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Odds and Pick for the Tyreek Hill vs. DK Metcalf Race

| May 31, 2022 12:06 pm PDT
Tyreek Hill vs. D.K. Metcalf, football background

Over the last couple of years, it has been fun to see two of the fastest players in the NFL showcase their speed. These two wide receivers have had some huge plays in their careers, but now they want to go head-to-head.

The Tyreek Hill vs. DK Metcalf race looks to be very possible. Both players have been jawing at each other, and the odds are out for who would win. There’s no doubt these players have blazing speed, but which one would win in a race?

Let’s break down these two speedsters to see which one we should be betting on.

Why Are Tyreek Hill and DK Metcalf Racing?

Why is the Tyreek vs. DK race a thing? Tyreek Hill tends to challenge other speedy people in races often. Last year there was a similar betting prop, but it was a potential Tyreek Hill vs. Usain Bolt race.

Hill’s one of the fastest people probably on the planet, and he’s not shy about it. Metcalf was the one to start the idea of a Tyreek Hill race, though. He said, “I got a different type of speed… There’s Cheetah speed, and I got D.K. speed, and that’s just me.”

Hill responded with a challenge of $50,000, with all the money going to the winner’s chosen charity. So, it’s for a good cause, and it would give us one answer: who can beat Tyreek Hill in a race.

It’s difficult to compare these two incredible athletes because they don’t run side-by-side in a game. They both play on offense, which means they are never on the field simultaneously. Football speed and sprinting speed are a lot different too.

Running in shorts is not the same as running with a full uniform and pads on. Obviously, they are very fast in their football pads, but this head-to-head race won’t be the same. You also have to run in different directions in football, which is also going to be different than just a dead sprint.

Let’s check out the odds for Tyreek Hill vs. DK Metcalf race.

Tyreek Hill vs. DK Metcalf Race Odds

Tyreek Hill-170
DK Metcalf+130

Here are the Tyreek Hill vs. DK Metcalf odds available on BetUS. The race must happen before August 1st, so make sure you get your bets in while it’s available.

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You would have $5,625 to kick off your betting balance on one of the best NFL betting websites. You could bet on the Tyreek Hill vs. DK Metcalf race, and then you can bet on the NFL season after.

Hill comes in as the favorite in the potential race, looking at these odds. This isn’t a big surprise, as Hill’s speed is well documented on the football field. Metcalf has had some highlights with his insane speed, so it will be interesting to see it play out.

Both athletes have the means to win in this hypothetical sprint off. Hill has blazing speed, but Metcalf has been very serious about improving his speed over the last couple of years.

Taking the value in Metcalf makes a lot of sense, but you also can’t go wrong with Hill’s seemingly higher chances of winning.

Let’s break down each of the athletes individually before we make our Tyreek Hill vs. DK Metcalf odds pick. Before we do, of course, feel free to brush up on how to bet on props.

Why Tyreek Hill Should Win

Tyreek Hill doesn’t just have the nickname “Cheetah” for no reason. He blows by seemingly every single player on the football field. Keep in mind that these are some of the best athletes in the world, and Hill still makes them look slow.

So just how fast is he? He measured a 4.29 40-yard dash and reached a top speed of 19.07 MPH, but that was back in 2016. Hill could have improved his speed by then, so let’s look for something more recent.

You can see Hill’s blazing speed in some of his highlights throughout his career. He also was measured reaching an incredibly high 22.3 MPH in just 20-yards on ESPN’s Sport Science.

He’s made the Pro Bowl in all 6 of his NFL seasons and the All-Pro 1st team three times as well. He has several 70+ yard touchdowns that showcase his incredible speed. Hill also led the NFL in yards per touch in 2018 (15.0) and 2020 (14.0).

If you’re wondering who beat Tyreek Hill in a race, you would be surprised to know Micah Parsons won the Pro Bowl’s “fastest man” race over Hill, Nick Chubb, and Trevon Diggs. Don’t worry, though, as Hill was noticeably jogging.

His speed is a nightmare for opposing defenses to guard. Every time the ball is in his hands, there’s a chance he scores a touchdown.

Having a game-breaking player like Hill is a hot commodity in the NFL. The Miami Dolphins recently traded for him this offseason, pairing him with another insanely fast WR in Jaylen Waddle.

Miami is an interesting team to bet on right out of the gates this year. Check out their odds – and everyone else’s – going into week one of the 2022 NFL season.

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Why D.K. Metcalf Should Win

Is there a chance that D.K. Metcalf wins this race? It might not be completely accurate, but let’s look at some of his numbers and how they compare to Hill’s.

For starters, Metcalf ran the 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine in 2019 to the time of 4.33. That’s just .04 slower than Hill’s time at a considerably larger size. It’s remarkable how fast Metcalf can move at 6’4, 235 pounds.

That time was much more recent than Hill’s 40 times in 2016. Once certain players reach the NFL, they get even bigger, stronger, and faster.

2020 was Metcalf’s strongest NFL season, earning him Pro Bowl and All-Pro 2nd team honors. He caught 83 passes for 1,303 yards and 10 touchdowns with 15.7 yards per touch.

His best speed display doesn’t come on the offensive side of things.

You might have seen this already because it was one of the best highlights from that season in general. Baker’s 4.45 40-yard dash isn’t among the top players in the NFL, but it’s still very fast.

For Metcalf to be able to catch Baker from about 5-10 yards behind him was incredible to watch.

The Seahawks’ wide receiver also kicked things up a notch in his training as well, participating in the USA Track and Field Golden Games. He ran the 100m dash with a time of 10.36, which roughly converts to about 21.59 MPH.

Metcalf tied with another professional sprinter (Abdullah Mohammed) in that same race.

The bottom line is that Metcalf is an incredible specimen and could have a chance at beating Tyreek Hill in a race.

Prediction for a Tyreek vs. DK Race

Who should we be betting on to win the Tyreek Hill vs. DK Metcalf race? If we are comparing top speeds in terms of MPH, we have Hill around 22.3 MPH and Metcalf at 21.59 MPH. Hill’s time was clocked in a 20-yard sprint, but that might not matter.


Your size can hurt you in a longer race. Hill is much smaller than Metcalf so a longer distance might be in Hill’s favor. His 40-yard dash time was also faster than Metcalf’s but by a small margin.

The Tyreek vs. DK race odds seems accurate considering their measured top speeds. Hill definitely has the upper hand, but don’t rule out Metcalf. There’s always a chance that Hill doesn’t come out of the gate as cleanly as Metcalf does or vice versa.

The race details like distance and if it would be on a track or a football field have yet to be announced. Those are important details, but they are both football players, after all. As for my prediction for who will win the Tyreek vs. DK race, I will have to go with the favorite Hill.

His odds aren’t too steep in negative territory, so you can still make a decent profit.

Betting on the odds for Tyreek Hill vs. DK Metcalf race will be a good way to get us into the NFL spirit. Be sure to check out our related NFL blogs below if you can’t wait for this season to start.

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