The Voice Predictions for the Final – Analyzing Each Singer’s Chances to Win

| May 15, 2020 6:05 am PST
The Voice Predictions for the Final

Odds for who will win The Voice 2020 are still not out as I write this. That is honestly shocking, since we’ve been able to bet on Survivor and basically everything else in the world lately.

I still am optimistic that The Voice betting sites will push out some betting odds in the not-too-distant future, though. The show wraps up with its final performances next Monday and concludes with a live results show on Tuesday, which will reveal the season 18 winner.

Who will win season 18 of The Voice, though? I have already swung and missed at that question, as I pegged Joei Fulco as the big winner, and she got bounced following the first run of the live shows.

While there have been some surprising eliminations in recent weeks, three of my predicted top 5 did make it to the finale. Let’s refresh ourselves with a look at The Voice top 5 before I present my The Voice final predictions.

Who Is in The Voice Top 5?

  • Michah Iverson – Team Kelly
  • Thunderstorm Artist – Team Nick
  • CammWess – Team Legend
  • Todd Tilghman – Team Blake
  • Toneisha Harris – Team Blake

Every coach got one artist to the finale, and the instant save pushed Toneisha Harris in as the fifth contestant that now has a chance to win season 18 of The Voice.

The entire voting process is totally flawed, as a lot of singers are being overlooked simply because of which coach’s team they’re on. Popularity and the restrictive voting process complicate matters.

Regardless, Team Blake has the best odds just looking at sheer numbers.

Is that how you should bet? I’d love to see actual The Voice odds to get an idea of how the top entertainment betting sites are pricing this thing, but I still have an idea of who I want to win and who I think will win.

Before coming to a final prediction for who will win The Voice 2020, let’s look at every top 5 finalist and see why they could win.

Michah Iverson – Team Kelly

I was super shocked to see Iverson edge out the more powerful and emotional Megan Danielle, but The Voice 18 is full of surprises.

That doesn’t mean Iverson isn’t deserving of making the top 5, though. He could even win. If you’re unsure, just remind yourself of his special talent in this beautiful rendition of Elton John’s “Your Song.”

It’s all about tone with Micah Iverson, who has a unique sound and is technically strong. He isn’t my top favorite to win The Voice this year, but there’s a reason he cracked the top 5.

Thunderstorm Artis – Team Nick

When I handed out my predictions to make the top 5, I landed on Thunderstorm Artis as my predicted winner. Another episode later, and he’s done nothing to make me look silly.

Few singers have taken the live shows baton and run with it like Artis, who has shown amazing artistry and a really disciplined voice.

His recent performances nudge him closer to being the winner, but his best work may have come at his flawless blind audition.

It took me way too long to warm up to Artis as a legit contender, but I should have known. His soft tone, control, and old-school sound helped him kill “Blackbird” and got all four chairs to turn.

The goal is to find the best voice in this competition, and it’s hard to argue that it couldn’t be Artis.

CammWess – Team Legend

Another soft voice with a beautiful tone is CammWess, who I thought was a sleeper to win right after a powerful spin on “Earned It” in his blind audition.

There is something captivating about CammWess, as he sings with strong emotion and has exceptional control.

The lone negative is that he’s bounced around in this competition, and this top 5 feels incredibly stacked.

That said, he has serious star power and has shown elite versatility via his song choices.

Todd Tilghman – Team Blake

It’s not that shocking that Todd Tilghman is here, as he has quite the following, and he’s with the coach that The Voice viewers seem to love the most.

Blake Shelton is also a fantastic (and the winningest) coach on this show, while Tilghman has a timeless voice with a nice rasp and exceptional power.

I’m not a huge fan of any of his song choices, but it’s arguable he was at his very best in his first performance of the season.

The Voice has an uncanny ability to crown the singer that I connect the least with. If history is any indication, Tilghman is a serious threat to win this thing.

Beyond my own vanity, though, the guy can sing and offers one of the best packages of tone, power, range, and control in this competition.

Toneisha Harris – Team Blake

Lastly, we have Toneisha Harris, who quite honestly has the best vocals from a technical perspective.

I’m not alone in saying that, either. Shelton has said it, other coaches have suggested it, and I’ve conversed with users in Reddit that think the same.

The fact that Harris had to be saved to make the top 5 is obviously concerning, but the woman can flat-out sing. She’s gone out of her way to display her impeccable technical ability and range, but I’ve always been mostly impressed with her power.

Just take a look back at her amazing blind audition when she sang “I Want to Know What Love Is.”

Harris is up against the wall going into The Voice finale, but there is a very strong argument that she is actually the most gifted singer left.

The Voice Prediction – Who Will Win Season 18?

You can’t yet bet on The Voice, but I’d be surprised if we don’t get at least one prop with odds heading into the finale. I’m not sure what the top entertainment betting sites are waiting for, but it has to happen at some point. Here are the best sites to check.

Regardless of whether or not you’re betting on The Voice this year, you still came here for a prediction.

So, who will win The Voice season 18? Let me start by saying who won’t win. I think everyone that has made it this far is plenty deserving, but I don’t think Micah Iverson is going the distance.

He has a nice tone, but he isn’t the total package when you compare him to everyone else. CammWess isn’t going to win, either. He’s also fantastic, but Thunderstorm Artis is a little similar and simply more seasoned and more versatile.

This feels like a three-singer race, with Todd Tilghman and Artis duking it out for the top spot and the flawless Harris being the sleeper bet of the five-pack.

I picked Artis recently and think he should win, but ultimately, the winner of season 18 of The Voice is probably going to be Tilghman.

He’s on Team Blake, he’s delivered very consistent performances, he has an unteachable rasp with range and power, and he’s been getting the votes. He has a following, and it’s a numbers game.

With two singers in the finale, Shelton has the best odds to produce the winner, and it’s really difficult to come up with reasons why Tilghman can’t win this thing.

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