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Ranking the Top 5 Australian Poker Players of All Time

| May 19, 2022 12:46 pm PDT
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Who is the best Australian poker player in history? Can you answer that question without first considering a few pertinent measurables?

I’m not sure you can. And to be honest, where is the fun in that? For instance, you might want to know why the names on my list ranking the best Aussie poker players justify their spots. Just throwing some random names at you isn’t going to do the trick, even if you are mildly familiar with some.

If you’ve come here by mistake, perhaps stick around, and check out the best online poker rooms. You might learn something new. Knowledge is power, after all. 

While I’m not entirely sure how much power you can get from knowing who the best Australian poker players of all time are, it should be fun. So, strap in, and we’ll get to number five on our list!

5. Jeff Rossiter

Jeff Rossiter
  • WSOP Bracelets: 0
  • World Poker Tour Titles: 0
  • European Poker Tour Titles: 0

Born in Adelaide but residing in Melbourne, Rossiter is another of the best poker players from Australia to make this list. 

That’s despite the fact that he has yet to pick up a bracelet in the World Series of Poker (WSOP). But then again, there is more to playing poker than the WSOP.

Rossiter will have his time to have multiple cracks at changing his fortunes in that regard, but his career earnings are already pretty special. You can find where Rossiter stands by checking out the Australia all-time money list.

Rossiter finished third in the 2011 Aussie Millions Main Event before winning some pretty hefty bounties. Now considered one of the best current Australian poker players, he will have his eyes on matching the feats of others on this list. With his skills, he could even outdo most, if not all, of the others.

The Adelaide-native scored a $3.1 million win in Macau in 2013. That is his greatest pot win to date, but expect bigger things in the future from one of the top Australia-born poker players out there.

4. Kahle Burns

Kahle Burns
  • WSOP Bracelets: 2
  • World Poker Tour Titles: 0
  • European Poker Tour Titles: 0

One of the most famous Aussie poker players, Burns sits high up on the list of all-time earnings.

Having started his career playing online, he quickly took to the in-person tables and made a name for himself on the regional circuits. When he outgrew those, the Victorian took his game a notch higher and began working on his global assault.

Although he has no European or world titles under his belt, Burns does have two WSOP bracelets to his name. In 2019, he smashed the Platinum High Roller of the World Series of Poker Europe in Rozvadov, picking up a bracelet and 600,000 euros.

Most would stop there, but Burns certainly did not. A few days after that achievement, he collected another 100,000 euros for his troubles. Not bad at all. But this is just a small insight into the interesting mindset of one of Australia’s greatest poker players.

As one of the top current Australian poker players, Burns is someone to learn from. He is not shy in giving fans a few tips here and there and has also appeared on various podcasts and other media endeavors. 

Born in 1988, it’s clear that Burns could go on to achieve even greater things in the sport. And while his career earnings should top that of any player from his country at some point, just how far he can go as a player is an exciting prospect to consider.

At the time of writing, I’d easily make this man one of the greatest Australian poker players of all time, and I am looking forward to seeing more from him.

3. Jeff Lisandro

Jeff Lisandro
  • WSOP Bracelets: 6
  • World Poker Tour Titles: 0
  • European Poker Tour Titles: 0

Lisandro, known as “The Iceman,” is one of the top Australian poker players of all time.

The Perth-born cash game specialist is widely known to fans in his home country. He has also carved out a respectable legacy outside of his homeland, primarily due to his big personality. Of course, being full of character doesn’t win you tournaments. 

Although Lisandro is widely regarded among the greatest Australian poker players, he is also one of the best seven-card stud masters on the planet. Until the explosion of Texas Hold’em in the early-to-mid-2000s, that variant was considered the most popular in the United States and other nations. 

It is this versatility that makes Lisandro who he is. However, you cannot discount his tools when it comes to hold ’em, of course. Many poker stars from Australia can boast greater achievements than the Ice Man in some areas, but his World Series of Poker bracelet count is not one of them.

If you are an Aussie reading this and hoping to do better than Lisandro, our World Series of Poker guide is a good starting point.

Lisandro came close to earning bracelet number seven but ultimately bowed out to Steve Albini. Yes, the same Albini that produced albums for major acts such as the Pixes and Nirvana’s In Utero.

One of the best Australian poker players of all time, Lisandro’s crowning achievement must be his three bracelet wins in 2009. He became just the fifth player in history to do so, which is something to tell the grandkids. 

That is if they even care about poker in the year…whatever.

2. Michael Addamo

Michael Addamo
  • WSOP Bracelets: 4
  • World Poker Tour Titles: 0
  • European Poker Tour Titles: 0

Would you be surprised to learn that Addamo, one of the best Australian poker players of all time, was a former chess enthusiast? 

Perhaps not. But it certainly gives us an insight into why the Melbourne resident is such a strategic mastermind. There’s no proof of any tangible links that being good at chess makes you one of the greatest Australian poker players, but it’s fun to think about. 

Although Addamo is something of an enigma, what we do know is that he is the wealthiest Australian poker player in history from cash earned from his playing time. At the time of writing, he is the most successful Aussie poker player in terms of prize money earned, at least. 

Michael Addamo’s WSOP Bracelets
When Tournament Classification Prize Money
2018 $2,620 Marathon No Limit Hold’em $653,581
2018 €25,500 Super High Roller $973,360
2021 $50,000 High Roller No Limit Hold’em 8-Handed $1,132,968
2021 $100,000 High Roller No Limit Hold’em $1,958,569

With four WSOP bracelets to his name, while being relatively young, we could see Addamo eventually become the greatest Aussie poker player in history. But for now, at least, he’s considered behind a particular Mr. Hachem.

These two could switch places in the near future. If Addamo can earn a WSOP title, that would go a long way toward his goal of becoming immortalized in his homeland. If there are odds for such a thing on the best online gambling sites in Australia, I’d imagine the price would be pretty short.

For now, he’ll have to contend with just being among some famous Australian poker players. And all that money.


1. Joe Hachem

Joe Hachem
  • WSOP Bracelets: 1
  • World Poker Tour Titles: 1
  • European Poker Tour Titles: 0

Ask most who the best of the best Australian poker players of all time are, and Hachem will probably be the answer.

Born in Lebanon, he might not be eligible to be one of the best Australia-born poker players. But as far as poker stars from Australia go, or famous Australian poker players, for that matter, he is the boss. And unless any of the aforementioned guys win a WSOP title, that should stay the same.

Hachem came to global attention in 2005 for becoming the first Aussie winner of the World Series of Poker main event. He pocketed a staggering $7.5 million, which was, at the time, a record prize. In 2006, he followed that incredible feat up by bagging the World Poker Tour title, claiming $2.2 million in the process.

Only six players can claim to have won both. Furthermore, Hachem has 13 money finishes in World Series events. If that doesn’t make you the king of Australia’s greatest poker players, I don’t know what to tell you. 

The guy is a national hero in Oz. And rightfully so. Here’s what he had to say about that glorious win in 2005.

“In Australia, they are really proud of their sports heroes, and winning the ‘holy grail of poker’ is a big coup for the country. I really wanted to win, not just for myself, but for everyone in Australia.”


Hachem might not top the all-time cash list for Australian poker players, but he remains the best of them all. The man is a celebrity Down Under and is one of the most respected poker players of the professional era. 

You can’t argue with that.

Are These the Best Australian Poker Players of All Time?

Poker symbolism graphic

Well, what do you think? Does anyone else deserve to shake up my list ranking the top Australian poker players of all time?

I can’t see why the men above don’t deserve that credit. Their triumphs and career earnings are more than enough to put them up there at a level few can reach. Of course, you can argue that there will be a crop of emerging Australian poker stars that could change the game. But that’s conjecture at this point.

If you believe you have what it takes to become even greater than the likes of Hachem and Addamo, you had better get to work.

Everything starts with baby steps, but you can always test your skills by finding the best online casino in Australia from our recommendations and putting the wheels in motion.

But before you hit the tables, be sure to brush up on your knowledge. First step? How about these following tips for budding poker stars from knowledgeable Redditors.

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