Unforgettable Wedding Chapels in Las Vegas for 2020

| February 24, 2020 9:45 am PDT
Las Vegas Wedding Chapels

There’s so much to planning a wedding in Las Vegas. The wedding dress, the color of the bridesmaids’ dresses, which Elvis impersonator should perform the ceremony, and which ammo to buy.

Wait. What?

Yes, in Las Vegas, you can be legally married by an Elvis impersonator, although the jury is still out on whether you can get married TO an Elvis impersonator BY an Elvis impersonator. There’s something a little too “don’t cross the streams” about that scenario.

In any case, before you rush off to Las Vegas to tie that knot, let’s review the legalities. Naturally, these only pertain to people who want to be legally married. If you’re just renewing your vows or want an informal “commitment ceremony,” skip this part.

According to the Clark County Clerk’s Office, to obtain a marriage license, both applicants must be at least 18 years of age, be ”no nearer of kin than second cousins or cousins of half-blood,” and most importantly “not having a husband or wife living.” Always a catch, right?

Also, for the wedding to be legal, the person (or Elvis, if you prefer) officiating at your wedding must be a licensed Nevada Marriage Officiant. You can check out the thousands in Clark County alone with a visit to this site.

The Clark County Marriage License Bureau is Downtown on East Clark Avenue and is open seven days a week from 8 a.m. until midnight—even on national holidays.

You wanna get married in Vegas? Well then, by golly, they’re gonna make sure you can get married in Vegas.

The marriage license is valid for a year, so you don’t have to get married right away. But who are we kidding? Nobody comes to Vegas to think about getting married. Quite a few don’t come to Vegas to get married at all, in fact. It just sort of happens.

So, as a public service for those people who aren’t aware that they’re getting married tomorrow at 1:37 a.m., I offer this list of the most memorable Las Vegas wedding chapels..

Little Church of the West

Billing itself as “the Grandmother of all Las Vegas Wedding Chapels,” Little Church of the West has been marrying couples since 1942. The church has stood the test of time on the Vegas Strip, seeing its casino neighbors demolished one by one until only the church remains to represent the Vegas of yesteryear.

If being married in a church that’s in the National Registry of Historic Places is important to you (and why wouldn’t it be?), then you’ve found your venue.

And as you’d expect from the grand dame of Vegas wedding chapels, you have an almost embarrassingly large range of services to choose from.

You want an Elvis wedding? Maybe a Harley-Davidson ceremony? Perhaps you want a Scottish bagpiper to perform Mendelssohn’s Wedding March?

The Little Church of the West has it all—the Elvis, the Harley, the bagpipes—so choose wisely. And Mazel Tov!

Visit their site for a rundown on everything the Little Church of the West has to offer.

A Elvis Chapel

What is it about Elvis that so perfectly ties him to Las Vegas that he has become a demi-god or at least its patron saint?

While you’re considering that and other of life’s great philosophical paradoxes, consider this: Being married in Vegas by an Elvis impersonator is on thousands of bucket lists.

Did you know “A Elvis Chapel” is the first Vegas wedding chapel listed in the phone book’s yellow pages? Oh, and by the way—do you own a phone book?

A Elvis Chapel has the perfect Elvis wedding to fit any budget. There’s the Memories package (around $300), the Hound Dog package, the Burning Love package, and the lollapalooza tour of Elvis weddings—the Viva Las Vegas concert package.

All the wedding packages feature songs from the chapel’s Elvis, in case you were wondering.

You can learn more about A Elvis Chapel and their entire inventory of wedding packages here.

A Little White Wedding Chapel

Right under A Elvis Chapel in the yellow pages (seriously, does anyone still own one of these artifacts?) is A Little White Wedding Chapel.

Need to get married but don’t want to miss the season premiere of Stranger Things? A Little White Chapel has the answer. This is the first Vegas wedding chapel to feature a drive-thru lane. But it’s not the only one. Ain’t Vegas grand?

The Little White Wedding Chapel has locked many a famous couple into the unbreakable chains of matrimony, including Bruce Willis and Demi Moore—wait a minute. Seems like those chains aren’t quite so unbreakable, eh?

I’m not so sure the adjective “little” applies to this chapel, since they actually feature five different indoor chapels in which to form your own no-doubt unbreakable bonds with your dearly beloved. And that’s not to mention the Gazebo in the garden and the ever-popular drive-thru lane.

I wonder if that’s where the In N Out hamburger chain got the idea for their name. Talk about thinking outside the box!

Unbreakable or not, if marriage can’t be eternal, the ceremony itself should be mercifully brief.

However you want your wedding to be, chances are the Little White Wedding Chapel can provide it.

The Little White Wedding Chapel has a website full of additional info.

The Cannabis Chapel

When you are ready to plan your “weeding” (get it?), you can do a lot worse than the Cannabis Chapel. It’s right across the street from The Grove, winner of the Best of Vegas award for best marijuana dispensary.

It’s also insanely close to McCarran International Airport, practically on the exit ramp, to be frank.

The Cannabis Chapel performed its first weeding on April 20, 2016, back when only medical marijuana use was legal in Nevada. Since then, of course, cannabis has been legalized for recreational purposes. And what’s more recreational than getting hitched?

And the Cannabis Chapel has several levels of weeding packages to choose from. You can get started with the basic Joint Matrimony package (very affordable at $104), the 420 package which adds a layer of cool smoothness with a one-hour photoshoot, and the 710 package which adds an even thicker layer of extra coolness with a one-night stay in the 420-friendly “newlyweeds” suite.

In case you forget to bring one along, they’ll even provide you with a witness to your nuptials. Spousal unit is not included, although this is Vegas, so who knows? Maybe you’ll get lucky.

In case you already forgot what you were getting ready to do, a visit to the Cannabis Chapel will help you remember.

Wee Kirk o’ the Heather

Right off, I should point out that in the argle-bargle that the Scots insist is their language, the word “kirk” means “church.” Fair enough, I guess. Oh well, the invention of Scotch absolves a multitude of sins.

In any case, you wanted to get married in Vegas, right? And it’s gotta be an Elvis wedding for some reason, correct?

Okay. I understand. Elvis is king. But which Elvis?

Do you fancy getting married by a 50’s Gold Lamé Elvis, or would you prefer your wedding to be officiated by a Hugely Bellbottomed & Sequined Elvis? Either is just a call away at Wee Kirk o’ the Heather, the oldest stand-alone wedding chapel in Las Vegas.

They have an Elvis impersonator for every type of wedding, from the cheap and cheesy to the opulent and, well, cheesy. But they also have other, less ostentatious (non-Elvis, in other words) ceremonies to choose from, including three basic packages for young folks on a budget. They even have deluxe packages for the richy-rich sorts who got a handpay playing Buffalo and need nothing so much as to marry that slot host right now.

And, of course, there are the six Elvis packages, from the Love Me Tender, Burning Love, and Can’t Help Falling in Love basic packages to the Pink Cadillac, Dueling Elvis, and Ultimate Elvis deluxe packages.

It’s probably best to leave what actually happens at the Ultimate Elvis wedding package to your imagination.

Visit the Wee Kirk on the web for full details and lots of annoying pop-ups.

The Little Neon Chapel

I don’t know about you, but when I think “wedding” I think “affordable.” Apparently, the Little Neon Chapel and I were separated at birth because they feature a $39 wedding that shames all the $99 rich weddings.

The Little Neon Chapel has three locations, two of which are Downtown, either on or very near the Fremont Street Experience. The third one, called the Chapel of Crystals, is at the Westgate Resort & Casino near the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Don’t let the $39 loss leader fool you. The Little Neon Chapel has wedding packages for everyone. They even offer ceremonies at Red Rock Canyon, aboard a helicopter, at the iconic Vegas sign, or (my personal favorite) at a genuine Nevada ghost town. These packages can run into the thousands, with the Ghost Town Ceremony is the priciest at $2299. But the experience is, as the advertisements say, priceless.

The Little Neon Chapel can rent you tuxedos and wedding gowns, and even provides hair styling. By the way, they also have a Limo Package for people who actually want to get married inside a luxury limo.

Learn more about The Little Neon Chapel on their website.

The Cheese Stands Alone

Come on. You know Vegas outclasses Wisconsin in the cheese department. Perhaps France, as well. That’s what makes it so charming. Vegas doesn’t sneak around doing cheesy, embarrassing stuff under cover of darkness.


It lights up huge neon lights, dials its amps up to eleven, and blasts out the cheese nonstop until the astronauts can hear it from the other side of the moon. Yeah. Las Vegas is the Andy Dwyer of destinations.

Oh, and for all those people who think this list is too top-heavy with Elvis impersonators, I say “Thankya vereh muuuch.”

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