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Top Daily Fantasy Football Lineups for NFL Week 17 (2020)

| December 31, 2020 8:18 am PDT
NFL DFS Lineups for Week 17, 2020

The last week of the daily fantasy football regular season is upon us. Your season-long leagues are over or have been a while, so it’s possible this is your first run-in with NFL DFS this year.

And to be fair, NFL DFS will be alive and well all the way through Super Bowl 55. 

But you won’t see a slate at big as week 17 provides again until next September. It will be wild, awesome, and frankly, kind of disgusting.

Quite a few teams have nothing to play for and will rest key players, and others will do things that boggle the mind. There is still a path to profiting despite the madness that will undoubtedly ensure, of course.

Last week I handed out my favorite NFL DFS lineups and scored some solid hits. It was one of the worst weeks overall we’ve seen in 2020, but I still littered some really good plays across my squads.

The goal is to generate lineups that can cash and/or win all of the money, though. It’s up to you to combine them and make the necessary pivots, however.

I’ll do my best to put you in a position to succeed. With that, here’s a look at the top NFL DFS lineups for week 17.

Week 17 Daily Fantasy Football Advice

Before you just start clicking players for week 17, take a second with me to look over the slate as a whole. Per usual, that process should start with a look at the early week 17 NFL odds.

You don’t need to bet on football to understand it is helpful to check out the betting lines for NFL DFS. If you do want to bet on the NFL, though, you can always use a little extra help via our sports betting picks (which cover the NFL and every other sports betting genre).

For week 17 in the NFL, though, the current odds point to the following games for the best NFL DFS environments.

  • Falcons vs. Buccaneers (50.5)
  • Jaguars vs. Colts (49.5)
  • Packers vs. Bears (52)
  • Titans vs. Texans (55.5)
  • Raiders vs. Broncos (50.5)

These games have the highest totals, so they stand out the most. A few other games are right below that tier and should be considered along with any spots for one-offs, but there are a ton of games with excruciatingly low game totals.

I’m not saying to avoid them completely, but they don’t feel like the best spots for DFS production.

You will also want to consider some context here. The Colts are massive 14-point favorites against Jacksonville, and the Titans are sizable 7.5-point favorites against the Texans.

I wouldn’t be shocked at all to see both teams cover, while Tennessee at -7.5 makes the cut for my week 17 NFL locks.

In these cases, you should confidently target Titans and Colts for DFS, but the “run it back,” or “stack” strategies may not work out as planned.

The Buccaneers game is also a pretty good example of a potentially misleading total. Yeah, the 50.5 looks good in theory, but if you look at the Falcons in 2020, the Over is just 6-9.

Tampa Bay is the side to target here if they don’t rest anyone, but I’d be a bit wary of that game living up to expectations.

I like the Packers vs. Bears game just fine, but consider two things; Chicago’s best path to winning is running the ball and keeping Aaron Rodgers off the field, and the Bears didn’t have Akiem Hicks the first time they met the Packers.

One quick look at my week 17 NFL upset picks, and you’ll see I’m a tad nervous about Green Bay this week.

It’s important to consider all of this, as we often incorporate projected game flow when building our daily fantasy football lineups. Don’t let it rule all of your decision-making, but don’t completely ignore it, either.

The other huge component to building week 17 NFL DFS lineups is factoring in rest candidates and player injuries.

It’s only Wednesday as I write this, so more and more news will trickle in, leading into a huge Sunday slate. That said, you already know that the Steelers and Chiefs are probably resting key stars, and guys like Jared Goff, Darrell Henderson, Brandon Aiyuk, and others are already out.

Keep tabs on other big names like Christian McCaffrey and the like, just in case they are out/return and mess everything up.

As said, there’s a lot to track, but I’ll mesh everything together (as of Wednesday) to push out my favorite NFL DFS lineups for week 17.

NFL DFS Cash Lineup for Week 17

  • QB: Lamar Jackson – Ravens ($8k)
  • RB: Malcolm Brown – Rams ($4.3k)
  • RB: Mike Boone – Vikings ($4k)
  • WR: Davante Adams – Packers ($9.2k)
  • WR: Richie James – 49ers ($3.1k)
  • WR: James Washington – Steelers ($3.5k)
  • TE: Mark Andrews – Ravens ($5.8k)
  • FLEX: Derrick Henry – Titans ($9.4k)
  • DEF: New York Giants ($2.7k)

As I said earlier, take this with a grain of salt. I’m pushing out my top week 17 NFL DFS lineups in the middle of the week, and things can change greatly by the time lineups lock.

For cash games, the early chalk should be Malcolm Brown and Mike Boone. Darrell Henderson is not playing this week, and Dalvin Cook is now ruled out, as well.

Both Cam Akers and Alexander Mattison could end up being the true chalk here (and they’re more expensive), but they also have their own injury issues. If they’re out, things set up beautifully for Brown and Boone to be good chalk plays.

Lamar Jackson starts things off at quarterback, as I don’t see a ton of quarterback value worth targeting this week. I’m probably just paying for Jackson, Josh Allen, Deshaun Watson, Aaron Rodgers, or Russell Wilson.

Ryan Tannehill is an awesome hedge if you want to fade Derrick Henry, too.

Jackson just has an awesome floor, and he seems to be back to playing like a former MVP. That places him among my favorite NFL DFS picks for week 17.

He gets a bad Bengals defense that just got torched by Deshaun Watson (30 fantasy points), too.

The other two locks for me in cash games (or all formats) are Adams and Henry. Adams has a tough matchup, but he has one of the best roles in the league, and he just keeps producing.

Ditto for Henry, who hung an insane 43.4 fantasy points on a bad Houston defense earlier this year.

I’m not sure what changes here. Tennessee is a big favorite, they need to win, and the Texans rank dead last at stopping fantasy runners in 2020. Fade Henry at your own peril.

Cheap receivers are going to be aplenty this week. Adams is the only stud I feel totally compelled to pay for, so I am all for bargain bin receivers.

Richie James stands out more than anyone. His 49ers will probably have to throw from behind against Seattle, he’s insanely cheap, and he could be featured with both Deebo Samuel and Brandon Aiyuk on the shelf.

There’s also James Washington, who could see more playing time if the Steelers rest some guys. I’m not as married to Washington, so you can go with him or another cheap receiver you like. 

My main focus there would probably be prioritizing someone who gets extra playing time from the Steelers or Chiefs, though.

Mark Andrews is a great cash game option at tight end, and he also gets me a nice stacking option to pair with Lamar Jackson. Don’t be shocked if Travis Kelce is out or at least limited this week, so in a likely depleted tight end pool, Andrews really stands out.

Lastly, the Giants are a cheap and solid defense to get behind. They’ve run into some pretty good teams lately, but now they’re at home and playing for the NFC East title (if Washington loses).

I expect the G-Men to show up and be a key piece in helping my week 17 cash game lineup, well, cash.

NFL DFS GPP Lineup for Week 17

  • QB: Drew Lock – Broncos ($5k)
  • RB: Alvin Kamara – Saints ($9.5k)
  • RB: Derrick Henry – Titans ($9.4k)
  • WR: Davante Adams – Packers ($9.2k)
  • WR: Richie James – 49ers ($3.1k)
  • WR: Mecole Hardman – Chiefs ($4.2k)
  • TE: Nick Keizer – Chiefs ($3.2k)
  • FLEX: Mike Boone – Vikings ($4k)
  • DEF: Tennessee Titans ($2.2k)

The difference between cash games and GPPs this week isn’t vast. There is going to be a lot of unknowns going into Sunday, and the value should be absurd.

You can take a look at my week 17 NFL DFS sleepers for an early look at said value, but several sleepers will disappear and/or come out of nowhere in the coming days.

That said, for tourneys, I will keep some of the same faces here. James is a lock for me, Boone is probably as well if he gets the starting nod, and I will keep paying for Henry and Adams.

What you do from there is where it gets tricky. I’m paying for Kamara in a smash spot against the Panthers. Not to chase his 6-touchdown game, but because he projects well with no Michael Thomas and the Saints facing a weak defense.

New Orleans can still get the #1 seed in the NFC potentially, so they should keep going here.

I’ll punt tight end in tourneys, with Nick Keizer standing out in the event Travis Kelce is out. Keizer is a red-zone threat and already saw his role grow (29 offensive snaps) last week.

Hardman could also benefit from KC resting their starters. Keep an eye on who gets the starting nod, as Byron Pringle, Demarcus Robinson, Darrel Williams, and Darwin Thompson will also need to be on your radar.

Drew Lock and the Titans D wrap things up for me. 

Lock has a painfully low floor, but he has a big arm and some rushing upside. 

The Raiders are out of the playoff picture and have a terrible defense, so he could pop off here as he tries to convince the Denver brass that he’s still their guy under center.

Tennessee is a fun defense to pair with Henry. They’re big favorites, they’re cheap, and they face a shaky Houston o-line. I bet they give up points, but they could be worth the punt.

Week 17 NFL Betting

You have my favorite NFL DFS lineups for week 17, and maybe that’s all you need. However, you can parlay my daily fantasy football insight into some winning NFL wagers.

It’s up to you which spots you attack but just look at some of the plays I am recommending this week.

I love the Ravens to roll in an easy win. The same can be said for the Titans. Hence the interest in Derrick Henry and Lamar Jackson.

I think there’s a very good chance those teams cover big spreads in games they have to have. The belief is the same for the Colts, but even though I love Adams, I’m not so convinced the Packers will cover a 5.5-point spread in Chicago.

Of course, NFL DFS picks aren’t always indicative of how to bet on the NFL. 

For instance, my interest in Lock, Chief’s spares, and Richie James has no bearing on how I’d bet this week. Do I think Denver, KC, and San Francisco win? Not really.

Do I think the Broncos and Chiefs push for the Over in their respective games? Honestly, probably.

NFL DFS interest can contradict bets, but if you can find some correlation there, I wouldn’t run away from it. For a little more guidance and specific game-by-game advice, just check out our NFL betting picks for week 17.

Noah Davis
Noah Davis

Noah Davis is one of the more diverse writers at GamblingSites.com. Like many of his colleagues, he's a huge fan of both football and basketball. But he also writes about box office records, TV show prop bets, DFS, and all kinds of other subjects.

When it comes to the NFL, Noah's favorite team is the Cleveland Browns. He enjoys cheering them on with his wife and daughter.

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