Terminology Prop Bets for The Hundred in 2021

| May 7, 2021 9:36 am PDT

The inaugural season of The Hundred has not even kicked off yet, but the new-look cricket tournament has already caused plenty of controversy.

The fresh format will introduce a host of innovations when it gets underway on July 22, not least the 100-ball innings. As it turns out, the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) are not finished making changes.

Last month, the ECB announced that “wickets” would be referred to as “outs” in The Hundred. The organizers are hoping that baseball-style terminology will help attract a new audience and make cricket more accessible.

So, does this mean that more traditional cricket terms will be replaced before the season commences?

In this post, I look at a couple of fun prop bets for The Hundred and discuss which terminologies could be changed or scrapped next.

ONext Terminology to Be Changed in The Hundred

Betway allows us to wager on the next terminology to be changed in The Hundred. Let’s check out the prices.

Below, I discuss five of the most likely terminology changes for The Hundred in 2021.

“Man of the Match” to “MVP” (3.00)

This is arguably the most probable terminology change that The Hundred would introduce next.

The term “MVP” is widely recognized nowadays, meaning it wouldn’t be a massive shock if the ECB decided to replace the “Man of the Match” award with a simpler term.

It is also worth remembering that The Hundred is making a big effort to give the men’s and women’s tournaments equal exposure. With that in mind, it would make a lot more sense to use a gender-neutral phrase.

“Coin Toss” to “Face Off” (9.00)

The concept of the coin toss has already been adapted in different franchise cricket tournaments around the world.

The Australian Big Bash League uses a “bat flip” to determine which side has the right to choose whether to bat or field. Captains choose between “hills or flats” instead of heads or tails.

The bat flip has given the Big Bash a unique identify, so I can see chiefs of The Hundred wanting to adopt their own version of the coin toss.

“Batsman” to “Hitter” (11.00)

Just like the Man of the Match award, the term “batsman” feels a little outdated. In fact, the term “batter” is already used in the women’s game.

Ultimately, the Hundred wants to simplify cricket for newcomers. Calling a batsman a “hitter” wouldn’t be the craziest idea in the world, would it?

“Wide” to “Out of Bounds” (34.00)

Simply put, a “wide” is a delivery that passes outside the legal width of the wicket. If a bowler delivers a wide, the ball will likely be out of the batsman’s (or hitter’s) reach – rendering the delivery illegal.

In my eyes, labelling a wide “out of bounds” makes sense, especially if you’re trying to dumb down the term.

Wide is one of the oldest cricketing terms in the book. However, the powers that be have already proved that they are more than happy to switch things up.

“Square Leg” to “Wide Receiver” (51.00)

I know what you’re thinking – what the hell is a square leg?

Well, square leg is a fielding position that is found square of the wicket on the leg side. Makes sense, right?

Of course, this makes perfect sense to someone who is familiar with the sport. But if you’re a newcomer, you’re not going to have any idea what or where square leg is.

The Hundred could be tempted to change the name of certain fielding positions to simplify the game, so I wouldn’t be surprised if square leg gets a makeover.

Next The Hundred Terminology to Be Scrapped

While more terms are likely to be changed before The Hundred kicks off, some old-fashioned terms could be wiped out altogether.

Here are The Hundred odds for the next terminology to be scrapped.

To be honest, I can’t see many of these terms being scrapped completely, although there are a few that might not make the cut for the inaugural season of The Hundred.

Let’s take a look at some phrases that could get left behind.

Duckworth-Lewis (3.50)

First introduced back in 1997, the Duckworth-Lewis method (D/L) was devised by English statisticians Frank Duckworth and Tony Lewis.

The mathematical formulation is currently used to calculate the target score for the team batting second in a weather-affected match.

The D/L method has often been criticized for being inaccurate, especially when it comes to determining the target score in T20 cricket.

Given that The Hundred is now the shortest format of the game, the D/L method looks set to come under even more scrutiny, meaning the term could be scrapped for the new tournament.

Yorker (9.00)

Personally, I wouldn’t like to see the term “yorker” leaving the game. Having said that, I can understand why The Hundred may opt to drop the phrase.

When it comes to types of delivery, terms like “bouncer” are self-explanatory. But if a TV commentator uses the phrase “yorker”, newcomers to the sport won’t know what that means.

A yorker is a delivery that pitches close to the batter – almost on their toes. If you’re new to cricket, how would you know that?

Wicket Keeper (26.00)

Sure, scrapping the name of the most notable fielding position in the game may seem drastic.

But given that “wickets” have been changed to “outs”, The Hundred may deem it necessary to get rid of the term “wicket keeper”.

This would be a massive shake up, but it is 2021. Stranger things have happened this year.

Betting on The Hundred in 2021

There is no denying that prop bets and specials are always fun. Thankfully, The Hundred is already dishing up some exciting betting opportunities – and the tournament hasn’t even started yet!

Yes, the new format has come in for plenty of criticism recently. Many cricket traditionalists aren’t in favor of the tournament’s modern-day approach, and I can see where they’re coming from.

However, The Hundred wants to reach a wider audience and attract new fans. Are a few tweaks really going to ruin the sport? I don’t think so.

Don’t forget the 2021 season of The Hundred gets underway on July 22, with Oval Invincibles and Manchester Originals clashing on the opening day.

If you’re planning to bet on the inaugural campaign, make sure you check out my season preview. I cover the rules, teams, players, and winner odds for the Hundred in 2021

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