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Survivor 41 Odds Update Heading into Episode 7

| October 29, 2021 6:26 am PDT

Episode 5 featured the Ua tribe in the tribal council yet again, sending Genie home. Episode 6 opened with the issues between Shantel and Ricard still lingering.

They were a tight alliance earlier in the show, but it looks like they no longer trust each other.

The merge was the biggest part of this episode, and a lot of changes are forthcoming. We also did not have a tribal council in this episode, so nobody is going home this week.

This season was all about the new twists and turns and episode 6 was a direct mark of that. Let’s get into the new look odds and potential bets for the rest of the season, courtesy of BetUS.

Odds Update After Episode 6 of Survivor 41

Deshawn Radden+200
Heather Aldret+350
Erika Casupanan+500
Tiffany Seely+500
Xander Hastings+1000
Shantel Smith+1000
Evvie Jagoda+1000
Liana Wallace+1500
Naseer Muttalif+1500
Danny McCray+1800
Ricard Foye+1800
Sydney Segal+2200

Now we did not have any major changes in the list besides Genie being eliminated, as this episode was more of a transition one.

With that being said, we still had a lot happen in episode 6, basically flipping this season on its head.

What Happened at the Merge?

Everyone drew a colored rock and revealed which new tribe they would be on. The two new tribes were yellow and blue, while two people drew a grey rock.

The grey rock was a twist which would have their fate decided by the winning tribe. Naseer and Erika were the “unlucky” ones to have their fate put in the hands of others.

Danny, Evvie, Ricard, Sydney, and Deshawn were in the blue tribe and won the challenge.

They earned a proper meal and immunity from the next tribal council. They also had to choose who would join them between Erika and Naseer.

They chose Naseer to join them, while Erika now has to spend two days and two nights on an island by herself.

She did not sound happy about it, while she faces a tough mental challenge ahead of her. She even said she was the least equipped to be able to handle a situation like this.

Here is a deleted scene of her on Exile Island.

Naseer on the other hand, was ecstatic to be eating a feast and being safe with his new tribe.

The New Yellow Tribe

The yellow tribe did not win the challenge, so they went back to their own island with no feast awaiting them.

Xander is the only boy in the yellow tribe, which consists of Liana, Shantel, Tiffany, and Heather. He already looks to be in danger of being voted out, while Tiffany and Liana also seemed at odds with each other as well.

Tiffany is the 4th most favored person on the odds list, but I think she is a bad bet at this point in the game. She seems to get herself into trouble and could be a target if she doesn’t be more careful.

Xander always seems to be in the discussion of being voted out, but he has an extra vote and an immunity idol, so I think there is some really good value there.

Erika’s Big Breakout

This is where episode 6 became one to remember. Erika thought she was left behind being sent to her own island, but little did she know there was a huge surprise coming her way.

Out of nowhere, host Jeff Probst pulls up on a speedboat and meets with Erika. He brings one of the biggest changes in show history with him.

He offers her the chance to go back in time and reverse the outcome of the last challenge. She can leave it how it is, or she can strip the blue team of immunity and give the yellow team immunity instead.

This is a huge decision and a big part of what is going to happen moving forward. We are left on a cliffhanger of Erika’s decision, as episode 7 is going to be a very important one.

Breaking Down Episode 6

This episode was huge, and it appears that nobody is safe.

There was already a bunch of talks between who people would want to vote out and the blue team thought they were safe from elimination. The Luvu tribe was already planning on trying to send her sent home, which could end up coming back around to hurt them.

Erika was already feeling left behind on her own island, so I have a very strong feeling that she is going to change the outcome of the last challenge and give the yellow tribe immunity from next episode’s tribal council.

I feel like since this is such a huge transition in this season, we shouldn’t have anyone favorited heavily.

Deshawn, Heather, and Tiffany do not come at a great price considering how much risk is involved right now.

With how much power Erika has, she now seems to be the favorite moving forward. It has yet to be seen if this huge decision will end up coming back to bite her, as she was not on great terms with some other survivors before.

Was this her big break out, or was this the big decision that will send her home eventually?

With the game about to be taking another turn, I would expect the blue tribe to be the ones at tribal council.

Danny and Deshawn should be a strong alliance going into the vote, while Evvie’s move earlier this season might save her here. Earlier this season she gave Deshawn an extra vote for some safety down the road, and it just might pay off.

I think Ricard and Sydney are in big danger if Erika decides to change the outcome of the last challenge.

Betting on Survivor 41 Moving Forward

I don’t think it is that crazy if you want to hold off on your decision until next week, but that means you risk getting worse odds than you can today.

This episode really leaves us wondering where the game is headed and who is really in the lead. I would recommend betting on someone who either has a nice value, or Erika since she looks to make her big decision. 

For more advice on how to approach the rest of the season, check out our Survivor betting guide below.

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