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Top 5 Betting Tips for Celebrity Big Brother

| January 26, 2022 7:26 am PDT

Following a three-year hiatus, Celebrity Big Brother is back. We’ll likely see 11-13 celebrity houseguests move into the Big Brother house and take their shot at the $250,000 grand prize. The runner-up will win $50,000, with America’s favorite houseguest taking home $25,000.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Celebrity Big Brother on our TVs. That’s why I want to release a few betting tips. That way, you’ll feel comfortable betting on the show, despite not watching for a few years.

Here are my top betting tips for Celebrity Big Brother.

Brush Up on the Celebrity Big Brother’s Format

This one might seem a little basic, but many people overlook it. It’s been three years since the last season of Celebrity Big Brother, so a refresher of the format wouldn’t hurt.

If you watch the US version of Big Brother, you’ll know Celebrity Big Brother is very similar. It follows the same weekly structure of houseguests competing for the Head of Household. The winner will nominate two people for eviction.

The nominees, Head of Household, and three other houseguests will compete for the Power of Veto. The winner can change the nominations, with the Head of Household naming a replacement nominee.

From there, everyone aside from the Head of Household and the two nominees will vote to send someone home.

Another big change is Celebrity Big Brother lasts less than a month. That’s a big change from Big Brother, which runs for three months. That little time means you don’t have a lot of time to make big moves.

We’ll jump more into this later, but the jury that votes for the winner will have the chance to go home and watch the show. This is a little foreshadowing, but you better be nice to these houseguests, or it could cost you the $250,000 grand prize.

Those are the major differences between Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother. Typically, a social game will suit you better than a physical game, but both are important for Celebrity Big Brother.

It’s hard to bet on the game before it begins because we have no idea how the celebrities will play. Perhaps we can use their career choice to accurately predict how they’ll perform in physical or mental competitions.

Don’t Go Too Hard in Week 1

The first week of Celebrity Big Brother is always interesting because no one wants to go home right away. At the same time, people don’t want to get blood on their hands right out of the gates.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen the latter happen many times.

In Celebrity Big Brother 1, Shannon Elizabeth won the first Head of Household. A twist meant that someone else took her Head of Household, but Shannon still held a lot of power. She flipped the target in Week 1 to save James Maslow from eviction.

That move didn’t sit well with her alliance. On Day 14, Shannon was out of the house as the third player evicted.

The following season, we see a much more extreme case with Ryan Lochte. I’m sure people have differing views on the Gold Medal swimmer, but he was on the Celebrity Big Brother 2 cast.

Ryan won the first Head of Household, but multiple twists forced him to nominate almost half the house. It also didn’t help that he went against his alliance with his nominations. In the end, his ally, Jonathan Bennett, went home in a blindside.

The houseguests banded together to evict Ryan the following week.

It hasn’t been good for the first Head of Household in Celebrity Big Brother. We’ve seen this happen numerous times on the US version of Big Brother.

For those who watched Big Brother 23, they’ll never forget Frenchie’s disastrous first week. In Big Brother 16, Devin Shepherd won the Head of Household in Week 2, but it was a train wreck, leading to his eviction in Week 3.

I’m sure you’ll see odds following the first week of Celebrity Big Brother. You’ll be able to sense if the first Head of Household is in trouble, and there’s a good chance you should bet against them.

Make Good Relationships With Your Houseguests

Having a great social game applies to any form of Big Brother. However, I think it’s more important than ever in Celebrity Big Brother.

There aren’t many differences between Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother. However, there are a few big differences, with one pertaining to the jury.

In Big Brother, the jury goes into a sequester until the finale. They can’t watch the show or have contact with the outside world. Big Brother does this so the houseguests won’t be swayed by outside information. Celebrity Big Brother doesn’t do that.

Once a houseguest leaves the house, they go home until the season finale. Now they aren’t required to watch the show, but it’s pretty important considering they vote for the winner. My overall point is you might want to be friendly and socialize with your fellow houseguests.

In Celebrity Big Brother 1, Marissa Jaret Winokur went to the final two with Ross Matthews. Marissa didn’t believe she would win, but she wanted to honor his close relationship with Ross.

Marissa went on to win the game with a 6-3 vote. From a viewer standpoint, I’d say Ross played a better game. However, the houseguests didn’t like how Ross stabbed them in the back and wouldn’t own up to his lies.

In the early days of Big Brother, they didn’t sequester the jury. That led to Danielle Reyes losing Big Brother 3, despite playing one of the best games in Big Brother history.

I can’t imagine we’ll see that rule changed for Celebrity Big Brother, but jury management is part of winning the game. Not everyone will play an honest game in Big Brother, but some houseguests will look past it if you can maintain a good relationship.

Ross didn’t do that, and he lost despite being the better player.

Align With Strong Competition Threats

Being in an alliance is almost necessary to making it far in Celebrity Big Brother. People group together and choose their targets, so if you aren’t in an alliance, there’s a good chance you’re the target.

Typically, the leader of the alliance is someone that can win competitions. It’s nice to work with these people because they’ll be in power. The people in power choose who will be on the block, so it helps to work with them.

We already talked about the final two in the first season of Celebrity Big Brother. Marissa Jaret Winokur was in a few alliances, but Ross Matthews was also in all of them. Well, let’s check out his competition stats.

Ross’ Comp Stats
  • 2 Head of Household’s
  • 3 Power of Veto’s

His five competition wins were the most in that season. Ross being in power meant that Marissa was almost always safe. That led to her making the final two.

In Celebrity Big Brother 2, we didn’t see as extreme of a case. Tamar Braxton aligned with Lolo Jones, Natalie Eva Marie, and Kandi Burruss. Natalie only won one competition, but Lolo turned it on late in the game.

Check out her competition wins towards the end.

Lolo’s Competition Stats
  • Day 19: Power of Veto
  • Day 21: None
  • Day 24: Head of Household
  • Day 25: Power of Veto

Lolo always kept Tamar safe. This helped her reach the final four, where Ricky Williams took her to the final two. Tamar went on to win the game in a unanimous vote.

It’s great to have people keep you safe, but this also creates a shield. When the other side of the house is in power, they’re coming for the biggest threat in your alliance. That wasn’t Marissa nor Tamar.

Fade the Leaders of the Alliance

I briefly got into this in my last section, but I have never been a fan of players that “lead” their alliance. There’s typically not an official leader of an alliance, but most fans know who runs the show.

We’ve seen this strategy work before with players like Derrick Levasseur and Cody Calafiore. However, we’ve often seen the strategy not work out.

In the first season of Celebrity Big Brother, we saw this happen with Shannon Elizabeth. I talked about her downfall earlier, but she was at the head of the early game alliance, but her own members turned against her. Ryan Lochte was the biggest example of this happening in Celebrity Big Brother 2.

Big Brother 21 is a great example of something like this. Jack Matthews was the leader of the Gr8ful alliance. Early in the game, he was in a great position with a strong alliance.

In Week 6, Jessica Milagros won Head of Household and immediately targeted Jack. He failed to win the Power of Veto and went home.

In Big Brother 23, The Cookout alliance absolutely dominated the game. Their six members made it to the final six. There wasn’t necessarily a rivaling alliance, but a pivotal moment in Week 5.

Derek Xiao won the Head of Household. The Kings team was the most powerful alliance in his mind, so he took a shot at Christian Birkenberger. Christian was a beast early in the season, winning three competitions in the first four weeks. Ultimately, that was his downfall.

Christian’s status as the group leader and competition threat led to his early eviction.

It’s not a perfect example of leading an alliance, but it shows what happens when you’re in a similar situation.

Betting on Celebrity Big Brother

Honestly, betting on Celebrity Big Brother isn’t that different from betting on Big Brother US. It’s a similar format, and we see the same betting tips apply to both shows.

The main difference that stood out to me was the jury being able to watch the game. We saw that make a big difference in the first season of Celebrity Big Brother. Could it hurt someone in the future?

The top entertainment betting sites will give you the best odds for Celebrity Big Brother. Check them out today.

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