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Thursday Night Football DFS Picks for NFL Week 15, 2020 – Lineup Advice Chargers vs. Raiders

| December 17, 2020 9:07 am PDT
NFL DFS Picks TNF Week 15, 2020 Chargers vs. Raiders

Thursday Night Football is notorious for being a bad pro football product. Maybe it still will come week 15, but on paper, this week’s TNF showdown should be highly entertaining.

The Raiders and Chargers combined for 57 points the last time they met, and their rematch projects as a close, high-scoring affair.

But how does that translate into daily fantasy football? Honestly, it could be unpredictable, at least when looking at NFL DFS Showdown contests for Thursday Night Football.

There are just so many fantastic options. You can’t use everyone, and even if you roll out 150 TNF Showdown lineups, you still can’t roster everyone together at the same time.

It’s going to be interesting, but if you’re struggling to figure out the best possible combination, I’ll help by offering my NFL DFS Showdown picks for TNF week 15.

Top Showdown Picks for TNF

  • Justin Herbert, QB, Chargers ($11.8k)
  • Keenan Allen, WR, Chargers ($11k)
  • Austin Ekeler, RB, Chargers ($10.4k)
  • Darren Waller, TE, Raiders ($9.4k)

These aren’t the only TNF DFS picks to consider in the Captain slot, but they’re my favorite options.

Allen is a PPR machine, while Ekeler is also a reception maven that can tack on stats on the ground. Herbert has hit a bit of a rough stretch but is in the midst of the best rookie season by a quarterback ever.

L.A. feels like the best source of fantasy production here, especially when you factor in Derek Carr’s floor or the fact that Josh Jacobs played just 43% of the snaps in week 14.

He’s not healthy, and he also could be getting some bad karma for messing with fantasy football owners last week.

The only Raiders guy I feel totally obligated to roster is Darren Waller. He went absolutely mad a couple of games ago (48 fantasy points!!), and his already massive role should be more locked in than ever.

Henry Ruggs didn’t garner a ton of targets, but his absence should still be felt.

These are my favorite NFL DFS Showdown plays, but they’re not the only guys you’ll want to consider rostering in TNF daily fantasy football contests.

Carr, Jacobs, Nelson Agholor, and others are still going to be in the mix.

Best TNF Showdown Sleepers

  • Tyron Johnson, WR, Chargers ($5k)
  • Hunter Renfrow, WR, Raiders ($4.8k)
  • Devontae Booker, RB, Raiders ($1.8k)
  • Zay Jones, WR, Raiders ($800)
  • Bryan Edwards, WR, Raiders ($400)
  • Donald Pharham Jr., TE, Chargers ($200)

Mike Williams and Henry Ruggs being hurt could open things up for Johnson and Renfrow to get things started.

Most would have anticipated Jalen Guyton would see more work with Williams hurt, but it was Johnson who put up a nice 6-55-1 stat line last week.

Zay Jones and Bryant Edwards also get mixed in with Renfrow as guys who could help make up for the absence of Ruggs. Again, Ruggs was not a volume guy, so none of these guys are going to suddenly see an insane amount of balls come their way.

Due to that, I’d likely just side with the cheaper options, with Bryan Edwards standing out.

Josh Jacobs and Hunter Henry are two more dudes who are banged up. If they’re limited or out, we can look to Devontae Booker and Donald Pharham Jr.

My Favorite Week 15 TNF Lineup

  • Captain: Austin Ekeler, RB, Chargers ($15.6k)
  • FLEX: Justin Herbert, QB, Chargers ($11.8k)
  • FLEX: Keenan Allen, WR, Chargers ($11k)
  • FLEX: Darren Waller, TE, Raiders ($9.4k)
  • FLEX: Bryan Edwards, WR, Raiders ($400)
  • FLEX: Devontae Booker, RB, Raiders ($1.8k)

I’m not wasting time playing the matchups game for TNF. Both sides have a ton of great offensive weapons, and neither side defends very well.

The Raiders have the worse defense, though, so I will prioritize spending on a Chargers stack. More than that, though, I just want the best DFS players that should thrive in this game.

Josh Jacobs isn’t 100% or playing even 50% of the snaps. He can’t be trusted. He’s a fine Captain in GPPs, but I won’t force him into this lineup.

Derek Carr is another fine try, but his floor is remarkably low. I’d rather just use some of his weapons and prioritize spending on more reliable fantasy options.

You don’t need breakdowns for Allen, Ekeler, and Herbert. If they’re healthy and active, they should smash.

Waller gets 10+ targets on a regular basis, so he’s without a doubt the top option to pay up for from Las Vegas.

With Henry Ruggs out and Jacobs banged up, Bryan Edwards and Booker stand out as solid sleepers that can save salary and make this lineup possible.

I’m not expecting the world from either of them, but they should have modest roles at worse, and it wouldn’t be that wild if they did fairly well.


This is one of those rare TNF DFS Showdown slates where you could argue probably five different plays in the Captain slot, and you might not be wrong.

Both quarterbacks, both running backs, a wide receiver, and a tight end all look good in that regard, but I’m just handing you, my favorite team.

As usual, you can roll with my NFL DFS Showdown picks, pivot in spots, or just have this as part of many NFL DFS lineups you enter into contests.

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