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Top YouTube Channels to Subscribe to for Tennis Betting

| May 6, 2022 8:01 am PDT
YouTube logo, tennis betting background

Social media platforms have replaced mainstream sources of information like papers and TV in so many fields. Tennis is certainly among them, and you should check out YouTube if you don’t believe me.

You will find many great channels that provide excellent content for the sport, including news, analysis, etc.

The good news is that a lot of the information can help you from a gambling perspective. I’ve gathered a list of the best tennis YouTube channels for bettors and fans to use.

YouTube Channels of the Tennis Grand Slams

I assume that most of you will be looking to bet on tennis Grand Slams. The sport’s biggest tournaments bring countless opportunities and are offered by all top tennis gambling sites online.

There’s an official YouTube channel for each of them, and you might want to check them out if you plan to target tennis majors.

Top Tennis Grand Slams Channels

  • Australian Open – The channel delivers news, updates, and interviews of players during the Australian Open. You can also find many interesting videos for previous editions.
  • Rolland Garros – That should be your main resource for the French Open during the tournament. The channel also provides exciting videos of historical moments from the famous competition.
  • Wimbledon – The official channel of the biggest tennis tournament in the world features plenty of excellent stats, updates, and many other helpful videos, especially when the competition is active.
  • US Open – The last Grand Slam on the calendar is also covered extensively so that you can use this channel for news, updates, and exclusive interviews of players and experts.

If you want to target other big tournaments, they most likely have official channels on YouTube too. Simply search for them and enjoy the content they provide.

Whether you’re betting on the big tourneys or smaller events, you’ll probably want a good approach.
Check out our tennis betting strategy guide for a little extra help.

YouTube Channels of Tennis Governing Bodies

The tennis governing bodies have their own YouTube channels, too, and you wouldn’t want to miss them. They have exclusive access to the players, video rights, and other advantages over other content creators.

Let’s look at the main channels and what they bring to the table.

ITF Official
I’m shocked that the official channel of the International Tennis Federation has fewer than 100k subscribers at the moment I’m writing this. It brings plenty of exciting videos, both from the present and past.
ATP Official
ATP’s primary channel is not that useful from a betting perspective, but tennis fans will certainly enjoy the behind-the-scenes interviews, tutorials, and reports there.
WTA Official
An excellent resource for women’s tennis, with plenty of highlights, interviews, and other interesting videos published regularly.
Tennis TV
One of the best YouTube channels for tennis bettors. It’s an official ATP property that revolves around live streams and highlights from men’s fixtures. You can use the channel for both live betting and pre-match preparations.

All of the channels above produce a ton of content, and they won’t be going anywhere. They provide an excellent starting point for every tennis bettor and more than enough amusement for fans of the sport.

They’re some of the easier options to find, but that doesn’t mean they’re not among the best tennis YouTube channels out there.

More YouTube Channels for Tennis Bettors and Fans

The best tennis channels on YouTube I shared up to this point are all run by big organizations. I continue my selection with smaller ones created by fans, pro players, trainers, and other people involved with tennis one way or another.

They deliver exciting videos that can be helpful in many ways. Let’s check them out.

  • Tennis Now – I believe this is one of the best tennis channels on YouTube to cover all the latest developments. You will find news, breakdowns, interviews, and many more useful videos that could help you stay in touch with the tennis world.
  • Tennis Channel – Another great way to stay informed is to subscribe to Tennis Channel. It runs 24/7 videos with news reports, player profiles, and more. You will also find insights delivered by tennis legends and pros.
  • Baseline Tennis – I stumbled upon this one almost by accident, and I can’t believe it has only 2.5k subscribers or so. The channel delivers very entertaining videos, covering exciting stories from the sport and curious facts. As a fan of the sport, I simply love the channel, but it can also be useful from a gambling perspective.
  • Game To Love – Tennis Podcast – This might be the best YouTube channel for betting on tennis live. The guys regularly deliver watch-along live streams for various matches, sharing their immediate impressions and insights. They also have draw previews that are great for tennis futures. I strongly recommend checking this channel.

The tennis channels above offer an excellent combination of interesting and helpful information for everyone who loves the sport. Most of them also deliver great content for bettors.

One thing they don’t cover is instruction on how to play the game and get better at it. If that’s what you want, you will love the next section of my post.

Best YouTube Channels for Tennis Instruction and Coaching

Tennis racket with ball

Using YouTube channels for tennis instruction to improve your skills is one of the cheapest and most efficient ways to get better at the sport.

There are countless channels focused on various aspects of the game, and they can be helpful for pretty much anyone, from amateurs and kids to pro athletes.

The number of YouTube content creators I could’ve included here is staggering, but the following five channels are my favorite ones.

  • Essential Tennis – Lessons and Instruction for Passionate Players  – Probably the best tennis YouTube channel for coaching. You will find videos on every aspect of the sport, every type of shot, and even materials on the mental side of the game and fitness. It’s awesome, and it can help you improve right away.
  • My Tennis HQ – A relatively new channel created by two former tennis pros with plenty of experience. They deliver excellent videos, and some are from a first-person perspective. It’s certainly an interesting resource that can change your style.
  • Intuitive Tennis – The main concept behind this channel is to help you automate every single aspect of your game. The goal is to eliminate thinking and develop a free-flowing style of tennis. The person behind this channel is an experienced coach who certainly knows what he’s doing.
  • Feel Tennis Instruction – One of the most popular YouTube channels for tennis instruction focuses mostly on drills that break down your game into specific situations and help you improve in every one of them.
  • Tennis Evolution – Online Tennis Lessons – This one was created and developed by a former ATP Top 100 player Jeff Salzenstein. He shares insights on all aspects that affect your performance, on and off the court, useful drills, and many more cool videos that can help you improve.

These five YouTube channels can certainly help you become much better at tennis, so check them out if that’s the plan. They are also excellent for coaches looking for drills and techniques they could implement in their training methods.

More Tennis Betting Resources

The best tennis YouTube channels I’ve detailed above are good for all sorts of things, including betting on the sport. Feel free to add your own suggestions for sources I might have missed in the comments below.

I also recommend checking several other sections and pages of our website to help you immensely. The first link below features information that can be helpful to both beginners and advanced bettors. While the second link can help you make the most of your in-play wagers.

You should also check out our tennis picks section for recommended wagers, while it may also be a good idea to bookmark our tennis betting blog.

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