Survivor 40 Finale Prediction – Who Will Win Winners at War?

| May 12, 2020 10:55 am PDT

The wait to crown a new Survivor champion is nearly over. The top entertainment betting sites — and anyone that has been following the show all season — have pointed to Tony Vlachos as the likely winner.

Going into the final episode of Survivor: Winners at War, nothing has changed.

Sites have been a bit hesitant to drop fresh Survivor odds so close to the reveal, but in the event you can place one final bet, this thing may be worth one final look.

Should odds become available, check out the best Survivor betting websites and then join me as I make my Survivor: Winners at War final predictions to help you make the right bet heading into the finale.

Who Is in the Survivor Finale?

  • Ben Driebergen
  • Michele Fitzgerald
  • Denise Stapley
  • Sarah Lacina
  • Tony Vlachos

And then there were five. Things will get shaken up one more time before the final three are decided, of course, as someone is bound to return from the Edge of Extinction.

Many peg that to be Natalie Anderson, but that remains to be determined. Until that’s officially, though, bettors and fans alike need to consider all the options here.

Even so, the top five listed above are easily the best bets to win Survivor this season. Some are more likely than others, of course. Let’s break down the top favorite, his main threat, and predict who will win Survivor 40.

Ben still has an immunity idol to play, so something catastrophic would have to take place for him to not make the final three.

Top Favorite to Win Survivor 40

It’s Tony Vlachos, and to be frank, it’s been the case basically all season long. I fought Vlachos for weeks, searching high and low for value that was worth your time.

Not that there still isn’t some fun to be had in aiming high, but this seems like a done deal.

Vlachos has fully earned his keep this season. He’s formed strong alliances, he’s won countless immunity challenges, he’s influenced decisions, and he’s found idols to help protect himself.

Even if Vlachos didn’t still have an idol in his back pocket, his alliance and personal ability to keep winning challenges would make him a near-lock to reach the finale.

Tony Vlachos’ Top Challenger

Everyone keeps pointing to fellow cop and alliance mate Sarah Lacina as the main threat to Vlachos, but you need to dream bigger here.

Lacina is a decent bet to make the final three with her pal Vlachos, but she doesn’t hold a candle to him once you start looking at their cases to be voted the winner.

To be frank, nobody really does.

The only contestant that comes close may be Denise Stapley, who I have listed as the main threat for Vlachos for a while now.

Stapley has kept quiet for a few weeks, but she is a true veteran that orchestrated an epic blindside and has proven her worth both strategically and socially. More importantly, she’s survived.

The move she pulled put a massive target on her back, yet here she is, alive and well. Getting to the final won’t be easy, but if she gets there, she’s a serious threat to Vlachos.

Survivor: Winners at War Final Prediction

It’s still possible the Survivor finale has a lot of drama. When you factor in the Edge of Extinction, you just can’t be sure what will go down.

However, Vlachos feels all but certain to make the final three, and once there, this game is as good as his.

Most entertainment betting websites will have Vlachos as a massive favorite, so there is merit in taking a stab at Lacina, Stapley, or anyone else mentioned.

However, if you just want the winner of Survivor season 40, it’s Vlachos, and it’s arguably by a mile.

With season 40 of Survivor locked up in more ways than one, we’ll be turning our sights to other reality TV show competitions. For the latest odds, predictions, and more, bookmark our entertainment betting blog.

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