The Voice 2020 – Predicting the Top 5 for Season 18

| May 12, 2020 11:41 am PDT

I’m a little mad at The Voice these days. My predicted winner (and my second favorite pick) got ousted from the reality TV singing competition last week.

It made me look silly, but considering the talent that exited with the field virtually being cut in half, it kind of made the show look foolish, too.

Things promise to get even crazier come Tuesday night, following Monday’s new batch of live The Voice performances.

The field of nine is preparing to be cut to the top five, and I’m here to hand out my predictions for the next round. Looking back to last week, five of my top 9 predictions made the cut, so let’s see if I can nail some more The Voice predictions.

With that, here are my The Voice top 5 predictions, why they’re here, and whether or not they have what it takes to win season 18.

Todd Tilghman – Team Blake

I have not been a huge fan of the pastor this season, but I’ve always noted his rasp, control, power, and borderline flawless technique.

He sprinkled in some nice emotion with his take on “Love, Me.”

He doesn’t have much star power, but he’s otherwise the total package and keeps killing it. At some point, I need to take notice. Even if he’s not my winner, I still can admit he’s one of the top five artists left in this competition.

I personally prefer the tone of Joanna Serenko, but Blake Shelton’s most popular artist is Tilghman, so he’s a lock to advance.

Thunderstorm Artis – Team Nick

The thing I have fallen in love about with Artis is that he is a pure artist. When The Voice live shows began, he truly was one of the few performers that effortlessly reeled you in.

That wasn’t easy to do, but he did it again with a beautiful rendition of Michael Buble’s “Home.”

Artis has shown he can do a little bit of everything. He’s a polished musician, he can take things up a notch, or he can sit back and kill you with his soft tone.

Megan Danielle – Team Kelly

These singing competitions can be wild, as you will have amazing singers revealed to you with each passing week that you previously didn’t give much thought.

Danielle is one of them for me, as she made me like a country song during her latest live performance. And, well, I don’t like country music.

Just watch her smoke her cover of Rascal Flatts’ “What Hurts the Most.”

There is an obvious narrative driving Danielle’s push this season, and it contributes to her layered emotion. But beyond that, she’s just a powerful singer with an exceptional tone.

She has to beat out Micah Iverson (and he crushed it on Monday), but her clear connection with Kelly Clarkson — as well as her general talent — will help her at least advance to the final five.

CammWess – Team Legend

I’m not here to knock on Zan Fiskum, but if John Legend is going to push forth another winner for the second time in three years, it’s coming via CammWess.

I marveled at his smooth tone and delivery last week, but that’s something we already knew about him.

He showcased his soft touch again with his rendition of “Rainbow,” but he also took it up a notch with some nice power. Check out his latest cover.

CammWess has been a silent contender for me all season, and while teammate Zan Fiskum was fantastic in her own right, he has to be the one from Team Legend that advances.

Allegra Miles – Team Nick

After picking one artist from each team to advance, we get one artist to save. That comes down to Miles, Micah Iverson, and Joanna Serenko in my mind, with Miles narrowly edging out the remaining performers for the win.

Coach popularity could continue to impact things (so keep an eye on Toneisha Harris and Serenko), but Miles is the best artist left on the board. Just look what she did with Stevie Wonder’s “Overjoyed.”

Miles has such a feathery tone and sounds unlike anyone else, well, at all. She certainly has distanced herself from the rest of the competition in that regard, and it’s just unfortunate she’s been overshadowed by CammWess for much of the season.

She’ll get her moment, though, as she’s my fifth singer into The Voice top five.

Predicting Who Will Win The Voice 2020

I haven’t seen any odds for who will win The Voice season 18, which is quite shocking. Most betting sites do offer odds for these reality TV show competitions, however.

There have been Survivor odds all season, there are odds out for The Masked Singer, and last year, you could also bet on who will win American Idol.

The Voice reveals its top five on Tuesday night, which should lead to The Voice odds pumping out at some point this week.

You won’t be betting on who the top five are, but from that group — using my The Voice top 5 predictions above — you should be able to formulate your wager.

If you’re rolling with me, you probably know that my pick to win The Voice has been Joei Fulco the whole way. That prediction was disrupted thanks to her elimination, so I’ve switched gears and rolled with Thunderstorm Artis as this season’s winner.

With Artis a lock for The Voice top five (in my mind), he still sticks out as a visible threat to win this thing.

We will find out pretty quickly on Tuesday night if he’ll even get the chance, but if he makes the cut and odds come out, he should be one of the top options to consider.

Once you’re ready, be sure to use the best The Voice betting sites. Good luck, and enjoy the finale!

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  1. Sebastian May 16, 2020 at 8:30 am

    Hello I’m going to predict who will win the voice season 18 is Toad tilghman from team blake or toneshia