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Top Daily Fantasy Football Lineups to Use in Week One of the 2020 NFL Season

| September 1, 2020 3:31 am PDT
NFL DFS Lineups for Week 1

Week one of the 2020 NFL season is almost here. I’m sure you’ve been prepping hard for your fantasy football drafts, as well as your week one daily fantasy football contests.

I’ve already started my part of the madness, as I broke down my top week one NFL DFS picks, and also took a look at some great week one NFL DFS sleepers.

You can hit both of those links for a little advice, and they’ll give you an idea as to my thought process for the first week of action. In this post, I’ll hand out my two favorite NFL DFS lineups for week one, touching on both cash and GPP contests.

Week 1 NFL DFS Advice

Before we get going, there are a few things to remember going into week one. First, that this is the weirdest NFL offseason known to man (or me, at least), so we need to take everything with a grain of salt.

We have no preseason to work off of, there are some contract situations that could trickle into week one, and COVID-19 is always lurking.

Some big surprises will hit us like a ton of bricks going into week one, and through the year. So, do your best to brace for the madness.

Secondly, make sure you’re checking out the best NFL betting sites for the latest odds and game totals. This should allow you to map out the best NFL DFS environments to target.

Lastly, make sure you’re entering the right contests to help you win big, and/or consistently. If you want to win big, max enter large field contests or enter big entry single entry games.

For a little extra advice in that department, check out this post on how to win big in daily fantasy sports.

If you simply want to make money, perhaps consider going with regular cash games (H2H, 50/50, etc).

With that, let’s dive right into my favorite week one daily fantasy football lineups – one for cash, and one for GPPs – as well as my reasoning behind both.

NFL DFS Cash Lineup for Week One

  • Lamar Jackson, QB, Ravens ($8.1k)
  • Austin Ekeler, RB, Chargers ($7k)
  • Ryquell Armstead, RB, Jaguars ($4k)
  • Marquise Brown, WR, Ravens ($5.1k)
  • Keenan Allen, WR, Chargers ($6.4k)
  • Adam Thielen, WR, Vikings ($6.7k)
  • Hayden Hurst, TE, Falcons ($4.3k)
  • Le’Veon Bell, RB, Jets ($5.6k)
  • Los Angeles Chargers Defense ($2.8k)

The purpose of any NFL DFS cash game lineup is to simply cash. You put in some money, and you want to escape with even the mildest profit.

Whether it’s H2H games, 50/50 contests or some type of small multiplier, you’re just piecing together a safe (sometimes chalky) squad that won’t burn you.

The above lineup should do the trick. There are no guarantees in daily fantasy football, but the lineup above has very few “problem areas” that seem likely to burn you.

You still need a lot of fantasy points just to cash these days, but the squad at hand has the pieces to get you where you need to go.

The funny thing with cash games these days is that they are remarkably close to tournaments. That requires a little more risk than usual, in an effort to differentiate yourself from the field slightly.

In this lineup, we eat some good chalk in the likes of Hurst, Ekeler, and Armstead – assuming things stick as they are. Armstead isn’t necessarily a “safe” play, but he should be in for a big role with the Jaguars releasing Leonard Fournette.

Bell and Ekeler both have massive roles, too. Whether their matchups allow for them to shine, of course, remains to be seen.

Hurst is just too cheap given his new role in Atlanta, while Allen and Thielen are two steady W1’s that continue to have massive roles.

Lamar Jackson needs no introduction. Whether he’s chalk or not is irrelevant, but the reigning NFL MVP certainly offers a very high floor and one of the best ceilings in the game.

Overall, this lineup eats some chalk via Armstead and Hurst, but has a nice mixture of high floor/high ceiling guys to propel you past the cash line in week one daily fantasy football contests.

NFL DFS GPP Lineup for Week One

  • Joe Burrow, QB, Bengals ($5.8k)
  • Christian McCaffrey, RB, Panthers ($10k)
  • Ryquell Armstead, RB, Jaguars ($4k)
  • DeSean Jackson, WR, Eagles ($4.9k)
  • A.J. Green, WR, Bengals ($5.7k)
  • Bryan Edwards, WR, Raiders ($4.2k)
  • Hayden Hurst, TE, Falcons ($4.3k)
  • Dalvin Cook, RB, Vikings ($7.9k)
  • New England Patriots Defense ($3.2k)

Lamar Jackson is one of the safest plays on the board, and you can also see one of my other favorite quarterbacks in my week one NFL DFS picks breakdown.

If you want to go contrarian, though, I love Joe Burrow. He could excel right out of the gates thanks to a plethora of weapons, but he also may just be needed a ton as Cincy plays from behind.

You can stack him with Tyler Boyd or Auden Tate, but if A.J. Green is healthy and ready to rock, I don’t mind rolling the dice on him.

C-Mac and Cook are my two favorite backs on this slate, so I’ll pay up for both. There is a lot of value at wide receiver, so spending on running back may be the best route for week one.

Hurst and Armstead feel like good chalk. Even when we look for tips to win big in daily fantasy sports, we still want to eat some chalk that makes sense. These guys should have big roles and are cheap, so I have no issues using them with everyone else.

Edwards could be in for a big role right away with Tyrell Williams banged up, so keep tabs on him.

If he’s not a priority, we can also consider Dante Pettis given the wide receiver injuries in San Francisco.

DeSean Jackson will also be in my player pool in week one. Philly lost another receiver with rookie Jalen Reagor going down recently, and he blew up in week one last year. Against his former Washington squad, something similar wouldn’t be that shocking.

We can cap this GPP squad off with the Pats, who just feel like a safe defense, and honestly a bit of a value as they face a bad Miami team.

Week 1 NFL Betting

Whether you play these week one daily fantasy football lineups or not, some type of variation is probably a good idea.

These are my favorite NFL DFS lineups for the start of the season, but sometimes the perfect roster requires 1-2 other tweaks I simply can’t see.

The hope is this breakdown gets you to the top, but if not, maybe using my insight (as well as an elite fantasy lineup tool) can get the job done.

If you’re not feeling these teams – or you just prefer betting on the NFL – get even more advice by heading over to our free NFL picks section.

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