Top Live Dealer Roulette Games in 2020

By Daisy Williams in Rankings and Reviews
| May 11, 2020 11:31 am PDT

Roulette is one of the more straightforward casino games to play. It doesn’t matter if you’ve spent years at roulette tables or if you’re placing your chips down for the first time, as there’s a limited learning curve.

However, when it comes to unique twists and amping up the gameplay for more excitement, roulette has plenty of limitations. You’re not going to find games with long lists of side bets, as you would for blackjack or poker.

Instead, most of the variations are on the wheel itself. For example, you’ve got European Roulette that has a single zero, and American, with one additional spot due to its double-zero placement. So, when you’re comparing live dealer roulette, the significant differences are in the presentation as opposed to the gameplay.

I’ve been looking through the roulette products offered by some of the most prominent live dealer roulette casinos. Many of the games are quite similar, but I did find some standout features that you may enjoy.

Here’s my list of the best live roulette games online in 2020.

Live Dealer Roulette From Vivo Gaming

My first pick (in no particular order) for live dealer roulette is Vivo Gaming, and that’s because Vivo focuses on the user experience above all else.

Not only can you select from a variety of roulette tables, but you’ve got language options, multi-views, and enhanced mobile play.

Multiple Camera Views

You can switch back and forth from portrait to landscape, zoom in on the numbers or the wheel, use the racetrack mode, and customize your entire experience.

Vivo covers the roulette tables with four high-definition cameras and accommodates any number of active players. There’s also a live chat feature to communicate with the dealer, as well as fellow punters.


The choices don’t end there, though. If waiting for the wheel to spin isn’t enough action for you, then you can play more than one live dealer roulette table at a time. Another option is to open the mini-games window. While you’re rooting on your roulette bets, you can also access slots and computerized table games at the same time.

Casinos that carry Vivo live dealer games offer low-stakes roulette, as well as VIP tables. Additionally, Vivo is one of the few providers that allows for demo play. So, if you want to make some practice bets and come up with your roulette strategy, you don’t have to risk your cash until you’re ready.

Lightning Roulette (Evolution Gaming)

Evolution Gaming does take roulette to a new level with its Lightning Roulette tables, and no, it has nothing to do with the speed of gameplay.

Lightning Roulette has an added component to the standard game. After the wheel spins, lightning will strike up to five random numbers. If you have a straight bet on any of those “hit” spots, then you’ll get a bonus payout.

The table addition isn’t just fun; it’s potentially lucrative. Just as numbers are chosen based on a random number generator (RNG), so is the prize value. Those lightning payouts are worth anywhere from X50 to X500.

If you like the Lightning concept, Evolution Gaming also has a version for its Dice Game and Baccarat.

NetEnt’s Auto-Roulette Studio

My next pick for the best live dealer roulette games is NetEnt and its Auto-Roulette Studio.

NetEnt is a giant in the industry when it comes to slots, but its live dealer product is comparatively limited. Instead of having a long list of games, the operator sticks to blackjack and roulette, but they uniquely present those games.

You’ll know it when you’re in a NetEnt live casino, as it’s a two-room virtual area where you can roam from table to table. Instead of a simple close-up on the table you’ve chosen, you’ll see other games in action.

Within those rooms is NetEnt’s Auto-Roulette Studio. Classic, Rapid, and VIP Auto Roulette tables are in the same vicinity. So, instead of exiting to the virtual live casino lobby to look through new game selections, you can take a walk over to another table, as you would in a brick and mortar.

If you’ve played NetEnt live dealer roulette in the past, you may want to revisit it. In the past year, Live Roulette has received a makeover. Mobile play is better; additional cameras now provide different angles, and the overall presentation has a much higher quality.

Live Roulette With Playboy Bunnies

I started by saying that live roulette differences revolve primarily around the presentation and visual preferences. That holds with Microgaming’s live dealer casino games as well. But Microgaming does something entirely different, as it has a Playboy-branded live casino in addition to its standard tables.

Staffed with dealers in the familiar bunny costumes, ears and all, the Playboy Casino won’t be for everyone, but it’s a popular virtual gathering place for many roulette players. They’re attractive and may even be distracting. But if you’re in the Playboy Casino area, you probably won’t mind.

One thing you’ll want to be aware of, though, is that Microgaming doesn’t have a chat function integrated into its live dealer gaming. So, the bunnies will talk to you, but it’s a one-way conversation.

Play Live Roulette Online

The online gambling world is more than accommodating to roulette players. You can find games against the computer in the majority of casinos, and it’s also a staple in live dealer casinos as well.

Even though roulette isn’t an ideal game for all kinds of crazy variations, there are a few exceptions, like Evolution Gaming’s Lightning Roulette. For the most part, though, you’ll want to pick a place to play based on visual preferences.

If you want Playboy Bunnies to spin the wheel, then look for a Microgaming live casino. To avoid having to keep going out to the casino lobby to secure a place at a new table, then you may enjoy the NetEnt experience. Vivo tables are more accommodating to mobile gaming and showcase an excellent audio-visual quality.

I also suggest that you review our list of recommended live dealer casinos to see how one compares to another.