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Tips for Using Bet Builders for Soccer

| November 24, 2021 7:07 am PDT

Imagine that you could create your own unique markets for betting on soccer matches! Well … you can actually do that nowadays because many online sportsbooks offer Bet Builders.

The feature allows you to combine different selections to create your own wager for selected soccer matches. It’s a powerful tool in the right hands and your imagination is the only limit.

If that sounds interesting, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve included my top Bet Builder tips for soccer gambling in order to help you make the best out of this feature.

How Do Bet Builders Work for Soccer?

Before I share my Bet Builder strategy for soccer games, let’s provide more details on how the feature works for people who don’t have first-hand experience.

The first thing you need to know is that Bet Builders are not available for all competitions. Most bookmakers only offer them for the biggest leagues and tournaments, such as the following.

  • English Premier League – All matches from the EPL are covered and the number of available markets is almost countless.
  • Other Top European Leagues – In some sites, you can use Bet Builders for the Italian Serie A, the Spanish La Liga, the German Bundesliga, and the French Ligue 1.
  • UEFA Club Competitions – Most matches from the Champions League are included, as well as some games from the Europa League and the Europa Conference League.
  • International Tournaments – You can expect to see the World Cup, the Euros, Copa America, and other prestigious tournaments.
  • MLS – The top US betting sites that offer Bet Builders usually include MLS matches too.

It’s possible to find other options like the English FA Cup and smaller European leagues, for example. They are available outside of the US, but most American sportsbooks on the web stick to the competitions listed above.

With that in mind, here’s how the feature works. You have to open the Bet Builder section of the site you are using and select soccer first. You will see what competitions are covered.

The next step would be to pick the game you want to target. That usually happens from a dropdown that shows all matches covered.

At this point, you are ready to add your selections. You can pick between hundreds of options related to one of the teams, both sides, or specific players. Here are some examples of the markets you can add.

  • Goals Scored – You can back any of the teams or both teams to score over/under a certain number of goals for the full match or for any of the halves.
  • Number of Cards/Corners/Fouls/Throw-Ins/Goal Kicks – A similar market that is targeting other events. Once again, you can select one of the sides or both, as well as one of the halves or both.
  • Player to Score – You can back any player to score one or more goals.
  • Player to Get Booked – If you think that a certain player will receive a yellow card, you can pick that selection too.
  • Player Passes/Offsides/Tackles/Fouls – You can also add many selections related to the individual stats of certain players.

Of course, you could add standard markets like match winner and both teams to score to the list. The number of options offered for soccer games by the top Bet Builder betting sites is truly staggering.

You can combine two, three, or more selections and the bookmaker will automatically provide odds for the newly-created market.

If you are satisfied with the price, you can then proceed as usual and place your wager. All of the selections have to win for your bet to be successful.

Now that you know how the feature works, it’s time to move on to my top Bet Builder tips for soccer matches.

Basic Tips for Using Bet Builders for Soccer

Most people that use Bet Builders for soccer games make rookie mistakes right from the start, so I have prepared a set of basic tips that can help you avoid them.

Here’s what you need to account for if you want to be successful.

  • Use the Top Bet Builder Sites – The best Bet Builder sites offer more markets and higher odds compared to the competition.
  • Prepare Before the Matches – You should treat your wagers the same way you normally do. Check the form of both sides, follow the latest team news, and prepare properly. We have a guide on soccer betting that can help with more tips on that.
  • Don’t Get Too Greedy – Every selection you add improves the odds, but it also reduces your chances to win. Make sure to pick a balanced approach that doesn’t make it close to impossible for your wagers to be successful.
  • Follow Bankroll Management – You shouldn’t forget to follow all the bankroll management rules that apply to sports betting.
  • Statistical Analysis Is Crucial – Many of the Bet Builder soccer selections are related to some form of stats, so you should analyze historical data before you place your wagers.

These fundamentals apply to all Bet Builder soccer strategies, so make sure to follow them. With that in mind, let’s move to more advanced concepts.

Tips for Soccer Bet Builder Goal-Based Selections

The over/under goals selections for a certain team or for both sides are among the most popular options people add to their soccer wagers created with Bet Builders.

If you want to target them, analyzing the following factors can help you make better decisions.

  • Playing Styles – You should always compare the playing styles of both sides. A team that scores a lot of goals through crosses, for example, could struggle big time against an opponent that has a pair of physically strong central defenders.
  • Results Against Similar Opponents – Once you have a good idea of the playing styles, you should test your expectations by checking how the teams performed against similar opponents already. Combine your assumptions with hard data for the best results.
  • Season Averages – Analyze the big picture by checking the season averages in terms of goals scored and conceded of both sides, is a must too.
  • Recent Trends – Naturally, you should also check for more recent trends. There are plenty of fluctuations across the same campaign and catching a tendency early could be very profitable.
  • League Averages – Checking league averages can’t hurt either and it can be used as a good benchmark.

Regarding that last point, here are the average goals scored per game in the top European soccer leagues in the past five seasons.

Season Premier League La Liga Bundesliga Serie A Ligue 1
2020-21 2.69 2.51 3.03 3.06 2.76
2019-20 2.72 2.48 3.21 3.04 2.52
2018-19 2.82 2.59 3.18 2.68 2.56
2017-18 2.68 2.69 2.79 2.68 2.72
2016-17 2.80 2.94 2.87 2.96 2.61

I’ve used WorldFootball.net to gather this information and the website is useful for data for teams from all over the globe.

You should use it or other similar resources when it comes to goal-based soccer selections you want to add to your bets.

Advice for Team Fouls and Cards

Many people also focus on team fouls and cards when they use Bet Builders for soccer wagers. These markets can be tempting and they often can boost your odds big time.

There are several factors that could contribute strongly to the potential numbers and you have to account for them. Let’s take a look at the main ones.

  • Referee – Some referees are stricter than others and might be willing to punish more challenges with a foul or even a booking. Make sure to check if that’s the case for the match you’re considering.
  • Derbies – If you are betting on a derby, the emotional charge will be completely different and that could often lead to more fouls and cards.
  • Motivation – If both sides desperately need a victory, the pressure will be higher and some players could get frustrated by the result. We often see more rough reckless challenges when that happens.
  • Personal Beefs – Some players have personal beefs with certain opponents and teams. Such a feud from the past could impact the number of cards and fouls in the clash.

Analyzing the factors above can certainly give you a hand, so make sure to cover them when you check wagers based on cards and fouls.

Adding Player Props to Your Bet Builder Wagers

My Bet Builder tips for soccer so far have been focused on team-related markets. The feature offers a bunch of player props you can include in your selection too and you should approach them differently.

Whether it comes to positive contributions like goals and assists, or negative ones such as fouls and cards, it’s pivotal to start with recent trends.

The current form of the player in question is often more important than his overall ability.

Even the most prolific strikers have dry periods and even the most undisciplined players have moments in which they behave better on the pitch. That’s why you should check the short-term trends in the player’s behavior.

Another important step in your Bet Builder strategy for soccer games is to consider any subjective factors. Here are several examples of situations that might affect the athlete’s performance one way or another.

  • Pressure from the Media/Fans – If a player has been constantly scrutinized recently, he might be extra frustrated and lacking confidence.
  • Facing Former Clubs – If the player has played for the upcoming opponent, that might affect his performance too.
  • Fighting for Individual Prizes – A striker that’s chasing the top scorer title might be more selfish than usual.
  • Health Issues – Naturally, any potential injury or health issue could have a negative impact.
  • Referee Relations – Both the players and the referees are human. We’ve seen cases in which a certain official and selected athletes obviously don’t like each other and that could lead to more fouls/bookings than expected.

The intangibles are always important when working on player-based soccer markets and you shouldn’t ignore them.

Naturally, you also want to make sure that the player in question is going to start. If he’s on the bench, that could easily ruin your entire selection.

Where to Find Bet Builders for Soccer

If you feel ready to try Bet Builders for soccer wagers and would like to know where to find the feature, I have two good suggestions.

The first option would be to visit our page for the best sportsbooks online for best builders. All of the sites there are safe and have many other perks like great bonuses, high odds, and fast payments.

All of the online bookmakers from that list are mobile responsive too, so you can enjoy their services on the go. If that’s your preferred choice, you could also try our top-rated soccer betting apps. Many of them offer Bet Builders.

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