Team Liquid vs. MIBR Betting Preview With Prediction and Pick – DreamHack Masters, May 23rd

| May 23, 2020 1:19 am PDT

Things in Group A of the North American bracket at the 2020 DreamHack Masters tournament are really heating up and Saturday’s crunch matchup between Team Liquid and MIBR will give us a lot of answers.

Captain Stewie2K’s team is really pinned against the wall here and a win today is the only way they can catch the playoffs.

However, their Brazilian opponent will be alert throughout the tie as their heavy defeat against FURIA has made things very uncertain.

My Team Liquid vs. MIBR betting preview for today tries to guide to where the betting value lies. I present an overview of the teams’ recent form and some key stats to consider when placing your wagers.

There is also a free betting pick for you in the end but let’s start with the odds.

Team Liquid vs. MIBR Odds

I have chosen the three main markets from Betway.

Here is how things stand at the moment:

Match Winner

Team Liquid -250
MIBR +175

Maps Handicap

Team Liquid  (-1.5) +115
MIBR  (+1.5) -167

Maps Total

Over 2.5 +100
Under 2.5 -154

Despite Liquid’s poor form at the moment, it’s no surprise that the team is given a huge advantage by the bookmakers.

They have been very successful against MIBR in the past and it’s not like FalleN’s team doesn’t have its own shortcomings.

Let’s check how both organizations have been faring and figure out how to approach the betting angle.

Team Liquid Analysis

The highest-ranked North American team is in definite trouble right now.

Their lackluster performance against underdogs Chaos put them in hot water early on and they didn’t manage to salvage anything but a 16-9 victory on Vertigo against FURIA.

This roster has a big problem at protecting leads right now and their form seems to wane as the crunch rounds approach.

This is no way to navigate through a group that features the top Brazilians outfits and the only hope left is that Liquid’s dominance in the head-to-head department against MIBR can help them elevate their confidence enough to wrap up a vital win here. 

Team MIBR Analysis

FURIA once again proved to be impossible to unlock by FalleN, fer, and TACO.

I predicted that it will once again be very tough for MIBR to withstand their rivals’ firepower and the tie did pan out exactly how I expected it would.

This team simply doesn’t have the resources to tackle such tactics when executed to perfection but their win against Chaos in the second round will give them confidence that they can seal their playoff qualification today.

FalleN’s tactical approach will once again be put under the microscope and the organization will rely on fer and TACO getting their aim right today.

It has mostly happened so far but it does still feel that this team has a higher gear which they can’t seem to move into yet.

Team Liquid vs. MIBR Prediction and Pick

The game will be a huge spectacle, I’m sure of that. Liquid look wounded right now but it’s not the first time they’ve pulled a card out of thin air.

They’ve toppled MIBR the last four times these teams have met and there have been some very heavy beatings in there.

My point is that this is one of the oldest North American derbies so don’t rely too much on recent form. The teams know every little detail about their strategies and skills and it is up to whoever executes their plan better.

I still lean towards Liquid as they can definitely produce when it matters, however, MIBR won’t just lie down.

These games usually go to a third round because of the teams’ careful approach, so I’m once again going with the odds for the Over 2.5 market.

  • Over 2.5

We’ll know a lot more about how this North American Division will pan out after today’s bout. However, this game is hardly the only one to watch out for today.

That is why I have prepared a post presenting my best esports picks for Saturday which includes several crunch matches taking place at different esports tournaments.

You’ll find the latest odds and the reasoning behind my predictions, as well as a list of some of the top rated esports betting sites!

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