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Tyreek Hill Has a Legitimate Shot to Win the Super Bowl 54 MVP

| January 30, 2020 12:10 am PDT
Why Tyreek Hill Will Win Super Bowl MVP

If you need to be convinced that Tyreek Hill can win the Super Bowl MVP, perhaps you haven’t been watching the Chiefs closely enough for the last couple of years. Nicknamed “The Cheetah,” Hill is also sometimes referred to as simply “The Freak.”

Monikers like that tell you all you need to know in terms of how fast this guy is on the gridiron. My gut tells me that Patrick Mahomes will win the Super Bowl MVP, but I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if Tyreek wound up going home with the hardware.

Here, I break down a few reasons why Tyreek Hill can win the Super Bowl 2020 MVP.

Yes, Wide Receivers Can Win This Award

All you have to do is go back to last year’s Super Bowl to find the last time a wide receiver hoisted the Super Bowl MVP trophy. Julian Edelman’s performance in Super Bowl 53 (10 catches, 141 yards) was more than worthy, and I’m a huge fan of Edelman and everything he has accomplished.

At the same time, I’m fully aware that Tyreek Hill could probably beat Edelman in a foot race wearing a pair of raggedy flip flops.

If you think seeing a wideout win the MVP at last year’s Super Bowl was an irregularity, know that Edelman was the fourth WR to claim this coveted award since 2005 (Deion Branch, Hines Ward, Santonio Holmes).  

Richard Sherman Can’t Guard Tyreek Hill

Let me get this straight.

Track stars who run sub-four-minute miles would have a hard time keeping up with Tyreek Hill on a football field. And yet I’m suddenly supposed to think that a 31-year-old dude with a laundry list of past injuries to his lower extremities is going to be able to keep pace?

I’ll give credit where credit is due and applaud Richard Sherman for overcoming a ruptured Achilles and being a major catalyst in turning the San Francisco defense into a seriously capable unit. On the other hand, if Richard finds himself matched up with Tyreek Hill in one-on-one scenarios come Sunday, it’s going to be a long night for the 49ers fan base.

The problem with doubling Hill on the outside is that it opens up the seam for Travis Kelce to roam freely, and that’s a surefire way to ensure that the Chiefs offense dominates.

No matter how you slice it, the stage is set for Tyreek Hill to run wild. 

The Cheetah Is Due for a Monster Game

Tyreek Hill caught six balls for 140 yards and a touchdown in Week 9 versus the Vikings. The next week against the Titans, Tyreek dragged in 11 receptions for 157 yards and a touchdown. It’s hard to believe, but that November 10th clash against the Titans was the last time Hill surpassed the century mark for receiving yards in a game.

It’s not really going out on a limb, but I’m saying Tyreek Hill is due for a massive stat line in Super Bowl 54. After racking up six catches of 40+ yards in the regular season, look for the Cheetah to add to that total on Sunday.

Serious Upside Attached

Tyreek Hill’s odds to win the Super Bowl MVP are +1500 at one of the best Super Bowl betting sites. And although I spotted him at +1700 at another one of the top NFL sportsbooks, his +2000 price tag at BetOnline has me absolutely salivating.

Even a measly $10 bet would net us $200 in profit. Risk $100, and you’re in line to walk away with two thousand bucks!

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