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Super Bowl 2021 Odds, Early Analysis, Sleepers, and Predictions

| January 22, 2020 2:43 am PDT
Super Bowl 55 Betting - Early Odds and Predictions For Super Bowl 2021

Sometimes the Super Bowl matchup is so perfect that it feels like it never could have been anything else. That seems to be the case going into Super Bowl 54, as the San Francisco 49ers face off with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Andy Reid eyes his first-ever Lombardi Trophy, while one of the most storied franchises in league history in the Niners attempts to get back to glory.

Fans and sports bettors still have just under two weeks to gear up for what should be a terrific game. But the narratives, star power, and this epic matchup of elite offense vs. elite defense makes you wonder what we could be in store for in 2021.

If you’re a pro football nut like me, you’re already looking to next year. Luckily, you’re not alone, as the top NFL sportsbooks have already pushed out Super Bowl 55 early odds.

Let’s take a look at the latest Super Bowl 2021 odds to see where the top sportsbooks are pricing things. From there, we can note the top favorite, spot some elite value, and make some early predictions for Super Bowl 55.

Super Bowl 55 Odds

Your usual suspects rank atop the NFL going into next season. The Chiefs and 49ers should shock nobody as legit Super Bowl 55 threats, but bettors need to be aware that the league has seen a non-Patriots team repeat as champs just seven times.

That’s been even more rare in recent history, as New England is the only NFL team to do that since the Denver Broncos in 1998-99.

It’s also just not often that we see a team even reach the Super Bowl in consecutive years. Since 2000, teams other than New England have accomplished that feat once (Seattle).

Suffice it to say, a different favorite may be worth betting on for the 2021 Super Bowl. Teams like the Patriots with their sweltering +1200 odds, the Saints, and of course the Ravens all stand out.

You can even make a case that the Packers are a flat-out steal at +1600 and could be ready to win it all next year.

Super Bowl 2021 Sleepers

Once you get past the top Super Bowl 2021 favorites, you start getting into sleeper territory. You could argue basically any team priced over +1000 qualifies, but value is always in the eye of the beholder.

I tend to assess true Super Bowl sleepers at +2000 or greater, so that’s where I’ll start my hunt for 2021.

Based on the latest Super Bowl 55 odds at BetOnline, here are the teams that stand out the most going into next year.

Chicago Bears +2500

I loved the Bears as sleeper plays in each of the last two years. One time, they looked en route to a title, and the other, they were still at least competitive.

Hitching their wagon to quarterback Mitch Trubisky could sink them, but Chicago still has a very talented defense and an offense loaded with weapons. If Trubisky finally “gets it” or the Bears upgrade under center, they’ll again be a great value pick to win it all.

Los Angeles Rams +2500

Sports fans and bettors alike are all too often prisoners of the moment. Sean McVay was a genius for his first two years, as his Rams won two NFC West division titles and made a title run just last season.

Suddenly, LA goes 9-7, and he’s a fraud, and the Rams need to brace for major changes. Say what?

I just don’t get any of that, as the Super Bowl hangover tends to be very real, and the Rams really couldn’t help the rapid decline of Todd Gurley’s health. This team will rebuild on the fly, and McVay is too good to allow this team to crumble any further.

Los Angeles remains stacked with talent on both sides of the ball and has elite coaching. They’ll be back in the playoff mix in 2020, and these +2500 Super Bowl odds feel almost criminal.

Philadelphia Eagles +2800

The Eagles are still just two years removed from a magical title run, which happened to be Philly’s first-ever win in the Super Bowl. Nick Foles was the man responsible for that, but this team was at their best with a healthy Carson Wentz the year they won.

Philadelphia finally rallied around Wentz down the stretch in 2019, only to see their fearless leader succumb to a concussion in the first round of the playoffs.

The Eagles need to make adjustments to a weak receiving corps and a leaky pass defense, but the core pieces are there for them to continue to own a weak NFC East.

Buffalo Bills +4000

I’m sure there are other Super Bowl 55 value bets to get excited about, but I’m just noting obnoxious prices for viable title threats (in my opinion). One more could be the Bills, who have a very good defense, a vibrant rushing attack, and good coaching.

Buffalo should have earned their first playoff victory since 1995, but the team collectively blew a 16-0 lead in round one. Part of that was thanks to the blend of both ugly and poetic football from dual-threat passer Josh Allen.

Allen needs to be more consistent for this team to take the next step, but if we’re to believe in New England’s eventual demise, this could be Buffalo’s division to lose.

The Bills have shown over the past few years that they’re committed to winning, and they’re closer than the top sportsbooks seem to think. It’s up to Allen to push them over the hump.

Who Will Win Super Bowl 55?

I hate to keep playing the same record, but I just can’t quit the New Orleans Saints.

Unless we buy into either the Chiefs or 49ers becoming unbeatable dynasties, we can safely assume a new champion will emerge in 2021.

Perhaps it just goes back to default, and it’s the Patriots again. Other contenders like the Rams, Packers, Eagles, and Ravens could also make their way up the NFL mountain.

Everything is pretty tentative right now, of course. Super Bowl 54 still has to play out. Soon after, we’ll dive into NFL free agency, the 2020 NFL Draft, and a summer of speculation.

Odds will change, narratives will be born, and the very best teams will begin to separate themselves from the pack. But I loved the Saints in each of the past two years. Both times, they fell at home in overtime games they probably should have won.

Eventually, the sky will fall, Drew Brees will retire, and Sean Payton’s genius will be headed out of town. But that day hasn’t come yet. Until it does, the Saints offer as much offensive upside as anyone, and they still have a very good defense.

I expect the 49ers to experience a mild decline during 2020, which could pave the way to the Saints finally making me look smart when it comes to my Super Bowl predictions.

Of course, I’m not the only NFL writer that will make Super Bowl 55 picks. Keep an eye out for the latest Super Bowl 2021 odds and expert predictions at our NFL Betting Headquarters.

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