Updated Odds for the 2021-22 NHL Stanley Cup Heading into February

| February 2, 2022 9:10 am PST

We are right at the halfway point in the NHL season with the All-Star Game coming right up (February 5th). The All-Star break is always a great time in any sport to look at the updated odds for the championship.

We had the Colorado Avalanche open as Stanley Cup favorites coming into this season and they have lived up to the hype this season. If you took the bet on the favorite before the season started, you should be feeling pretty good right now.

As for bettors on other NHL teams, we still have a ton of season left. With the Avalanche being the favorites at this point, that just means other teams will be offered at way better prices. There is a lot of season left and teams can start to get hot at the right time.

Let’s look at the Updated NHL Stanley Cup Odds for the 2021-22 season.

Updated February Odds for the Stanley Cup

Like I said, the Avalanche haven’t had any reason to drop out of first place in the odds this season. They have an impressive record at 32-8-3, which is good for best in the NHL.

There are a handful of teams who have been trailing right behind them this season, such as the Florida Panthers, Tampa Bay Lightning, Carolina Hurricanes, Toronto Maple Leafs, Vegas Golden Knights, and more.

It’s possible that I still haven’t named the eventual winner of the 2021-22 Stanley Cup, as there are still so many good teams that can pull it off.

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Top Contenders for the 2021-22 Stanley Cup

Every year we have about 10 or so teams who have strong chances to win the Stanley Cup. Those teams can rise to the top and make a deep run in the playoffs, or completely flop over the course of the season.

Coming into this year, the top 5 teams in the 2021-22 Stanley Cup odds included the Colorado Avalanche, Tampa Bay Lightning, Vegas Golden Knights, Toronto Maple Leafs, and Carolina Hurricanes.

That checks out at the halfway point, as those 5 teams haven’t seen much movement over the course of the first half.

Colorado Avalanche (+500)

This season has gone according to plan for Colorado. They aren’t satisfied enough though, because last season looks awfully familiar to this one. They finished with a great record last year but were unable to win the Stanley Cup.

They finished 39-13-4 in the shortened season and were eliminated in the second round by the Vegas Golden Knights in 6 games. This year they will be looking to make it much farther than the second round and possibly win the Stanley Cup.

They are second in the NHL in points with 67 and are first in goals scored per game (4.14). They are a high-flying offensive team with the highest shooting percentage in the league (11.9%).

In order to beat the Avalanche, you are going to need a tough defense with an offense that can hang with them.

That only leaves a handful of other teams who can hang with the Avalanche on a regular basis. The playoffs will be a true testament to this team, but they are the top dog at this point of the season.

Tampa Bay Lightning (+700)

A team who has not struggled in the playoffs recently is the Tampa Bay Lightning. They are winners of two straight Stanley Cups, and they have a realistic shot here at three straight championship wins.

If they can pull off a three peat, they would be the first team to do so since the 1980-1983 Islanders, who won it 4 straight times.

The Lightning are a very balanced team, which means they can beat you in a lot of different ways. They have the 7th best goals scored per game (3.38), while pairing that with the 12th best goals allowed per game (2.76).

This is a team that understands the importance of being a complete team. The Avalanche are a very good offensive team, but their defense can be their downfall yet again this season.

That is a big reason why the Lightning should be a reliable team to beat on for the Stanley Cup for the rest of this season.

Florida Panthers (+750)

The Panthers are right behind the Avalanche in goals scored per game (4.13), while ranking in the top 15 in goals allowed per game (2.85). They have the highest grade in terms of expected goals for in the NHL, which is great news for their offense.

They have the highest number of scoring chances for them as well with 1,232 total chances, which is over 100 chances more than the next highest team (Kings). This might be the team who can hang with or even outperform the Avalanche offensively.

The same reasons why the Avalanche win or lose can be the reasons why the Panthers win or lose the Stanley Cup this season as well. They are looking like a top tier offensive threat, but their defense could use a boost in performance.

At the end of the day, they should continue to have success throughout this season. They actually have the second easiest strength of schedule remaining this season, which could give them a high seed in the playoffs.

Top Sleepers for the 2021-22 Stanley Cup

There is no perfect team in the NHL. There are better teams than others, but there are still plenty of teams who can win the Stanley Cup this year.

The Avalanche will be leading the charge at the top of the odds leaderboard for the foreseeable future, but that doesn’t mean we should give them the Stanley Cup just yet.

There is a lot of value still left on the odds market for the NHL Stanley Cup. We have a couple of teams flying under the radar who can pick up the pace in the second half. If they get hot at the right time, they could cause some major upsets in the playoffs.

Here are some teams with tons of value at their current price. They have been decent so far this year and there are signs that things will start heating up. With the top teams having their flaws, these teams can take advantage and be the ones to win the Stanley Cup.

Toronto Maple Leafs (+900)

With the three top contenders taking up a lot of attention, that leaves some solid value directly behind them. The Toronto Maple Leafs should be a sneaky pick at this point with their current odds.

Toronto has been unfortunate this year when it comes to their play. They are getting great opportunities, but it hasn’t exactly translated.

They rank 2nd in the league with expected goals for (109.5), but they have the 10th most actual goals.

So, throughout the course of this season, the Leafs should be able to convert more and more of their opportunities and end the season as one of the top offensive teams.

They have yet to be the favorite to win the Stanley Cup this year, but they have consistently hovered around the 5 in the odds leaderboard. You don’t need to be the best regular season team to win the Stanley Cup and the Leafs can turn out to be the team that pulls it off.

Vegas Golden Knights (+900)

Another team that is underrated at the halfway point is the Vegas Golden Knights. Vegas is right behind the Maple Leafs in terms of expected goals for (108.4), but they have been able to convert at that same pace so far this season.

They have also had a very tough schedule to date, ranking as the 3rd hardest after their first 45 games. They aren’t in a bad position considering their current record and the tough games they have played in so far this season.

Looking forward, they have the 3rd easiest schedule for the remainder of this season, which could mean they are in for some major improvements. With that being said, this might be the perfect time to buy in on the Knights.

As they start to win more and more games, we might not get to see them at a price this profitable for the remainder of this season.

Why You Should Bet on the Boston Bruins

The Bruins are one of my favorite longshot bets for this year’s NHL Stanley Cup.

They haven’t had the best luck so far this year, but signs are pointing up for them. We should start to see them trend in the right direction in the second half and become a threat to win the Stanley Cup.

They have the 9th easiest schedule remaining for this year, which could mean they can get themselves on the right track for the playoffs.

They are another team who is getting tons of opportunities but has been on the wrong side of luck. They have the third worst ranking in terms of expected goals and actual goals, which implies that it can’t really get any worse than it is right now.

Their expected goals for are 12th best in the NHL (92.5), but that has only translated to 81 actual goals. Their actual goals drop all the way to 21st in the NHL, which has made it hard on them this year.

It doesn’t end there either. They have the 2nd best expected goals allowed in the NHL (72.7) but have given up 82 actual goals. Their actual goals rank 14th in the NHL, which is way below their second-best expected mark.

Moving forward the Bruins should start to see those trends go in the opposite direction. They should end up being a very good team on both sides of the ice, and make them a very solid longshot bet with their current odds price.

Betting on the 2021-22 Stanley Cup

With all these teams having solid chances to win the Stanley Cup, there could still be a different team who actually pulls it off.

Sometimes it just seems like a certain team has everything going at the right time and can end up hoisting up the Stanley Cup trophy at the conclusion of this season.

Since we are right at the halfway point, the NHL All-Star Game is our next exciting thing on our hockey schedule. Make sure you check out our NHL All-Star game betting guide for everything you need to know about the star-studded exhibition game.

We still have tons of awesome games on top for the rest of this NHL season. Make sure you take advantage of these great games by heading over to the best NHL betting sites to place your bets.

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