Tom Brady Betting – Will the Patriots Quarterback Play in 2020?

| November 5, 2019 2:25 am PDT
Tom Brady Props - Betting on the Patriots Quarterback's Future

There is a decent amount of commotion in New England these days — probably a lot more than there should be for a team that continues to look like one of the best bets to win Super Bowl 54.

Even after finally losing their first game of the 2019 NFL season this past weekend, the Pats remain as good as anyone.

Regardless, star quarterback Tom Brady has made enough noise off the field to get many reputable NFL minds wondering if he’s preparing his exit.

That could come in the form of Brady bolting for another NFL town, or he could simply be ready to hang’em up. Whether you believe that to be true or not is one thing, but top NFL sportsbooks allow you to bet on that in the form of some nice Tom Brady props, and I’m all the way here for it.

Is Tom Brady About to Retire?

I doubt the 2019 season is the last one Tom Brady plays, but the writing has been on the wall for a while now that everything in New England isn’t perfect.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter lost his mind a little bit rambling on about Tom Brady selling his house. And that Brady’s trainer sold his house as well. And that Brady can technically get out of his contract and enter free agency this offseason.

All of this led him to believe that Brady’s days in New England were over. It isn’t that Schefter couldn’t be right, but it sure does feel like he’s forcing dots to connect.

That said, Tom Brady has had an amazing career, he’s 42 years old, and he indeed could leave as a free agent this offseason. Because of that, we have to pay attention to Tom Brady prop bets that ask if this is it for the storied passer.

With that, here are the odds that Tom Brady retires after the 2019 NFL season.

No -1000
Yes +500

This is a very interesting bet because, at the age of 42, Brady’s brilliant pro football career could come to an end at any time.

Pull from family, the toll of physical and mental fatigue, and walking off into the sunset with a record 7th Lombardi Trophy are all fine reasons to see Brady call it quits.

A catastrophic injury could send Brady to the exits earlier than he anticipated, too.

But only two things remotely point to this coming anytime soon: the fact that Brady sold his house and that he’s primed to enter free agency.

The former is almost certainly just a formality and should be addressed shortly after the new league year begins. The latter could be for a number of reasons. People sell their houses all the time. Moving is a part of life.

Brady could have zero intention of leaving the Pats. Or he could, and he has sights elsewhere in the NFL. Either way, Brady has a style of play that should allow him to play for as long as he wants.

Per Brady himself over years and years of interviews, that’s “until he sucks.”

There is no doubt we’re inching closer to a day in the NFL where Tom Brady isn’t playing quarterback anymore. I just doubt it’s coming in 2020.

  • No

What Will Be Tom Brady’s Last Season?

Okay, so he’s not retiring just yet. Then when? Brady isn’t a young pup. Eventually, he’ll regress, be too old, get hurt, or just get sick of the weekly grind of pro football.


Seeing as he is believed to be an actual human being, I reckon so. If that’s the case, here’s a logical look at the years in which Brady could finally call it quits, per

2019 +1000
2020 +700
2021 +150
2022 +200
2023 or Later +300

Man, talk about the long game.

The last wager is a nice price at +300, but 2023 would have Brady going past the age of 45. He’s said he’d love to play that long, and some reports suggest he may be open to playing even longer.

That feels like a reach, and as much as Brady wants to keep it going, 2022 feels like a long time down the road to wait for a bet, too.

I don’t think Brady retires after the 2019 season, and 2020 feels a bit soon. Instead, I like that sweet spot of 2021, where some type of combination of age, natural regression, mental fatigue, and/or injury will force him out of the league.

The only problem is you have to wait two years just to see a return on a +150 bet. I’m not really doing anything those years, though, so I can wait. How about you?

  • 2021

Where Will Tom Brady Play in 2020?

Okay, so Tom Terrific isn’t hanging up his cleats just yet. So, what does all the hoopla around his house and contract mean?

Honestly, probably nothing.

Adam Schefter and all of the other talking heads in the media get paid to stir up controversy and report news.

Tom Brady leaving the Pats or retiring would certainly qualify as news. But even something as minuscule as the guy not officially being under contract for next year or listing his house also technically could be reported to the general public.

I don’t really think Tom Brady is trying to leave New England, but I’ll admit there is enough straw grasping here to at least consider where he’d go if he did leave.

Assuming it wouldn’t just equate to an abrupt retirement, has priced all of Tom Brady’s most likely landing spots in 2020.

San Francisco 49ers +200
New Orleans Saints +250
Los Angeles Rams +350
Dallas Cowboys +500
Oakland Raiders +500
Los Angeles Chargers +800
Minnesota Vikings +1200
Carolina Panthers +1800

This is a fine list but is only somewhat realistic.

Tom Brady has kids and a very comfortable job where he’s basically competing for a Super Bowl on a yearly basis. Unless I’m missing out on the motivation behind a 42-year-old ditching his current digs for a team not all that close to a title run — like the Raiders — then you can cross some of these teams off.

Brady could, in theory, be a mercenary for hire for Dallas or Minnesota. Kirk Cousins and Dak Prescott have been inconsistent at best in their respective spots, while it’s possible the Cowboys pass on extending Prescott for a short, more refined rental like Brady.

There have been whispers that Brady wouldn’t mind going to California, which would ultimately put the two Los Angeles teams and the Niners in play more than any other teams.

But I agree with a sentiment that Chris Long gave regarding who Tom Brady could play for, and that’s that the only logical landing spot — should Brady actually ever leave New England — is playing for the team he loved growing up.

That’s none other than the San Francisco 49ers.

Yes, the same Niners team that is doing just fine without the distraction of a 42-year-old legend. Jimmy Garoppolo may not be Brady, but he’s been plenty fine for the Niners, and by the time the year is up, it isn’t crazy to imagine him bringing the Niners back to the promised land.

It may not be a marriage that makes sense for either side in the end. And if the 49ers aren’t where Brady goes, I’m not sure any of these teams register as logical.

  • New England Patriots

How Much Longer Will Tom Brady Play?

All of this madness was — and probably will be — ultimately a big waste of time. It’s fun to speculate on Tom Brady’s future as if he’s just a player in Madden we can trade and edit.

But he’s not. He’s a real dude that’s nearing the end of his playing career, and it’s pretty unlikely he’s about to taint his legacy by leaving the only franchise he’s ever known.

Schefter and any other media pundit calling for this are thinking of TV ratings or hoping for the demise of perhaps the greatest franchise the NFL has ever known.

I’m not even a Patriots fan, and I can say that without grimacing, too.

There isn’t enough evidence to suggest Brady is close to being done. He’s said for years that he’d like to make it to age 45 and/or he’d keep playing until he’s no longer effective.

He hasn’t been blowing everyone out of the water in 2019, but he’s certainly not holding his team back. The Patriots look once again like favorites to at least reach the Super Bowl, and Brady’s execution has been a big part of that.

If Brady and the Pats win another title this year, there’d be a slight cause for concern. Going out on top is the dream of every player. Then again, Brady could have done that last year.

Instead, Brady truly loves playing the game, and clearly, he sees a franchise that isn’t just finding some success right now. They’re only getting better.

Until Brady is the one holding them back, he may not be someone worth betting against.

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