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Top Daily Fantasy Football Lineups to Use in Week Five of 2020 NFL Season

| October 8, 2020 2:32 am PDT
NFL DFS Lineups for Week 5, 2020

One of the biggest tips for daily fantasy football is that no matter what tout, rankings, or optimal lineup tool you use, always consider tweaking your first lineup you lockdown on.

That, or use it, and then create a variation(s) of it, with new pieces with each successive lineup.

Last week brought a perfect example of how that could have proven helpful. My cash game lineup wasn’t amazing, but my NFL DFS lineup for GPPs was rather on point.

Ryan Fitzpatrick, Alvin Kamara, Mike Davis, Odell Beckham Jr., DeVante Parker, and Mike Evans all smashed. If you rode that core and tweaked the rest of the lineup, you could have had a huge day.

If you just slapped that lineup into a contest, you got burned by Logan Thomas and Kenyan Drake.

Pay attention to game environments, consider game flow, and always think about creating varied lineups even if you like the ones I push out.

With that, we march into a new week. Here are my favorite NFL DFS lineups for week five in cash and GPPs.

Week 5 Daily Fantasy Football Advice

Before we dive in, let’s take a second and talk about two things; week five NFL odds, and the impact of outside circumstances.

The latter usually applies to injuries and weather, but in this day and age, we really need to be wary of any potential COVID-19 carryover.

All Patriots, Titans, Steelers, and Chiefs players are on watch, and you probably need to keep a close eye on every single team going forward.

Back to the pro football betting lines, though. This is a huge part of NFL DFS, as some of the games with the highest totals really do end up living up to expectations.

The Chiefs and Packers really didn’t get us there in week four, but the Cowboys and Vikings games ended up being pretty stack worthy.

Have we gotten to the point where we need to stack every Dallas game and aim high with the biggest game totals each week? Probably, but last week had an absurd amount of games with egregious totals.

That may be good for betting on the NFL, but it can be a dangerous trap when building daily fantasy football lineups.

Still, don’t forget about the main games we’ll most likely want to attack in week five.

  • Panthers vs. Falcons (53.5)
  • Raiders vs. Chiefs (56)
  • Jaguars vs. Texans (54)
  • Giants vs. Cowboys (54)
  • Vikings vs. Seahawks (57.5)

This is kind of gross, if I’m honest. Nine games did top the 50-point threshold last week, but we can’t possibly expect all of these games to deliver.

I think you just need to pick the spots you really like, and commit. For me, one is the Falcons game, as I detailed why I like the Over in my Panthers vs. Falcons betting pick.

All of these games are nice spots for NFL DFS players, though, and I’m obviously leaving out over half of the slate. Just keep in mind that the Seattle game isn’t on the main slate at the top DFS sites.

Oh, and then there are injuries. Some big names could be coming back this week, while there are others like Julio Jones that probably won’t suit up.

Keep an eye on all of the star ailments that could not only impact the betting world (and how lines move), but also how you build NFL DFS lineups in week five.

NFL DFS Cash Lineup for Week 5

  • QB: Kyler Murray – Cardinals ($7.2k)
  • RB: Jerick McKinnon – 49ers ($5.8k)
  • RB: Mike Davis – Panthers ($6.4k)
  • WR: Calvin Ridley – Falcons ($7.5k)
  • WR: Travis Fulgham – Eagles ($3k)
  • WR: Hunter Renfrow – Raiders ($4.9k)
  • TE: Darren Waller – Raiders ($5.9k)
  • FLEX: James Robinson – Jaguars ($6.7k)
  • DEF: Carolina Panthers ($2.4k)

You’re looking for solid floors for as much of your NFL DFS cash game lineups as you can. Murray is a great guy to run naked out there, as he has a remarkably high floor, having posted 24+ fantasy points every week.

Murray has regressed as a passer the last two weeks, and he’s still crushing it. In a better than advertised matchup with the Jets, he’s one of the best week 5 NFL DFS picks to target, whether it be for cash games or GPPs.

You can try to pair him with Nuk, but I’d rather just drop to Ridley. Julio Jones is likely going to be out this week, and after getting literally zero catches last week, Ridley is a prime candidate to bounce back in a likely shootout.

Renfrow is locked into a nice role for the Raiders, and you can pair him with the usually rock-solid Waller. These guys got plenty of targets last week, and as they play catch up against the superior Chiefs, their PPR value will make them solid cash options.

The running backs are all rock-solid, high-floor plays. McKinnon is performing very well in a featured role for the Niners, ditto for Robinson in Jacksonville, and Mike Davis is also thriving with Christian McCaffrey sidelined.

I love Ezekiel Elliott as much as anyone, but with these guys all looked like really good plays, paying up at running back may simply not be necessary this week.

Fulgham is a punt, but the Eagles remain beat up at wide receiver, and he gained Carson Wentz’s trust by doing this last week.

Whether cash or tourney, I love the salary you save here with a guy who could see his role expand in week five.

Cap things off with a cheap Panthers defense. That Carolina vs. Atlanta game will probably be a shootout, but Matt Ryan takes bad sacks and can turn the ball over. I’ll take a stab at them or the Texans in cash games in week five.

NFL DFS GPP Lineup for Week 5

  • QB: Teddy Bridgewater – Panthers ($5.9k)
  • RB: Jerick McKinnon – 49ers ($5.8k)
  • RB: Mike Davis – Panthers ($6.4k)
  • WR: Darius Slayton – Giants ($4.8k)
  • WR: Calvin Ridley – Falcons ($7.5k)
  • WR: DJ Moore – Panthers ($6k)
  • TE: Eric Ebron – Steelers ($4k)
  • FLEX: Kareem Hunt – Browns ($6.5k)
  • DEF: Dallas Cowboys ($3.1k)

Nobody has a better matchup than Teddy Bridgewater this week. I’m mildly tempted to save $400 and use Daniel Jones here, but Bridgewater just feels like such a smash play.

He’s coming off a beautiful 27-point fantasy outing, and he’ll be in a dome against a terrible Falcons defense.

This is what that banged-up unit has given up to quarterbacks through four weeks.

  • Week 1 – 322 yards, 4 TDs
  • Week 2 – 450 yards, 4 TDs
  • Week 3 – 316 yards, 4 TDs
  • Week 4 – 327 yards, 4 TDs

It’s been bad, folks.

Barring some spark being lit, the Falcons getting healthy, and/or this team not being positively horrendous all of a sudden, I can’t see how the Panthers fail to find some success in this game.

Bridgewater should be part of that, and you can attach Mike Davis and DJ Moore to that optimism. Heck, throw in Robby Anderson if you feel so inclined, but as I wrote in my week 5 NFL DFS picks, I think this is the week Moore sounds off.

Moore has been decent enough, but his 42% share in Carolina’s air yards (good for 4th in the NFL) tells me his involvement is trending in a very good direction. Atlanta has allowed the fourth-most yards to receivers, after all.

Davis is very useful even outside of this Panthers stack. Bridgewater has no qualms about checking down, this offense has loved utilizing it’s backs as receivers, and Davis has displayed soft hands and the ability to do something with the ball when he gets it.

He also may be headed for even more work than usual.

Through two starts, Davis has 13 catches on 15 targets. He’s also racked up 29 carries and two touchdowns. Oh, and the Falcons are bad at tracking running backs (2nd most catches allowed, 3rd most receiving yards allowed, and tied for most touchdowns given up).

I’m all-in on Carolina this week, so feel free to jump ship if you’re not on board. If so, though, be sure to run it back with a Falcons receiver or two. As noted, this game projects to be rather lit, so you can really use anyone that stands out.

That’s Calvin Ridley for me, especially with recency bias possibly (hopefully) lowering his ownership after he caught exactly zero balls in week four. Carolina has actually been super stingy against receivers, but Ridley may see more targets with Jones out, and he may simply be needed in a game I expect the Falcons to trail in.

Elsewhere, I really like Slayton, Jerick McKinnon, Kareem Hunt, Eric Ebron, and the Dallas defense. They all look like terrific GPP plays, and Hunt may even be chalky (I don’t care).

Overall, this looks like a mighty fine GPP squad. As I said, if you wanted to get super weird, pivot from Teddy to Daniel Jones and get off the Dallas defense.

Jones has turned the ball over twice in every game this year and takes a lot of sacks, though, so the Cowboys stand out as one of the better team defenses this week.

Week 5 NFL Betting

So, how can any of this lead you to betting on the NFL successfully in week five? I think the big takeaway is that we’re again in for a good amount of points.

I think some of these games could be traps, but I have little doubt that the Cowboys/Giants and Panthers/Falcons games will be lit. Will Dallas benefit from Jones’ mistakes en route to a win? Yeah, but they’ll still give up yardage and points, cuz Cowboys gonna Cowboys.

Are the Falcons going to win and set forth on a wild journey to save Dan Quinn’s job? I sincerely doubt it, but betting for or against Atlanta is always tricky.

Instead, I just like the Over in this game, as it’s played in a dome, features a lot of explosive players, and doesn’t have amazing defense in it.

If you’re seeking a little more NFL betting insight for this week, check out our week five picks at our sports betting picks page.

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