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The Bachelor Season 25 Betting Update – Who Will Matt James Marry?

| January 20, 2021 9:34 am PDT
The Bachelor 25 Odds

Season 25 of The Bachelor has pulled no punches. It’s already been a historic run, as Matt James was named the first black Bachelor, and the first episode got started with quite the bang.

Inappropriate and risque? Absolutely, but if season 25 was hoping to push boundaries and be different, it’s certainly accomplished that through just three episodes.

For better or worse, it’s also led to copious amounts of drama, and things didn’t slow down one bit in the most recent episode.

Sarah was at the center of it (because, duh), and it even led to her exit from the show.

On top of those theatrics, The Bachelor also turned up the heat with some hot and heavy readings from the women and James. It was a pretty wild episode and a bit humorous, but it also played a key role in getting us one step closer to the end.

Before the season began, I broke down how and where to bet on The Bachelor season 25. Obviously, the season is already underway, but for general betting advice, I’d still check out that betting guide.

Now that we are a few episodes in, though, we can start thinking about the bigger picture. With entertainment betting sites issuing The Bachelor props, things get even more real.

With all the information we have, let’s take a look at these wagers, the latest The Bachelor odds, and try to figure out how you’ll want to bet.

Will Matt James Marry the Final Rose Winner?


The odds at the top The Bachelor betting websites overwhelmingly favor Matt James not marrying the final contestant in season 25. He’s admitted before that he’s run away from love in the past, too, so perhaps that is built into these odds.

But I’m not buying it. This is a strong crop of committed women, and I’ve seen too many connections between them and Matt to look at this pessimistically.

This is to be taken with a mild grain of salt, seeing as it’s already been teased that five new women will be added to the mix.

That’s bad news for the women that are not on solid ground with James. Well, heck, it’s potentially bad news for everyone.

Still, you can take solace in the fact that there are some terrific options for James, and he’s already hitting it off with a few.

The ladies I’d be circling (with a pencil, mind you) are – in no particular order – are Abigail, Bri, Rachael, and Serena.

Bri and Matt have a seemingly authentic connection over similar upbringings, while Rachael stands out after being heavily featured in episode one – and also connecting with Matt’s spiritual side.

Both Serena and Rachael also got date roses in the last episode, so they may be pulling in the lead.

Of course, things can change quite a bit between now and the end of season 25. So, what you’re looking for is if the women vying for Matt’s heart actually have a shot at convincing him to get down on one knee.

You can’t bet on the actual woman Matt James will marry just yet, but you sure can bet on if he’ll marry the final rose recipient.

There are already some fantastic connections, and five more women are being added to the mix. That could create unwanted chaos, but there is strength in numbers.

All things considered – especially the insane betting value – I’m going with “yes.”

  • Yes

Will Matt James Marry the First Runner-Up?


You know the answer here, as I’m already predicting that Matt James will marry the final woman standing.

James has suggested he has run from love in the past, but in a sit down with Chris Harrison in episode one, he also declared that he was “done running.”

I tend to believe him.

James is going to be a bit tortured in this season, and as Harrison also promises, this is going to be a chaotic, dramatic season – unlike we’ve ever seen.

Maybe it will be, and maybe it also applies to the finale. Who knows?

All I know is it’s incredibly early, so predicting that James won’t marry someone, or that he’ll pick someone and change his mind after, feels like something difficult to wrap our heads around.

Instead, James does feel like a somewhat traditional guy, and if he stays true to his word, I think he goes with the woman he has the best connection with.

I have him marrying the final rose winner, so naturally, you can bet against him marrying the first runner-up.

  • No


It is still very early in season 25 of The Bachelor. As noted, there will be more women added to the mix, and extra drama will always threaten to complicate things.

Sarah is gone, so that’s one problematic candidate removed from the process. “Queen” Victoria is somehow still around, however, so that could always throw a wrench in any bets you plan on making.

Regardless, I already feel pretty good about what I’ve seen out of Rachael.

She’s the leader for me, just because she’s been featured nicely, she seems to have developed a strong connection with Matt, and she got one of the date roses in the most recent episode.

Could Rachael go off the rails or exit the show at the drop of a hat? For sure, and that’s why this is more about the final rose recipient and the runner-up, rather than simply betting on who Matt James will marry.

That prop isn’t even available at The Bachelor betting websites at the moment.

If/when it is, though, you know the women I am singling out, and now you also know that if I had to offer a The Bachelor season 25 prediction, it’d be that Rachael is the last one standing.

But there is a long way to go before anyone can find out who is right. For future updates, odds, and predictions regarding The Bachelor, feel free to bookmark our entertainment betting blog.

For the show itself, tune in to ABC on Monday, January 25th at 7 pm ET for the next episode.

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