Three Reasons I Love Playing Live Dealer Casino Games

By Beverly Greer
Published on July 22, 2018
Live Dealer Casino

When I first started gambling, all of my experience was online. The closest casino is three hours away, so that wasn’t a convenient option. I had some friends who gambled, but they all lived far away, so we couldn’t have a regular in-person game either.

So, I used online casinos instead. At first, I just stuck with slots and automated table games.

Then one day, I was introduced to the world of live dealer games. The online casino that I was using was giving out bonuses for your first games in this specific format, so I decided to give it a shot. I chose to play blackjack, just because that was the game I was the most comfortable playing.

I was excited to try a new format of my favorite game, and I was immediately happy that I had. Live dealer blackjack was awesome! Since then, I have played pretty much every game available in this format, and I have loved them all.

Live dealer games are different from other online casino games because they have a live dealer that you are connected with through a video connection on your internet browser.

Other online casino games use a random number generator (RNG) to draw the cards in place of a dealer.

For those of you who want to know more, here is a run-down on what live dealer games are.

If you have never played a live dealer game, or even if you have never played an online table game at all, I highly recommend giving them a try. You just might find that you enjoy them as much as I did. Here are the three most significant reasons that I love playing live dealer games.

Convenient and Immersive Experience

Live dealer games offer a ton of convenience because you can play wherever you want. All you need is an internet connection and the device you will be playing on. Several options allow you to play on your computer, on your TV, or on your mobile devices, like smartphones or tablets.

As I mentioned before, the closest casino to my house is more than three hours away, so I don’t have time to play in a brick-and-mortar casino on a regular basis.

But location and mobility are not the only reasons that I find live dealer games more convenient than in-person gambling.

Another reason that they are more convenient than live games is that I can play them any time that I want to. I don’t have to log on at a specific time to play. I don’t have to start the game at the same time as the dealer’s shift begins unless I want to. I also don’t have to stay online until the game is finished. The game starts and ends with me.

I ride public transportation to and from work every day, which makes my commute around an hour long each way. I used to dread this time because I was counting every second while I was bored out of my mind. Now, I pull out my cell phone and play some live dealer blackjack for the ride, and I can quit the game before my stop arrives.

Some of you are probably thinking that any online game offers the same convenience as the live dealer games, and you are not wrong. Convenience is what separates any form of online gambling from in-person gambling.

But the next reason that I love live dealer games is what separates them from other online games.

As much as I enjoy the excitement of the in-person casino, there are some drawbacks. I love being able to play a casino game without having to breathe in the smoke of everyone around me.

I don’t mind having a cigar every once in a while, but it is not pleasant when you are inhaling that smoke without enjoying it for yourself. I also don’t have to put up with the noise coming from the slot machines or craps tables.

I suppose, if you wanted to, you could video chat with a friend and have them be your dealer to play your own version of a live dealer game. But the real things are so much better than that.

They are an immersive experience because they allow you to feel like you are really at the casino. Most of them are created in a dealer studio that uses lighting, camera angles, zooms, and interaction to create an experience tailored to the online player.

Other live dealer games are filmed in actual brick-and-mortar casinos, so you can experience exactly what it would be like to be there.

Live Dealer Casino at Wild Casino Online
Online casinos have customized their live dealer games
so that they are as close to a live experience as possible.

For example, if you see a baccarat game listed “with squeeze,” it means that the camera will zoom in on the card as it is being revealed.

Similarly, immersive roulette zooms in as the ball lands so that you can see the reel up close.

In addition to these high-tech features that make the game feel real, the human dealer is there for the express purpose of making sure that you have an authentic experience.

You can chat with the dealer as much or as little as you like, but even without conversation, there is something very different about seeing a person instead of clicking a button.

If the game that you are playing happens to be filmed in a live casino, you may even be able to interact with other players, as well.

You might be thinking that this experience is a little overrated. That’s what I thought before I tried it, too. I was perfectly content playing my automated games, but the truth is that I didn’t know what I was missing. Once I tried the live dealer version, I realized that there was this whole other social aspect of the game that I hadn’t experienced.

Casinos want you playing their games, so they put a lot of effort into their presentation, and live dealer games are the epitome of online casino quality, in my opinion.


All gambling is based on taking risks, which is why it is so fun. If you don’t take any risks, you don’t get the adrenaline rush that comes with the possibility of losing. Casinos almost always have the upper hand because they wouldn’t be a profitable business if everyone were able to earn a big payout every time they played.

While I understand the risk that I am taking, and I understand that the casino has the house edge in its favor, I also want to be sure that the game isn’t unfairly rigged against me.

One of my concerns with the random number generators that are used to automate most online games is that I have no way of knowing if they are working correctly and fairly. I’m not just trying to make an excuse for my losses.

Some online casinos are not trustworthy because their RNG software is not reliable.

If you choose your online casinos carefully, you should be able to find a safe option, but some people just like to be able to see what is happening instead of relying on technology.

Live dealer casino games make me feel a lot more comfortable risking my money because they are transparent. I can watch every move a dealer makes, just like in a real-world casino. I can be sure that the cards are shuffled and that the dealers are dealing the way that they are supposed to.

It is easier to trust a real person than a piece of RNG software. If you want an online game where the casino has to be transparent about their edge and their process, live dealer games might be the best option for you.

An Easy Way to Learn

The last reason that I prefer live online games may not be as apparent as the other reasons, but it is the most important one to me. I think that live dealer games are a great way to learn how to gamble.

Interacting with another person allows you to learn the game in a far superior way, but I tend to worry that I am annoying other people when I ask too many questions. That is the main reason that I have shied away from in-person gambling.

But live dealer games changed all of that for me because I can talk to a professional dealer. When I play online, there are certain times when I try to make a specific move, but the computer won’t let me.

In some circumstances, it seems like the computer will allow a move in one hand and deny it in the next. I get confused about why it isn’t letting me make a move, and I would like to know the rule of the game that determines each situation.

I have tried to do some online searching to find the answers, but with a live dealer, I don’t have to. Instead, I simply ask the dealer.

Dealers have to be trained on the rules of the game, no matter which format they will be dealing.

So, they are probably able to answer any question that you may have.

The dealers that I have played with have all been more than willing to answer my questions and explain the nuances that I was missing with other formats. I try not to take advantage of their kindness, but I like that they are available when the need arises.

Another reason that live dealer games make it easy to learn how to play is that they allow you to play at your own speed. On many occasions, I have taken a moment to look at some strategy charts or to check the rules of the game before I decide which move I want to make.

Depending on the game, there might not be any other players, so I don’t have to worry about them waiting for me. I like that I can take my time. Even if there are other players, as long as I’m not taking forever, they don’t have an opportunity to get mad at me.

On the opposite end, during those times when I am trying to get one more hand in before my stop, it is nice that I don’t have to wait on anyone else, either. Either way, live dealer games give me a unique opportunity to learn at my own pace.


There are many things to love about live dealer games. The convenience, experience, and teachability of the game are just a few of the things that I like the most about this format of gambling.

But don’t let me convince you. Try some for yourself to see what you think, and good luck!

Three Reasons I Love Playing Live Dealer Casino Games
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Three Reasons I Love Playing Live Dealer Casino Games
If you enjoy gambling on traditional table games, you will probably enjoy live dealer games too. Read 3 reasons why I love playing live dealer casino games.
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