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Top Reasons to Bet on the 2020 NFL Online

| August 25, 2020 7:08 am PDT
NFL 2020 Online Betting

I know for a fact that many people still prefer to bet on the NFL in land-based sportsbooks. It comes with certain perks like getting your money in your pocket almost instantly after a win, and meeting people for a more social experience.

And yet, I firmly believe that you should bet on the NFL 2020 online if you want to be profitable. The overall return you get for the same investment is just so much bigger if you use the services of online betting sites instead of brick-and-mortar bookmakers.

If you are not entirely convinced, just take a look at the arguments I present in this post. In case you want to jump into action straight away, feel free to check our top-rated NFL betting sites in 2020.

The NFL sportsbooks you see above have been reviewed by our team of gambling experts and beat the competition in multiple rankings categories such as odds, promotions, mobile version, side features, payout speed, and more.

We also made sure that each of our best NFL betting sites in 2020 has a proper gambling license, a strong reputation, and the latest security measures installed.

If you want to know more about our review process, I encourage you to visit our page dedicated to the best NFL betting sites.

With that out of the way, let’s look at the main advantages of betting on the NFL 2020 online.

Better Bonuses and Promotions

One of the biggest reasons to bet on the NFL 2020 online is the NFL bonuses and promotions offered by the top betting sites. The welcome deals alone are usually worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars. You only need to open a new account and make a deposit to receive them.

Even when you’re done with the bonus for new customers, there are plenty of ongoing promotions for loyal players. There are reload bonuses and other deals that bring a lot of extra value.

Let’s not forget that the NFL is one of the most popular sporting competitions in the world. The best betting sites are eager to attract as many people as possible around key moments such as the playoffs and the Super Bowl.

If you add the countless NFL contests that are available in 2020, there are so many opportunities to make money on the internet that are not offered by the land-based bookies that it’s almost criminal to miss on them.

Higher NFL 2020 Betting Odds

Another huge advantage of betting on the NFL 2020 online is related to the average odds you can get. The lower costs of operating on the web and the stronger competition are the main factors behind that. The internet bookies simply work with lower margins and their prices are higher.

You can improve your results even more if you engage in line shopping which is impossible if you bet on the NFL 2020 in land-based sportsbooks. Even without using several betting sites, you can still get several percentages more on every winning bet.

Just imagine how that looks like at the end of the NFL season. The difference is huge and you should be looking for every edge in the war against the bookies.

Extra Flexibility through Side Features

The land-based sportsbooks are somewhat limited in the products they can offer. That’s not the case with the top NFL betting sites, as they can utilize the latest technologies to create various tools and features that improve the overall user experience.

There are plenty of examples of that, but let’s focus on some of the biggest among them.

Mobile Versions

The most obvious one is that you have access to your account at any given moment via the mobile version of the betting sites. All top-ranked NFL sportsbooks in 2020 have a smooth responsive site or a native app that makes it easy to place your wagers on popular devices like iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

That helps you check the latest NFL odds and lines at all times and go after any opportunity that looks attractive. You simply can’t do that with traditional brick-and-mortar sportsbooks.

Cash Out

Cash Out is another feature that is almost exclusive to online gambling. It allows you to settle your NFL wagers before the game is finished. That provides a good tool to counter variance and bad luck. On the negative side, the bookmakers apply their margin to every bet that’s cashed out.

Still, the Cash Out option can be powerful if you use it correctly. It’s certainly better to have the chance to secure your profits or reduce your losses in certain situations.

Bet Builder

Many of the top NFL betting sites in 2020 offer the so-called Bet Builders. They allow you to create your own market for every game from scratch, combining different stats and players. If you are one of these creative bettors that are always looking for something wild, you will love Bet Builders.

The Convenience Factor

I’m sure that you know the expression “time is money” and there’s a strong basis behind it. Every minute you save can be invested in something useful, whether it’s work, fun, or rest. In the case of NFL gambling, that could be more time to prepare for your bets which could lead to better results.

There’s little doubt that betting online is so much easier and saves a ton of time. You can access your account from the comfort of your home or by simply opening your phone. It’s just so much faster than and way more convenient to bet on the NFL on the internet.

Final Words

Hopefully you now understand why betting on the NFL online is so much better than using the services of land-based sportsbooks. The value you get for your time and money is so much higher on the internet that it’s not even close.

It could very well make the difference between winning and losing in the long run. If you want to improve your chances even further, I recommend you to regularly check the NFL category of our blog and our betting picks section.

They provide access to various general tips on the NFL, analysis of the latest news, long-term predictions, and recommended bets for the latest games.

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