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Top Five Reasons to Bet on Trump in the 2020 US Presidential Election

| October 26, 2020 6:59 am PDT
Five Reasons Why Trump Could Win the 2020 US Presidential Election

Many people believe that Donald Trump is way behind in the upcoming US presidential election because that’s what most polls suggest. We all remember what happened four years ago, though, so underestimating the current POTUS would be a mistake.

Love him or hate him, he has a strong chance this time around as well. If you’re betting on the winner of this election, you certainly shouldn’t assume that backing the current favorite is the right way to go.

With that mind, I’m going to share top five reasons why you should bet Trump on winning the 2020 US presidential election.

Before I start, let me make two disclaimers. First, I’m not saying that Donald Trump WILL win, or trying to convince you this will happen. I’m just laying out the arguments in Trump’s favor.

Second, I’m not sharing my personal opinions or political views here. Instead, I’m trying to objectively analyze the situation and help our readers who intend to bet on the election.

I’ve written a similar post on the reasons why Biden could win and my approach there is the same.

With all that said, let’s begin.

Strong Economy Before the Global Pandemic

The first few years of Trump’s presidency brought some excellent results from an economic perspective. There are multiple major statistical categories that suggest that the United States was going in the right direction economically before the global pandemic.

The GDP was growing, we saw some of the lowest unemployment rates in the history of the country, and there were other numbers that can’t be denied. Whether that’s a product of Trump’s policies or just the next stage of a process that started before him is another story.

The reality is that the American economy was in a good state and the POTUS is likely to get credit for that from a large number of voters on November 3.

Tough Stance on China

Some people believe that China has been allowed to grow too strong in the past few decades. The country’s goal is to become the largest economy in the world and many US companies have moved their facilities to China. Millions of Americans have lost their jobs as a result.

On top of that, many essential goods are now produced there and that puts the USA in a dependent position on imports in certain critical areas.

A not insignificant percentage of the US population doesn’t like China for the reasons above, justified or not. Most American presidents so far have ignored the issue and Trump is the first one who addressed it directly. He was also aggressive towards the country during the pandemic.

Many believe that he is the first to stand up for the American interests in relations with the Asian superpower and that will almost certainly bring him plenty of votes in the upcoming election.

People Are Sick of Political Correctness

The next reason to bet on Trump wining the 2020 presidential election is one that likely helped get him elected the first time. A lot of people believe that political correctness has gone too far in the past decade or so.

Labels like “sexist”, “racist”, and even “Nazi” are thrown left and right way too easily. There is a sense that feelings are more important than the freedom of speech and many Americans believe that contradicts the spirit of the country.

People are often accusing those who disagree with them of some form of discrimination and injustice. From many, the reaction to this was to embrace a politician like Donald Trump.

He’s direct, sometimes even rude and unapologetic in his behavior. Whether you like that or not, there’s a critical mass of Americans who will vote for him because he opposes the PC culture.

The Democrats Have Failed to Deliver a Strong Candidate

Many believe that the Democratic Party’s failure to send a strong candidate was the reason why Donald Trump won the 2016 election. Hillary Clinton’s long involvement with the political system that so many despise gave Trump plenty of ammunition during the campaign.

The Democrats might have done the same mistake again in 2020 because Biden has been part of US politics for decades. He symbolizes everything that many regular Americans hate and his involvement in the Hunter Biden scandal hasn’t helped either.

The overall impression to some is that Biden is a career politician that works for the deep state, while Trump is the alternative. Once again, you could argue if that’s true or not, but many voters would support the POTUS for that reason.

Middle East Policies

The Middle East has been a mess for decades now and most American presidents were involved in multiple military conflicts in the region. While Donald Trump couldn’t avoid that completely, the impression is that he adopted a different approach.

There were several peace agreements that involved the US directly or indirectly during his first term, the most recent one between Bahrain and Israel.

With Trump at the helm, the USA has been involved in fewer conflicts, and many people like that about the POTUS. Millions work in the military or have relatives there, so they are directly affected by the situation in the Middle East. Keeping that under control works in Trump’s favor.

Final Thoughts

The polls suggest that Joe Biden should win in 2020, but the same was true with Hillary Clinton in 2016. Donald Trump certainly has a chance and most betting sites offer a price of over +120 for him to retain the presidency this year.

Whether you want to back the POTUS or go against him, check out the following post for recommended US election betting sites.

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