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The New York Yankees Won’t Win the 2020 World Series – Why They’ll Come up Short This Year

| May 11, 2020 5:21 am PDT
Reasons Why the New York Yankees Won't Win the 2020 World Series

Ever since the New York Yankees signed superstar pitcher Gerrit Cole, they’ve been the talk of the MLB.

They’re rightful favorites to win the AL East, and most expect them to fend off the Houston Astros to at least get to the 2020 World Series.

Heck, I’ve gone on record in saying they’re going to win.

However, the favorite doesn’t always win, and the Yanks aren’t without some flaws. Ipso facto, if you want to make money betting on the World Series, you may want to consider not betting on New York.

If that is actually the right call or not obviously remains to be seen. But if you want to at least entertain some betting value in other capacities, join me as I break down 4 reasons why the New York Yankees won’t win the 2020 World Series.

Our MLB Expert Says So

Rule number one when betting on the World Series, stop and see what our own Michael Wynn has to say.

I’m sure he’s not right about everything, but he sure cranked one out of the park in 2019 when he predicted the Washington Nationals would win the MLB title.

Wynn looked like he was merely seeking value at the time, but the crazier thing is he didn’t just peg the Nats as eventual champions once the playoff field was set. Nay, he said they’d win it all before the season even started.

He’s going out on another limb in 2020, hand-selecting the Atlanta Braves as his title winner in his early 2020 World Series predictions.

I’m not quite as high on the Braves, but I also didn’t pick Washington going into last year. Consider Wynn’s insight before betting hard on the Yanks (or anyone outside Atlanta) this year.

Houston Still Exists

The Braves, Dodgers, and whoever else on the NL side is one thing to consider, to be sure. But what if the Yanks don’t even get to the 2020 World Series?

It’s entirely possible that they don’t. They still have to (probably) win their division, and once in the MLB playoffs, the path to a title will likely go through the Houston Astros.

Houston has been slammed for their cheating scandal, but public outcry doesn’t take away their loaded roster. They did lose Cole, but they may still own the best pitching rotation in the majors.

If the Astros rise up to the challenge of owning that dirty label of cheaters and then proceed to make everyone eat crow, New York may have something to worry about.

The Yankees Strike Out a Ton

The Yankees are known for their power. Aaron Judge is a monster, and when healthy, Giancarlo Stanton is quite the running mate.

This team is so stacked, in fact, that they may end up trading away Clint Frazier.

Loaded, to be sure. Efficient? Not at all.

New York’s inability to exercise patience at the plate was evident in 2019. They still ranked 11th in walks, but everyone knows their talent demands them to rank way higher. They finished 2nd in homers but had the 14th-most whiffs on the season.

Are they deplorable in this department? Compared to their main competition (Houston), well, kind of.

The Astros ranked #1 with the fewest strikeouts, showcasing their elite contact ability. That ends up being an even bigger deal in the postseason when you’re facing some of the best arms in baseball.

If the Yankees can’t grow more patient and get the ball in play a bit more, it could continue to be their Achilles heel.

The Pitching May Not Be Good Enough

New York landed a stud ace in Cole in free agency. If he’s who they are paying him to be, their pitching rotation has enormous upside. If he’s not, they could face-plant.

Even if Cole is as advertised, however, it may not all be sunshine and roses for the pinstripes.

New York displayed that over the course of the 2019 season, as they ranked just 14th in collective ERA, allowed the 18th-most hits in baseball, and gave up the 7th-most home runs.

Cole is backed by some big names. James Paxton can be an elite southpaw when he’s dialed in, while Masahiro Tanaka, Domingo German, Luis Severino, and J.A. Happ are all serviceable if not fantastic starters.

Unfortunately, Tanaka traditionally gives up a ton of contract, Paxton was a mixed bag in his first season in New York, German is suspended for 81 games, and Severino is out for the year thanks to Tommy John surgery.

If Cole falters or the guys behind him can’t lend a solid supporting effort, this would-be star-studded pitching staff could disappoint.

Will the New York Yankees Win the 2020 World Series?

I still think the Yankees can win it all this year, assuming a season (and World Series) actually happens. Few teams can truly rival the balance they offer, as their offense and pitching have so much potential together.

That being said, betting on the Yankees isn’t something that comes without risk. Cole and these pitchers have to play 81 games in a hitter’s park. We can’t be sure what a lack of fans in the stadiums can do to teams psychologically.

Offensively, the Yankees need to get/stay healthy, and they need to find a way to be a bit more consistent — especially come playoff time.

And of course, we can’t ignore Houston, LA, or even Atlanta.

There is a lot working against the Yankees, so betting on other teams to win the 2020 World Series is far from a bad idea. Just make sure you’re using the top MLB sportsbooks before placing your bets this year.

For more MLB content, head over to our MLB blog section.

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