide one free payout per month and generally get good feedback.

Check out our detailed review of RealBet.

Payment Options
  • Major credit cards (Visa and MasterCard) – Min $25 Max $500, US welcome, quick and secure
  • Bank Wire – Min $500, Max $5,000
Payout Options
  • Check (couriered) – allow 15-20 business days, $50 fee
Additional Notes
  • Players are required to verify credit cards used to deposit before an official withdrawal can be made, which can slow the process.
  • Unwelcome fee ($50) for payouts under $250
  • Severely limited payout and deposit options, but debit and credit cards usually take less than a full week
  • Cheques are also available and take about a week
  • There was an outstanding complaint by a player that won back in February, although per, that issue is marked as resolved. Logo May Grade: B+

Easily one of the top sportsbooks around, Bookmaker has proudly served your online gambling needs for 30 years. Bookmaker offers an eclectic gaming base, allowing users to place bets on a variety of sports, as well as find entertainment in the online casino and poker rooms. Bookmaker offers as high as a 50% discount for first deposits. More importantly, Bookmaker has a long history of quick, successful payouts. Find more information on

“Where the Line Originates”
Payment Options
  • American Express – Min $25 Max $499, deposit online or via phone, Max $2k daily, $4k weekly, $8k monthly
  • Visa and Verified by Visa – Min $50 Max $2,500 daily max ($2,500) weekly ($5k) monthly ($10k)
  • MasterCard – Min $50 Max $999, Max varies from $4k to $20k monthly
  • Bitcoin – Min $10 Max $50,000 comes with more bonus and loyalty program options as well as FREE payouts
  • Neteller – Min $100 Max $10,000 no Fee
  • ECO – Min $100 Max $1,000
  • Bank Draft (regular mail) – Min $5,000 No Max fund via bank check, cashier or certified check. Personal checks NOT accepted
  • Person to Person – Min $100 $2,000 Max under $300 carry additional fees ($7), $14 fee for call center transfers, worldwide P2P transfer carries $1,000 Max
  • Bank Wire – Min $2,500 No Max, can fund using USD, EURO, GBP and CDN
(*All transactions in USD)
Payout Options
  • Neteller – $100 Min No Max, account credited via your credit card within 24 hrs, can take up to 2-3 business days however, anything up to $8,000 brings a $25 fee
  • Person to Person – $100 Min $500 Max, one payout request per 7 days, allow 2-3 business days (usually arrive same day), $100-$299 carries $25 fee, $300-$499 is $35 fee, $500 is $50 fee
  • Bank Draft (regular mail) – $100 Min $3,000 Max, check via reg mail within 7 days, one request per 7 days, $50 fee
  • ECO – $100 Min $1,000 Max, must deposit first to use as withdrawal method, allows 2-3 business days, one request per week, NO FEE but NON-US customers ONLY
  • Bitcoin – Min $100 Max $50,000 with max $3,000 withdrawal per 7 days
(*Additional $10 fee for withdrawal processing aided via chat or phone)
Additional Notes
  • Misunderstanding site guidelines led to a disgruntled customer trying to withdrawal via Bitcoin in May and having issues.
  • Regardless, Bitcoin remains extremely fast and provided there are no user restrictions, is the preferred withdrawal method in terms of speed.
  • Check requests can range on the slow side. One user claimed of a $3,000 sum being requested for mid-May and still awaited approval.
  • One report of overcharging on deposit from long-time Bookmaker customer, but the site did reach out to the user and it appeared to be a relative non-issue. Logo May Grade: B is relatively to the online casino world, officially entering the gaming airways in 2013. While still a fledgling gambling enterprise, has a lot to offer, starting with a bevy of card and slot games, as well as fast payouts and killer bonuses and promotions. The chief complaints at stem from lagging games or unattainable bonuses. Payouts, however, receive few outstanding complaints and typically are processed quickly and safely.

Payment Options
  • Bitcoin – Min $25 Max $1,000
  • Card (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX) – Min $25 Max $1,000
Payout Options
  • Rapid Transfer – Min $100 Max $300, allow 4-7 business days, 1 per month (max $300)
  • Check (by courier) – Min $50 No Max, allow 4-7 business days, once per week ($2,000 max)
Additional Notes
  • Young site, but has very few standing complaints regarding fulfilled payouts or payout speed.
  • One such complaint was brought up in mid-April, but contacted them with a rep to work through the issue.
  • There have been a few issues with stalled payments, with some left unresolved going into May. One of the main issues found in the CasinoMeister forums was resolved in early May.
  • Check continues to be the best payout method, both in frequency and payout
  • Bitcoin withdrawal would be ideal but isn’t allowed currently, only deposit.

Las Vegas USA Logo

Las Vegas USA May Grade: B-

Little can be said about Las Vegas USA that is bad, as they’re currently one of the best online casinos you can find. Powered by one of the elite platforms, Las Vegas USA naturally welcomes US players with a fun, secure experience. The site also offers big bonuses to new players and goes out of their way with live chat help on site to ensure every player gets their money. Their biggest knock is their so-so payout selection and up and down payout speeds.

Read more about Las Vegas USA in our full review.

“Join the excitement”
Payment Options
  • Visa and MasterCard – Min $25 Max $500 (no fee) available worldwide, prepaid and gift cards allowed
  • MST Gift Cards – Min $20 Max $500 (no fee)
  • Neteller – Min $10 Max $2,500 (no fee), US not allowed
  • Money Order – Min $50 Max $1,000 (no fee)
Payout Options
  • Check (regular mail) – Min $100 Max $399.99 (free), worldwide
  • Check via courier – Min $400 Max $2,500 (free), only sent to physical addresses worldwide
  • ACH Direct Deposit – Min $100 Max $1,250 (free), US banks ONLY, sent to savings/checking account
  • Money Order – Min $100 Max $2,500 (free), NOT available for US
  • Neteller – Min $10 Max $5,000 (free), allow 48 hrs, USA only
(*All withdrawals can take up to two weeks to process)
Additional Notes
  • Not currently using Bitcoin, which is widely popular and quick/easy
  • Had some issues with Direct Deposit in April
  • 18 of 26 issues at have been resolved as of May
  • Payouts have been slower at times, with some taking as long as two weeks
  • Neteller looks like the best withdrawal option at the moment in terms of speed, but disclaimer suggests all methods can take up to two weeks
  • Continues to offer great bonuses and great casino games, plus users are experiencing positive payouts

Planet 7 Casino Logo

Planet 7 May Grade: C+

Planet 7 has grown to be a very respectable online casino when it comes to game and bonus versatility. The site boasts a wide array of unique and entertaining games, and also offers some of the best bonuses available online. While Planet 7 excels with customer satisfaction via games, bonuses and general customer service, they have an alarmingly bad history when it comes to approving and processing payouts in a timely fashion. On top of that, they have been blacklisted by

Find out more about Planet 7 Casino.

“Your source for the best Vegas online casino action”
Payment Options
  • General: $30 Min deposit
  • Visa, MasterCard, American Express
  • Neteller and Western Union (money order)
Payout Options
  • General withdrawal info – Min $100 Max $2,500 per week
  • Checks – allow up to 28 business days
  • Ewallets – 2-3 business days
  • Wire transfer – 4-5 bus days
  • Credit cards – 6-7 bus days
Additional Notes
  • There have certainly been slow withdrawals in the past couple of months, with a recent report on AskGamblers suggesting the process took up to six weeks
  • While there have been a bevy of complaints (126), an impressive 119 have officially been marked as resolved on the site as of May
  • A few outlier complaints suggest approved payments have not been made for weeks or even months
  • Big earnings have been reported to be dodged or slowly paid out
  • Other customers have noted slowing of payouts, but still acknowledge eventually getting their money
  • Specific instructions regarding payouts have caused hiccups, but Planet 7 has worked with users to facilitate resolutions
  • Best payment is via check, but can still take two weeks or longer