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The Top Super Bowl 54 Commercials Prop Bets Online

| January 28, 2020 11:19 am PDT
Coca Cola, Doritos, Amazon and Super Bowl 54 Logo

The Super Bowl attracts million in wagers every year. All bookmakers try to attract as many people as possible by providing various opportunities to their players. You can go after traditional options like moneyline, spreads, and totals but also a ton of Super Bowl prop bets.

This post is dedicated to a specific type of props. We all know that the Super Bowl commercials are an integral part of the show. The top companies in the USA invest millions to create unique spots that raise the stock of their brands, leading them to try to create engaging Super Bowl commercials that will stand out above the rest.

That’s why most betting sites on the web offer various commercial props. Let’s explore the best Super Bowl commercial prop bets for Super Bowl 2020.

How Many Commercials Will Run During the Super Bowl 2020?

Let’s start with the total number of commercials that will be shown during Super Bowl 54. Most betting sites have the set the line at 92.5.

The data from 2003 to 2018 shows that the total length of the commercials is growing rather steadily, and that reflects in the number of ads shown, too.

The average was around 85 before 2010 but has risen to about 90 since, and the trend is continuing upwards. Under such circumstances, I believe that we should see more than 92.5 commercials this year, and the price of -125 is a solid choice.

  • Over 92.5

Trump vs. Bloomberg, Which Commercial Will Appear First?

The biggest politicians won’t miss the chance to use Super Bowl 2020 to reach to the potential voters. The presidential election is coming up fast, and some candidates are expected to run ads during the big game.

Current US president Donald Trump is almost certainly going to release a commercial, and a lot of people expect Michael Bloomberg to do the same.

You can place a wager on which one will appear first, and Donald Trump is the massive favorite. The price for Bloomberg is +200, and I think that’s worth a shot.

The man can certainly afford it, and he could try to hit Super Bowl 54 hard, knowing that the whole country will be watching.

  • Michael Bloomberg

Turkish Airlines vs. WeatherTech, Which Commercial Will Appear First?

My last suggestion for a Super Bowl 2020 commercials prop bet to wager on is related to another “which will appear first” option. The bookmakers believe that WeatherTech is the large favorite versus Turkish Airlines, but I’m not so sure.

The carrier has been investing in marketing heavily for the past several years and is trying to expand across the globe.

I believe that the aggressive strategy of Turkish Airlines might include an early appearance in the 2020 Super Bowl.

The price for the company’s ad to run before WeatherTech is +200, and I think that’s good value.

  • Turkish Airlines


If you like the battle of the brands Super Bowl 2020 props, you should most certainly check out Bovada. It’s one of the top US bookmakers on the market that offers plenty of options for different sectors and industries.

Also, if you are looking for more wagering opportunities for the big game, we have a page of the best Super Bowl 2020 bets that is updated frequently.

Jerry Summer

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