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Top Twitter Accounts for Tennis Betting

| December 16, 2021 1:00 pm PDT

If you want to make money betting on tennis, you have to spend the time and energy required to prepare for every wager. The good news is that you can find many free sources for stats and other pieces of information nowadays.

Twitter might be one of the best places to do that, with plenty of respected journalists, former players, and statisticians offering useful data and insights there.

It could take a lot of time to find the ones that bring the most to the table on your own, so I decided to give you a hand by sharing my list of best Twitter accounts for tennis bettors and fans to follow.

I haven’t used any clearly defined criteria on how to pick them, but the main goal was to only include accounts that provide genuinely interesting and helpful information related to the sport. In most cases, you can use the knowledge gained for betting purposes too.

The Official Twitter Accounts of the ATP and WTA

The most logical place to start are the official Twitter accounts of the ATP and the WTA. That might be a bit obvious, but you don’t really want to miss these two.

You can find the following posts if you decide to follow them.

  • News – Both accounts are among the first to post about fresh tennis news.
  • Tournament Updates – You can find plenty of useful information about tournament draws, changes in the schedule, history of the competitions, and more.
  • Player Interviews – You can often enjoy exclusive interviews with many pro players.
  • Injury Updates – When a popular player is injured, you will instantly find out.
  • Videos – The ATP and WTA Twitter accounts often post cool videos from various tournaments.

You can get all of that and a lot more if you decide to follow the accounts of two of the major governing bodies of tennis.

The Official ITF Twitter Account

In case you don’t know that abbreviation, ITF stands for International Tennis Federation and that’s the main governing body of the sport.

That’s probably everything you need to know to follow the organization’s account on Twitter but let me provide more arguments to do that.

While the official ATP and WTA accounts are mostly focused on top-tier competitions and big players, you can find more information on the lower levels of tennis by following the ITF.

It’s what makes it one of the best Twitter accounts for tennis betting on smaller tournaments and for monitoring rising stars.

Brad Gilbert

If you have been a tennis fan for long enough, you probably know Brad Gilbert. The former player and coach certainly knows the game from the inside out.

He shares plenty of insightful comments and hot news on his Twitter account and is one of the most active guys when it comes to tennis posts.

While there’s a good argument that Gilbert posts too often and some of his tweets are not helpful in any way, it’s still worth following him. His tactical analysis can open your eyes to certain players and that’s one of the top tennis accounts on Twitter for both fans and bettors.

If you have any doubts about Gilbert’s credentials, I recommend checking this video.

The former coach of Andre Agassi certainly knows the sport well in pretty much every area, and he’s worth following on Twitter.

Darren Cahill

Darren Cahill is another expert in the field who is kind enough to share his opinions on Twitter for free. The Australian is an ESPN tennis analysis and Simona Halep’s coach.

The Romanian has reached the top of the WTA rankings and won Grand Slam under his guidance, so his credentials are as good as it gets.

Similar to Gilbert, Cahill posts often and some of his tweets are not related to tennis, but others are pure gold for anyone who loves the sport.

The coach also shares interesting videos and pages that go deeper into the tactical aspect of the sport. You can learn a lot from Cahill and bettors, and could benefit big time from following his account.

Jake Davies

I believe this is one of the most underrated and underfollowed Twitter accounts for tennis. Jake Davies has been a sports writer for a while and tennis is his main focus.

I decided to include him here mostly because of his commentary on live tennis matches. The Welsh journalist often posts live updates on ongoing encounters. Davies is not just reporting on them, he shares his own insightful opinions.

He posts series of tweets like the following one, breaking the clash into smaller details that could be very helpful if you want to bet on the match.

Davies also contributes with the occasional story or commentary on the bigger picture. The guy is solid and posts often, so I certainly recommend following his account.

Greg Sharko

Next in line is Greg Sharko, a Twitter account that is mostly useful for big tennis tournaments. You will find interesting stats and trends, as well as updates for competitions like Grand Slams, the Master Series, and more.

On the negative side, there’s not much information for youth tennis or low-tier competitions. If you can live with that, Greg Sharko is worth a follow.


Tennisform is another very underrated source that certainly is among the best Twitter accounts for tennis bettors to follow. Tennisform is all about injury updates and you would struggle to find many other sources that are better.

The fact that more than 30 bookmakers are following this account tells you everything you need to know. If you are serious about betting on tennis matches, Tennisform can be very helpful.

The best part is, the account covers all levels of tennis, so you won’t find only updates on big names.

Dan Weston

If you’re looking for tennis experts who approach the sport from a gambling perspective, Dan Weston is the guy to follow.

He regularly shares information about various tennis matches and tournaments with betting on them in mind. You can find interesting angles and previews that can help you make money.

Weston covers various competitions and he follows young players too.

Matt Cronin

Another expert that knows the game from the inside out is Matt Cronin. He has been covering the tennis industry for years now and his expertise is hard to match.

What I like the most about the journalist is that he often talks about players that are under the radar.

It’s easy to find information on the biggest stars, but youngsters and athletes outside of the top 100 of the rankings are something else.

That’s what makes Matt Cronin’s account one of the most useful Twitter sources for betting on tennis.


The source I’ve included is a coverall account that is equally useful to bettors and fans of the sport. As the name suggests, Tennis, is about tennis!

You can find news, analysis, updates on live matches, cool videos, interviews, and all sorts of exciting material.

There’s also the Stat of the Day series that features cool pieces of data, such as this one.

You can learn many interesting facts and some of them aren’t available anywhere else. It’s certainly an excellent account to follow if you love the sport of tennis.

More Resources for Betting on Tennis

I’m sure that my list of top Twitter accounts for tennis betting can help you find useful information in an easy manner. If you want to share suggestions of other cool sources on social media, feel free to use the comments below.

You can also check our complete tennis betting guide that provides helpful tips to anyone who wants to make money betting on the sport.

If you prefer expert picks that you can directly follow, our tennis picks section is the place to visit as we cover all the major tournaments there.

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