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The International 10 Odds and Betting Preview for 2021 – Dota 2

| September 16, 2021 6:53 am PDT

After a postponement in 2020 and a rescheduling in 2021, it seems like The International 10 will finally go through this year. I share all the key details we know so far in this early TI betting preview of the biggest Dota 2 tournament in the world.

I also explore the 2021 TI betting odds for different popular markets and analyze the different contenders for every single one of them.

I plan to follow all the latest around the tournament and I will share more of The International 10 betting content in the build-up to the competition.

With that in mind, let’s see what we have right now.

The International 10 Format and Key Facts

If you want to make money betting on The International 10, you should know all the facts about the tournament, so let’s start there.

TI 10 was supposed to take place in 2020, but the health crisis struck esports too and loads of big Dota 2 tournaments were canceled. In fact, there wasn’t a single notable LAN event last year after the crisis started.

Valve launched multiple online Dota 2 competitions instead, including the Omega League. The tournament took place in the summer as a replacement for The International.

The company announced that the TI would return in 2021. The initial plan was for the tournament to take place from August 5 to 15 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Local restrictions forced Valve to change the dates once again and The International 10 was rescheduled for October 7 to 17. Arena Națională in Bucharest, Romania is the new location and the prize pool will be just over $40,000,000.

We already know all the teams that will fight for the money and the Aegis. Let’s take a look at them.

Team Region Method of Qualification
Evil Genuises North America Dota Pro Circuit
PSG.LGD China Dota Pro Circuit
Virtus.pro Eastern Europe Dota Pro Circuit
Quincy Crew North America Dota Pro Circuit
Invictus Gaming China Dota Pro Circuit
T1 Southeast Asia Dota Pro Circuit
Vici Gaming China Dota Pro Circuit
Team Secret Western Europe Dota Pro Circuit
Team Aster China Dota Pro Circuit
Alliance Western Europe Dota Pro Circuit
Beastcoast South America Dota Pro Circuit
Thunder Predator South America Dota Pro Circuit
Team Undying North America Regional Qualifier
SG esports South America Regional Qualifier
OG Western Europe Regional Qualifier
Team Spirit Eastern Europe Regional Qualifier
Elephant China Regional Qualifier
Fnatic Southeast Asia Regional Qualifier


For a brief moment, it looked like the 2018 and 2019 champions OG would be out of The International 10.

The team won a tough Regional Qualifier that included the likes of Tundra Esports, Nigma, and Team Liquid that will all miss the tournament. The lineup is still frightening, with most of the best teams from all over the globe coming to the Dota 2 TI 2021.

At this point, there’s no indication that the usual format of the tournament will change in any way. That means we will have two phases.

It all starts with two groups, consisting of nine teams that face each other once in a round-robin format. Each match will be in the best-of-two.

Each game won brings one point for the standings, so a victory would result in two points for the winner and the sides split a point each if the match is drawn.

Here’s what happens to the squads when the final standings are done and dusted.

  • Position 1-4: The top four teams qualify for the Upper Bracket of the knockouts.
  • Position 5-8: The next four squads proceed to the Lower Bracket of the knockouts.
  • Position 9: The last-placed organizations from both groups are out of the tournament.

Once the knockouts start, the format changes to best-of-three, all the way to the final of The International 2021 which will be played in the best-of-five.

Any loss in the Upper Bracket sends the team to the Lower Bracket. Any defeat there is final and eliminates the squad.

It’s worth noting that a new Dota 2 patch should be released before TI 2021. That would make the competition even more unpredictable than usual because the teams will have a month or two to adapt to the latest changes in the game.

That sums up everything you need to know for The International 10’s format and structure at this point, so let’s talk about betting.

TI 10 Winner Betting Odds Analyzed

Some of the top Dota 2 betting sites already have The International 10 odds up. The pricing is up in the list above.

As you would expect, there’s no clear favorite for the Aegis.

A bunch of teams have a realistic shot at winning The International 2021. I decided to split them into three groups, based on their chances to go all the way.

The International 10 Favorites

The top TI 10 contenders are PSG.LGD, Evil Geniuses, and Team Secret. The first two teams dominated the Dota Pro Circuit in 2021, occupying the top two spots in the final standings.

They were both very consistent throughout the year and ruled China and North America, respectively. The talent is certainly there and both sides will be tough to beat.

As for Team Secret, that’s probably the best squad in Western Europe and that’s the region with the most TI titles so far.

Secret dominated the Dota 2 pro scene in 2020 and would’ve been the main favorite for The International 10 if it took place last year.

And yet, the organization was on top of everyone in a season that was played almost exclusively online and against local opponents. You don’t really know what would’ve happened under normal circumstances and Secret even lost some steam in 2021.

The team remains a strong contender, though, and I won’t be surprised if Secret has a deep run at TI 10.

The International 10 Dark Horses

Next in line are the TI 10 dark horses. I’m talking about teams that are dangerous and could win the Aegis of the Immortal, but they are not among the most likely champions.

This group includes three Chinese squads: Vici Gaming, Invictus Gaming, and Elephant. That’s hardly a surprise because this is the most competitive region in the Dota 2 pro scene. Every team that makes it to The International Finals is tough and has the talent to fight for the title.

And since I mentioned toughness, it’s time to talk about OG next. You probably know that this team won the last two editions of The International.

On both occasions, OG didn’t enter the tournament as one of the favorites or even as one of the teams in good form. The International 10 is no different.

The squad made some changes in the roster and had a relatively weak year. OG was nowhere near qualifying through the Dota 2 Pro Circuit and many thought the team wouldn’t make the Finals.

Going through the Western Europe Regionals was a nightmare, with teams like OG, Tundra, Nigma, and Liquid fighting for a single spot.

The two-time TI champions managed to overcome all difficulties and made it after all.

The fashion in which OG reached the last stage brings back flashbacks from 2018 and 2019. This team is on another level when it comes to The International and I expect another strong run this year.

The last dark horse is Virtus.pro. The squad finished third after dominating Eastern Europe and looked solid in the Singapore Major too. The guys have been playing together for a while, ever since their VP.Prodigy days.

They have excellent chemistry and I expect a good run in TI 2021. Whether that would be enough for the title is tough to tell.

The International 2021 Sleepers

Anyone else winning The International 10 would be considered a huge surprise at this point. Many teams have talented players, but the consistency and teamwork required to bring the Aegis home are hard to achieve.

I believe that Team Aster, Alliance, and Quincy Crew will have their moments at TI 10.

They have the quality to challenge even the best in the world, but it’s hard to expect a title from them because winning consecutive matches against the top squads would be a huge challenge.

Who’s Going to Win TI 10?

The Dota 2 International is one of the most unpredictable and competitive tournaments in esports. This year won’t be an exception and there’s even a new patch on the horizon that would make it even harder to pick a winner.

And yet, I will give it a shot. I expect a Chinese team to go all the way in 2021. It’s been a while since a squad from this region won the Aegis and all sides this year can do that. With five strong teams present, it’s just the most likely scenario.

PSG.LGD is the best one, but I like Vici Gaming and Invictus Gaming because they won’t be under such huge pressure.

I also leave the door open to another OG title. This team simply can’t be underestimated if you want to bet on The International 2021.

More Dota 2 International 10 Betting Odds

We have plenty of other TI betting odds already, thanks to BetOnline. The sportsbook is one of the best for Dota 2 gambling online, so that’s hardly a shocker.

Let’s check the betting options you have at your disposal and what the latest prices are.

The International 10: Region of the Winner

  • China; (-125)
  • Western Europe; (+200)
  • North America; (+350)
  • Eastern Europe; (+1200)
  • Southeast Asia; (+2000)
  • South America; (+4000)

A pretty straightforward market and I can’t say I’m surprised by the odds. However, there’s an excellent wager hidden in here that deserves your attention.

For some reason, the odds for Eastern Europe are set at +1200, while the individual odds for a win in favor of Virtus.pro that’s part of the region, are under +1000 in most places.

If you want to back this squad, you should bet on Eastern Europe instead. You get a much higher price and the wager would also cover a title for Team Spirit!

TI 10 – Top Chinese Team

  • LGD; (+100)
  • Vici Gaming; (+350)
  • Elephant; (+350)
  • Invictus Gaming; (+550)
  • Team Aster; (+900)

I believe that the bookies are overestimating PSG.LGD a bit here. Sure, this has been the best team in China in 2021, but all of the other squads at The International 2021 are extremely talented.

I don’t see any value in the odds for the favorite and I believe that backing Vici Gaming or Invictus Gaming might be a better idea. The other two teams are dangerous too, but their chances are slimmer.

The International 10 – Top Western European Team

  • Team Secret; (-125)
  • OG; (+130)
  • Alliance; (+650)

The second strongest region in TI 10 has three representatives. Team Secret deserves the favorite tagline based on merit, but I think the odds for OG are excellent.

Let’s not forget what happens with the squad when The International is here. The resilience and togetherness of OG could elevate the side once again, so I won’t be shocked if that’s the best Western European team in the competition.

I have a soft spot for Alliance and this is one of the most entertaining Dota 2 teams in the world. They can beat anyone on their day, but I don’t think that the squad is consistent enough to challenge for the Aegis.

The International 10 – Top North American Team

  • Evil Geniuses; (-667)
  • Quincy Crew; (+380)
  • Undying; (+2000)

I don’t like the odds for Evil Genuises, and I wouldn’t bet on the team, but the price makes sense. This is by far the top squad in North America and the only one that could go all the way at The International 10.

I have no doubts that EG will be the best team from the region, but I think that Quincy Crew could be competitive too. The organization can’t compare with the main favorites, but a decent run is in the cards.

Other Regional Winners

We have TI 2021 betting odds for the other regions too. Let’s begin with Eastern Europe.

Eastern Europe

  • Virtus.pro; (-333)
  • Team Spirit; (+220)

Not much to say here, Virtus.pro is the much stronger squad and I don’t expect any surprises. Spirit might go out of the groups, but the first decent opponent in the knockouts will likely send the side home.

TI 10 – South America

  • Beastcoast; (+100)
  • Thunder Predator; (+100)
  • SG esports; (+900)

I don’t expect wonders from any of the sides and SG esports might be the punching bag of the competition.

Beastcoast and TP should do better because they have gone a long way in the past couple of years. I can’t really decide which of them can go further and that might depend on the draw.

TI 10 – Southeast Asia

  • T1; (-250)
  • Fnatic; (+170)

T1 is certainly the stronger side here and the team might be capable of a decent run at The International 2021. I don’t expect a challenge for the Aegis of Immortal, but it should be enough to go further than Fnatic.

Wrap-Up of The International 10 Betting Preview

I honestly can’t wait for The International 10, it’s going to be a blast for every Dota 2 fan! The community certainly deserves it after the tough two years it has gone through and I’m sure the players are eager to showcase their talents on the biggest stage too.

If you have plans for betting on the 2021 International, you should certainly check our TI gambling guide the team has prepared. It features useful tips on all sorts of betting options offered for the tournament, ranging from general advice for beginners to expert strategies.

In the meantime, feel free to share your own opinion on the latest The International 10 betting odds and the teams that are going to fight for the Aegis of the Immortal in 2021.

Unsure about betting on this event? Check out this introduction to esports betting before you place any bets.

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