Upcoming League of Legends Matches for July 27th

By Jerry Summer
Published on July 26, 2017

Things are starting to heat up. The split is coming to an end, and teams are starting to calculate their odds of success. There are only a few games left, and every victory matters. Today, we’ll start with the EU LCS, and then we’ll jump on the LCK.

G2 eSports vs. Ninjas In Pyjamas

At the moment, G2 is the second-placed team in group A with a 6-3 score. They had a bit of a rough start but as time goes by they are starting to look better and better. Currently, they are on a three game winning streak. In the last game against Team Vitality, they didn’t look their best. They’ve made quite a few mistakes, and in the end, they lost the game. The second game started in the same way, but this time Team Vitality made a mistake by pushing the lanes too hard. Even though they began with a 3-0 kill advantage, Perkz and Zven got a kill, after that Team Vitality started to lose control over the game. Game three was an easy win for G2.

This is a great learning opportunity for Ninjas in Pyjamas. If you want to beat G2, you need to win against their carries in the early game. Every time G2 is in danger, they will use a composition with two or even three champs that can block the direct damage. Team Vitality lost the second and third game because Perkz and Zven got a few kills plus they had to get through 3 tanks to get them. The key to success is getting an early lead. They have no chance of winning unless they can get a kill or two in the early game.

Ninjas In Pyjamas are still looking for their first victory. They were close a couple of times, but close is not good enough. G2 is a tough opponent and getting a win against them will be pretty hard. It’s not impossible but still very, very hard.

Last week they played against Team Splyce. Ninjas In Pyjamas lost both games in less than 10 minutes. Everything was fine until they lost their first tower, after that everything just fell apart. Their bot lane got caught every single time because were trying to roam alone. Deep wards are great, but if you get caught every single time, then it’s just not worth it.

Past performances:

G2 and Ninjas in Pyjamas played at the beginning of the season. NiP started out great. They had everything on their side. However, they failed to close out the game. G2 was stalling the game, and NiP was too busy running around the map to realize that time was running out. G2 managed to delay the game long enough to catch up, and that was about it.

The second game was pretty much the same. NiP started out great but once again they failed to transition from laning phase to team fighting. I don’t understand how any competitive team can be this bad in team fighting. If they somehow manage not to get relegated, they should strongly consider changing their line up. Considering they’ve made over two million dollars just from the tournament prizes in Counter Strike, maybe it’s time to break a piggy bank and get a top tier Korean player (or two).

Players to watch out for:

In the last few games, G2 was heavily carried by Zven and Perkz. They are both cream of the crop in their respected positions and G2 is aware of that. For them, the game plan is very simple. Give them a couple of kills and let them do damage from the distance while you protect them with a tank wall.

Our prediction: -1.5/[email protected](Bet365)

Ninjas In Pyjamas aren’t a bad team, but they have all sorts of issues they need to fix if they want to do some damage. On the other hand, G2 is on a winning streak and needs two more wins to catch up with Fnatic.

Team Vitality vs. Mysterious Monkeys

The second game of the day is between Team Vitality and Mysterious Monkeys. At the moment, Team Vitality is second to last in group B, and Mysterious Monkeys are in last place. Team Vitality has three victories, one more than Mysterious Monkeys. If the Mysterious Monkeys lose this game, they’ll be last without the chance for redemption.  There is a lot at stake for both teams, so I’m hoping that they’ll come out with their guns blazing.

Past performances:

These two teams played each other just over a month ago, and Team Vitality won with a 2-0 score. In both games, Team Vitality showed they are few steps ahead of Mysterious Monkeys. Vitality managed to intercept enemy carries and burst them down. Mysterious Monkeys used a fairly squishy composition. There are only two possible outcomes when you use a squishy damage based composition. The first outcome is you get ahead and finish the game before the enemy team gets enough armor to counter that damage. The second outcome is that you fail to get ahead and you do nothing but wait for them to end the game. This team composition is usually a bad idea unless you are sure that you can get the necessary kills to get a snowball effect. I guess the Monkeys thought they were good enough to beat Vitality and it backfired.

Players to watch out for:

MM Amazing is the best player in this match, but the rest of the team is not on the same level. Mysterious Monkeys are the only team in the EU LCS where a leading man in terms of KDA is a jungler.

Amazing has an enormous amount of experience, but he is struggling as a member of the Mysterious Monkeys. The rest of the team is just not responsive enough to his shot-calling.  I guess that’s the reason why they recently started to use Lamabear as their starting jungler. At the moment, Amazing is the best chance they have, and I hope they managed to overcome their differences.

Our prediction: Team [email protected] (Bet365)

Based on their last encounter, I have to go with Team Vitality. They are a better team overall. Team Vitality is not unbeatable by any means, but it takes a bit better team than the Mysterious Monkeys to do so.

Samsung Galaxy vs. Afreeca Freecs

It’s time to talk about the LCK. Just two weeks ago, Samsung Galaxy was on top of the world. They were first in the LCK, and I guess it went straight to their heads. They’ve lost two games in a row against MVP and KT Rolsters. Defeat from KT Rolsters was not unexpected, but defeat against the MVP most certainly was. In the past two weeks, they managed to ruin their chances of winning the LCK.

LCK playoffs is comprised of five teams in a winner-advances tournament with #4 and #5 place teams battling their way through each other (and then #3 and #2) for a chance to face the #1 seed in a finals match. Simply by losing the games against MVP and KT Rolsters, Samsung managed to add two more games against the best teams in Korea. SK Telecom 1 won against the Ever8 Winners, and now they are only one victory away from taking Samsung’s third place. If Samsung loses yet another game, they will destroy everything they worked for.

On the other side of the rift, we have Afreeca Freecs. They are currently the fifth-placed team in the LCK, and they are only one win away from the Jin Air Greenwings. Things could get ugly if Jin Air somehow finds a way to beat the KT Rolsters. In that case, they will have the same score, and they’ll play against each other in the last game of the split.

Past performances:

These teams are always at the top of the LCK, so they play each other quite often, and it’s always a close match. Last time these teams played the series ended in favor of Samsung. Both teams were equally good, and they were trading blow for blow. In the end Samsung won, but it was far from easy. Those games could have gone either way.

Player to watch out for:

Afreeca Freecs Marin is, in my opinion, the best top laner in the world. Afreeca knows where their strength lies so they usually do everything they can to make Marin’s life easier. He prefers playing a super aggressive style, and his influence varies from time to time. It all depends on the meta. At the moment, we are in bruiser meta, and that means top laners will often pick champions that deal damage. Damage oriented meta is something Marin excels at, and on the plus side, it’s much more entertaining.

Our prediction: Afreeca [email protected](bet365)

I think Afreeca Freecs are under-valued in this match-up. I understand that Samsung is a better team, but 2.62 is just too much considering their past encounters.

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