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Top Payment Methods for USA Online Gambling

By Daisy Williams in Online Gambling
| December 23, 2020 6:34 am PDT
Bitcoin Logo on an American Flag

Online gambling in the US has evolved quite a bit in recent years.

Website providers have added to their betting options, upped the bonus game, and, perhaps most importantly, expanded on their banking menus.

Americans’ online gambling transactions can still be challenging when sticking to traditional credit and debit cards. Some providers are better than others, though, accommodating players from the US by accepting gift and prepaid cards.

While every operator accepts Bitcoin, some have also expanded into other cryptocurrencies, including Ripple, Ethereum, and Stellar.

When it comes to the best banking options for real money online gambling in the US, there’s no doubt that they must have a high approval rate, offer fast processing, and are preferably fee-free. But it really boils down to your personal preference.

Bitcoin is the all-around best deposit and payout option, but you don’t necessarily need to set up a cryptocurrency wallet.

We’ve got the breakdown on the best payment methods and how they fit into the menus of the top-rated gambling sites for Americans.


US Online Gambling Laws Regulation
  • Universally accepted in US gambling sites
  • A near 100% approval rate
  • Fast and free transactions in both directions
  • The best all-around method for American online players

You can’t get any better than Bitcoin for moving cash in and out of US online casinos, sportsbooks, and poker rooms.

Bitcoin provides the one thing that US players struggle with, and that’s guaranteed acceptance, or at least close to 100%.

It doesn’t matter if the state has locally regulated online betting or if the provider is from out of the area; many banks immediately decline transfer requests.

Bitcoin takes the finger-crossing out of the equation, and is quite comfortable the best banking option for gambling online in the US.

Gambling Site Bitcoin Deposits Bitcoin Withdrawals Fees
Las Atlantis Casino Yes Yes No
Super Slots Yes Yes No
Red Dog Casino Yes Yes No
Vegas Casino Online Yes Yes No
MyBookie Yes Yes No
BetNow Yes Yes No
Bovada Yes Yes No
BetUS Yes Yes No
BetOnline Yes Yes No


Some US gambling sites, like MyBookie, have expanded on Bitcoin acceptance with a new service called DirectBit that could pick up speed in 2021.

Players don’t have to have an established wallet to use it. Instead, it’s a “bit” of a workaround. DirectBit lets you use your debit or credit to purchase Bitcoin right on the gambling website.

Instead of depositing directly with Visa or Mastercard, players use their cards to buy Bitcoin. That is then instantly credited.

Other Cryptocurrencies

  • Not as prevalent as Bitcoin, but more US gambling sites are adding new crypto options
  • Deposits credited within 20 minutes
  • No fees in either direction
  • Aren’t always listed in the banking menu – players may need to check the terms and conditions or contact customer service

For quite some time, Bitcoin was the only crypto method on banking menus at real money US gambling sites. It’s still the one go-to for Americans through every online provider.

However, as you’ll see in the list below, Bitcoin Cash is now almost as prevalent, and Stellar and Ripple are also starting to emerge more as viable options. 

Regardless of which cryptocurrency you opt to use, you get the same benefits as Bitcoin.

Guaranteed approval is enough of a reason if you’re betting from the United States, but fast and free transfers become the icing on the cake.

Gambling Site Cryptocurrencies Accepted Fees
Las Atlantis Casino Bitcoin only n/a
Super Slots Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Stellar, Ripple No
Red Dog Casino Bitcoin only n/a
Vegas Casino Online Bitcoin only n/a
MyBookie Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple n/a
BetNow Bitcoin Cash No
Bovada Bitcoin Cash No
BetUS Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum No
BetOnline Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Stellar, Ripple No

Credit Cards

  • Visa and Mastercard are accepted at most US online gambling sites
  • American Express, Discover, and Union Pay are credit card alternates on some websites
  • Credit card deposits are instantly credited
  • Very few online casinos payout to credit cards

Without e-wallet acceptance, like PayPal, most Americans turn to credit cards for depositing to online casinos or other gambling sites.

A credit card is one of the best payment methods for online gambling in the US when it works as designed.

The intent is for players to input their card number and have their online betting accounts credited immediately. And that’s how it works when card providers cooperate. However, some financial institutions automatically decline transfers to gambling sites.

Card Distinctions

Although it’s more of a case by case basis with credit card use, there are a few determining factors.

Online players from the United States have had a higher success rate with Mastercard over Visa. But all credit cards vary, and Americans should use one authorized explicitly for international transactions.

In addition to the tricky authorization process, another downside to using credit cards for online gambling is that most operators don’t pay back to them. If you refer to our list below, you’ll see that a few casinos and betting sites are more accommodating than others, allowing players to request credit card cashouts.

Without the credit card withdrawal option, players typically end up with bank transfers or paper checks.

Gambling Site Credit Card Deposits Credit Card Withdrawals Cards Accepted Fees
Las Atlantis Casino Yes Yes Visa, Mastercard No
Super Slots Yes No Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover No
Red Dog Casino Yes Yes Visa, Mastercard, American Express No
Vegas Casino Online Yes No Visa, Mastercard No
MyBookie Yes No Visa, Mastercard Yes
BetNow Yes No Visa, Mastercard, American Express No
Bovada Yes No Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Union Pay Yes
BetUS Yes No Visa, Mastercard, American Express No
BetOnline Yes No Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover Yes

Prepaid Cards

  • Used for deposits only
  • A viable alternative to credit cards, with a higher approval rate
  • Prepaid or gift cards have lower transaction limits
  • Virtual prepaid cards can be purchased instantly

Prepaid cards pick up where credit cards leave off, as they have a higher authorization rate.

Using a prepaid or gift card with real money gambling sites in the USA is like transferring cash. It’s a similar concept to prepaid vouchers in other countries.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The downsides to prepaid or gift cards include lower transaction limits, and the use is restricted to deposits only.

Players who use this type of banking method will usually receive a check payout as the alternative.

Also, not every betting site takes prepaid cards, even though more and more are signing on with the concept.

There’s a new advantage to turning to prepaid cards, as players no longer need to head to a retailer to purchase or reload cards. Virtual cards are sold online, and a card number is issued immediately.

Gambling Site PrePaid Card Acceptance Cards Accepted Deposit Fees
Las Atlantis Casino Yes Instant Gift Cards with Visa or Mastercard logo No
Super Slots Yes Visa Gift Cards No
Red Dog Casino No n/a n/a
Vegas Casino Online Yes Visa and Mastercard Prepaid and Gift Cards No
MyBookie Yes Visa and Mastercard Prepaid Cards 5%
BetNow Yes Open No
Bovada Yes Visa and Mastercard Gift Cards First deposit free; then a minimum of 5.9%
BetUS No n/a n/a
BetOnline Yes Various 7.5%

Plenty of Banking Options for US Online Gambling

The United States still falls behind other locations with e-wallet and prepaid solutions, but it’s come a long way in a short time.

While many players prefer to turn to the good, old-fashioned credit card, other methods like gift or prepaid cards and various cryptocurrencies are ideal back-up plans.

DirectBit is a relatively new method, accommodating credit card use by using Bitcoin as the intermediary.

It’s reasonable to expect that more services along the same lines are on the horizon in 2021, too.

At the same time, real money online gambling sites continue to expand their menus to cater more to their American clientele with credit card payouts, new crypto options, and removing transaction fees.

If you’re new to gambling online for money, check out our guide to depositing.



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