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Tips and Strategy Advice for Betting on League of Legends

| September 1, 2020 4:32 am PDT
Complete LoL Betting Guide

The MOBA genre is perfect for the esports scene: it’s fun to watch, there’s a lot of strategy involved, and the variety of heroes is just insane. It’s only natural that some of the biggest tournaments in the world are in such games.

Riot Gaming’s League of Legends is one of the biggest fan-favorites out there, and the LoL competitive scene is constantly growing. Millions keep playing regularly, and the prize pools of some of the events can compare to traditional sports.

As a result, plenty of people try to make money by betting on LoL online, and most of them fail miserably. This League of Legends betting guide will help you improve your chances to beat the bookmakers by going through the crucial aspects of building a successful LoL strategy.

I cover the fundaments of gambling that apply to the game, as well as the most important LoL betting tips that are specific to the title. I recommend you read the whole guide carefully and incorporate the tips here to your strategy.

I obviously can’t guarantee you success, but I can promise that your knowledge of LoL betting will improve by the end of this post.

Before I get into it, let me just mention that our team provides esports betting picks and other interesting posts related to LoL and other popular games frequently. So be sure to keep coming back!

Foundations of Gambling That Apply to Betting on LoL

Every sport and esports discipline comes with its own specific aspects that you need to understand to be successful. However, there are certain fundamental rules of gambling that apply to every single one of them, and I feel they are the most natural starting post of my LoL betting tips.

Let’s take a look at the basics that you simply must incorporate into your strategy.

Bet for Value

If you have read other strategy posts written by me, you probably heard this one before. I will never get tired of repeating it, though, as I believe that the right mindset to betting is the only way to succeed. If you approach your LoL wagers thinking that you should guess what’s going to happen, you won’t succeed.

You need to understand that the odds offered by each bookmaker represent an implied probability for the outcome to come true. You should be looking to bet on outcomes with a higher probability than what the price of the betting site suggests.

While this is much easier said than done, most people don’t follow this concept at all and keep losing money as a result. If you want more information about it, we have an excellent article that explains value betting in more detail.

Bankroll Management

Another universal rule that applies to your LoL betting strategy is to manage your bankroll properly and pick a staking plan that fits your needs. The main idea here is that no matter how good you are, luck plays a role in the short term.

You will eventually end up losing several consecutive bets or even more, depending on your strategy. If your stakes are too high, that could bankrupt your bankroll. That’s why you should stick to wagers that you can afford to lose rather comfortably and adjust the amount you place based on how much money you have.

Check out our bankroll management page for specific rules that can help you find the best approach for your needs.

Bet on the Internet

I won’t spend too much time here because this is one of the most obvious rules, especially when it comes to esports. If you are looking for the largest number of markets, the best promotions, and the highest odds for LoL tournaments, join an online bookmaker.

The betting sites on the web provide a much better overall service and higher value for your money.

Always Try to Improve

The next factor is not only one of the most important foundations of sports betting but also of life. And yet, I will resist the temptation to engage in philosophy and stay within the realms of LoL gambling here.

It’s imperative to always try to improve your strategy. Even if you have a working approach, that doesn’t mean it’s the best one possible or that it will stay functional forever. Gaining a percentage or two here and there makes a lot of difference in the long run.

Control Your Emotions and Don’t Bet Under the Influence

And finally, I feel obliged to warn you about the most obvious mistake. Don’t bet if you are not in a clear state of mind. That means you shouldn’t place real money wagers when you have been drinking or taking drugs or when you are angry or emotional for whatever reason.

That’s one of the most certain paths to failure, and you will lose your cash. It takes discipline to follow this rule, and a lot of people can’t do it, so don’t underestimate it because it’s so obvious.

That’s my last general piece of advice. From now on, it’s time to dig deep into the best League of Legends betting tips that are unique to the game.

Carefully Study the LoL Gameplay

If you are going to bet on LoL, you must know how the game works. There’s no way around that. And I don’t simply mean knowing the basic stuff like how skills work, what the fog of war is, and other factors that require 15 minutes of gameplay. Dig deep and try to understand the core mechanics and synergies in League of Legends.

The best way to do so is a combination of two factors. The first one is to play the game yourself. You don’t have to become a master, but you should at least have some experience to make money by betting on LoL online.

Once you know the fundamentals, you can turn to the pros for more in-depth knowledge. We live in a time when the top gamers out there share most of their expertise and their entire thought process on platforms like Twitch and YouTube.

That’s like getting in the head of LeBron James while he’s playing basketball. You will learn things that you couldn’t reach on your own, so make sure to invest sufficient time in observing streams and other content sources that will expand your understanding of the game.

The Major Aspects of LoL Matches

Prop bets and futures are not that popular in esports, so most of you will be betting on individual LoL matches. There are more than enough of them, so building a work LoL strategy can open the door to countless opportunities.

One of the most important factors on the path to success is to understand the major aspects that matter in each match. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Drafting: The process of banning and picking heroes is often underrated by beginners. The truth is that some LoL matches are decided even before the “actual” game starts by the lineup selections. Always consider the ability of the captains to pick the best heroes and neutralize the opponent when analyzing any LoL matchup
  • Strategy: The other big task of each LoL team captain is to pick the best strategy possible. Is the goal to provide enough time for your hard carry to farm? Are you looking to push hard from the first minute and win the game early? Are you going to shut down the opponent’s key hero by ganking him constantly? These are just some examples of core strategies used by every team to win, and it’s important to know how good each captain is at finding the right approach for every game
  • Mechanics: This one is fairly simple. The individual ability of each player to execute properly could make a huge difference. Sometimes, a couple of milliseconds could decide the game, so it’s good to know what to expect from all players involved. Their mechanical abilities are the key to the proper execution of the team’s strategy
  • Cohesion: The coordination between the different players and their timing is essential when it comes to high-level LoL matches. You can have a brilliant captain and a roster of magicians in the game but still lose to a squad with better cohesion

Many bettors don’t spend enough time looking at every aspect, and that’s to their detriment. You should evaluate every team from all angles to get the best idea of what to expect.

Check the Stats When Betting on LoL

Most of the LoL betting tips so far are rather subjective and hard to measure. To find the right balance, you need to add objective factors that will complete your strategy. Fortunately, there are countless websites that provide stats nowadays.

You can find historical data for each team and player on the League of Legends scene, and you should use that. Analyze a longer period of time for a better overall picture of what to expect, but also spend enough energy to recognize the latest trends.

The power is always shifting based on various factors, and the best LoL teams from yesterday might not be on the top today.

Finally, it’s always useful to check the head-to-head record. You could stumble upon interesting tendencies, as all teams have opponents they love or hate facing for various reasons.

Other Factors in LoL Matches

Even if you have conducted the most thorough analysis of both sides, you shouldn’t stop there. Not every match has the same value in the minds of the players, and that could make a huge difference in the outcome.

Often, the best team that has enough confidence might lose a match if the defeat is not fatal. For example, a loss in the group stages is not the end of the world when you know you can beat anyone when it truly matters.

We’ve even seen the favorites demolished in the winners’ bracket finals of various tournaments, only to return through the losers’ bracket and destroy the same opponent in the grand final of the same competition.

In other words, the best teams tend to rise to the occasions but might be prone to unexpected mistakes when they have room for error. It’s just the nature of LoL tournaments that often provide a second chance even if you lose in the playoffs.

The same logic applies to smaller tournaments. Some of the top-tier teams might use them to test strategies or gather some practice in a competitive environment and don’t care about winning that much.

At the same time, the smaller organizations might view them as their chance to earn a famous victory and attract sponsors. Motivation matters, and you should incorporate it into your LoL betting strategy.

Follow the LoL Meta

I’m pretty sure that most of you have heard the term “meta” when it comes to esports. To put it simply, the meta is the set of strategies and techniques that are considered the most successful and widespread at any given moment.

It comes from “Most Effective Tactics Available,” and they change all the time based on a number of factors. In the history of LoL and all esports, for that matter, we’ve seen the meta change multiple times.

In certain periods, teams were relying more on a slower strategy that allows a certain key hero to farm for a couple of crucial items before crushing the opposition late. In other moments, you could see early active ganks designed to shut down the other team.

The meta is always evolving based on various factors like the new strategies discovered by the best teams or new patches that might bring some changes. There are countless factors at play here, and trying to mention them all is a deep rabbit hole, so let’s just say that you need to follow the meta constantly, and the reason behind each shift doesn’t matter.

Just try to observe the most common strategies used, the most popular heroes, their counters, and so on. Stay in touch with what works best in League of Legends at any given moment to place the best wagers possible.

Look Out for League of Legends Updates

Since I mentioned patches in the previous section, it’s time to move on to one of the more simple LoL betting tips. You should always follow the latest updates of the game. While the core mechanics remain the same, there are some patches that come with various changes.

They might seem small initially but could shift the fine balance of competitive LoL and completely change the meta.

If you are going to bet on League of Legends, you should always stay alert for the upcoming new features or changes in the rules of competitive LoL.

Use Multiple Betting Sites

Before I wrap it up, there’s one last final piece of LoL betting advice that can make a huge difference. Most people prefer to use the services of only one bookmaker, and I understand why. It’s convenient, and you don’t have to move money constantly or remember multiple sets of log-ins.

And yet, you are paying for that convenience by not getting the highest value possible for your money. The most successful LoL bettors out there use at least three or four betting sites.

That allows them to scout for the best lines and odds for every single bet. The difference is usually a couple of percentages, but just imagine what that means after a year. You should use every edge available to beat the bookmakers!

Not to mention that joining multiple sportsbooks opens the door to more LoL bonuses and promotions. The welcome offer of each betting site alone is usually worth several hundred bucks.

With that in mind, here are some of the best League of Legends betting sites on the internet.

Final Thoughts

As I said at the beginning of this LoL betting guide, reading a single article on the internet won’t make you an instant winner, and don’t expect that after this one, either. However, I believe that the LoL betting tips here can help you improve your strategy immensely and find the path to success.

If you want to share your thoughts on my LoL betting advice or add your own ideas about the best system, feel free to use the comments below.

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