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Six Tips That Can Help You Win From CSGO Live Betting

| January 4, 2022 8:26 am PDT

The biggest esports disciplines are following the steps of traditional sports when it comes to betting. One of the best parts is that you can enjoy in-play gambling for many popular games, including CSGO. If that sounds appealing, I can help you with six tips for CSGO live betting.

They apply to most markets and strategies out there because they cover fundamental aspects of the game.

Since you can watch most CSGO tournaments for free via Twitch, learning how to successfully place in-play wagers could be very profitable in the long run.

Study the Teams’ Favorite Maps

Many believe that you don’t have to prepare before the start of the clash when you’re betting on CSGO matches live. That’s a huge mistake and you should always take the time to learn more about the teams and players involved.

I won’t dig too deep when it comes to obvious stuff like recent form and general quality, but you should most certainly check them out. My guide to CSGO betting can help with that.

It’s even more important to study the map pool of both squads. Try to answer the following questions.

  • What Are the Best Maps of Each Team?
  • What Are the Worst Maps of Each Team?
  • What Are the Acceptable Maps for Each Team?

You can find the answers in a few different ways. The first one would be to take a look at the raw numbers and win percentages of each team. They can tell you a lot about the actual results. Focusing on the past few months is enough.

You should explore the most picked and most banned maps next. This will provide a good overview of what the squad hates and loves to play.

Finally, you can always rely on the eye test. You can find highlights of most major matches on YouTube and that can be very useful. Study them to figure out how comfortable each team is with the different maps in question and if they have enough strategies for execution on each side.

Once you know what are the best and worst maps of both sides, you will have the ability to evaluate their chances better when the picking stage is over. You can instantly see if one of the teams has the upper hand in this area.

Know Which Side Has the Upper Hand on Every Map

Maps are crucial in this game, so my next CSGO live betting tip is once again related to studying them. The different setups favor different sides and it’s crucial to know who has the upper hand to read the score correctly.

For example, Nuke is a map on which the counter-terrorists have a significant advantage. This means that a terrorist team losing 6-9 at the half-time break is actually in a good position to win the map and even 5-10 is not that bad.

The following page provides the latest percentages in high-level CSGO play for all maps. It’s an excellent starting point and I recommend taking a look when the maps for each match are determined.

Follow the Economy

One of the most complex areas of CSGO is the game’s economy. The players earn money for every kill and in every round based on certain conditions.

More cash means better equipment and winning rounds is much easier when you have strong weapons and enough utility.

The CSGO pro teams are well-aware that winning a round when you don’t have enough tools to work with is very hard. That’s why they might choose to sacrifice a round in order to gather resources for the future in certain cases.

It’s pivotal to follow the economy of both sides when you’re betting on CSGO matches live. That can help you predict trends and momentum shifts.

Often, if one of the sides manages to break the opposition’s economy, you could expect a solid streak in the next few or even several rounds.

The pistol round is an excellent example of that. The team that wins usually goes on to build a 3-0 lead before the other squad has enough money to respond properly.

You should always closely follow how much cash both sides have and try to figure out how their resources will affect the upcoming few rounds.

Look for “Hot” and “Cold” Players

Like in many traditional sports, CSGO pros often depend on their confidence. A player that makes a huge mistake might struggle further, while a good round with multiple kills will boost anyone’s morale.

There are “hot” and “cold” players that could carry or ruin their team. You should carefully follow how every contestant is doing if you’re about to invest real money.

It’s important to learn the difference between a player being on fire and one that’s simply better than his teammates as a whole.

In the first case, the player in question is just performing better than usual. It could be winning duels, getting multiple kills, or timing utilities perfectly. It doesn’t have to be super obvious and it’s not always about kills.

At the same time, it’s possible that someone has a solid score without running hot. That’s because certain teams are over reliant on their star players and they always have more kills than the rest of the squad, even if they are not at their best.

Stay Alert for Tactical Timeouts

The teams don’t have many ways to change their fortunes once the matches start. There’s not a lot of time between the different rounds, so that’s where tactical timeouts play a big role.

The teams have the chance to use them four times and each timeout is 30-seconds long. It’s important to note that coaches are only allowed to communicate with their squads during tactical timeouts in LAN events which makes them even more important.

You often see them call for certain setups and strategies, so a team that requests a pause usually has something in mind. The following video provides more details on how pro CSGO teams use this tool during their matches.

The importance of tactical timeouts is clear and you should always keep your eyes open for such pauses when it comes to live CSGO betting.

Use the Best CSGO Betting Sites

I feel obliged to finish my CSGO live betting tips with a simple but underrated suggestion. The bookmaker you pick when placing your wagers makes a massive difference.

The best CSGO online betting sites have higher odds than the competition, more markets, and plenty of promotions that can bring you extra cash. Using them is certainly a step in the right direction, especially if you join multiple sportsbooks and shop for the best lines.

Do you think I have missed some essential live betting tips for CSGO? If that’s the case, I would love to read your suggestions in the comments below.

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