Predicting What Will Happen in Stranger Things Season 5

By Anthony Haage in Entertainment and Novelty
| July 6, 2022 11:14 am PDT
Stranger Things season 5 predictions

Stranger Things has become an enormous franchise over the last couple of years. Each season has been incredible, and their fanbase has skyrocketed since starting in 2016. Six years later, the series is more robust than ever before.

The Netflix special recently came out with Part 2 of Season 4, which included the final two episodes of the season. This season brought our favorite family back together, but it was not easy.

Vecna terrorized the town of Hawkins, Indiana, seeking revenge for what Eleven did to him when they were in Dr. Brenner’s laboratory. He’s been getting stronger in the Upside Down since their initial battle, and Season 4 was when they finally met head-to-head.

El was able to defeat him with the help of her friends, but it was not easy. Vecna also escaped, leaving a significant cliffhanger for the next season.

Once the top entertainment betting sites offer Stranger Things props, you can use my analysis below to make some money. For now, let’s look ahead with my Stranger Things season 5 predictions.

Will Byers to Play a Huge Role in Season 5

The first of our Stranger Things 5 predictions will be centered around Will Byers. Will’s connection to the Upside Down goes back to the show’s beginning, as he was the first person kidnapped by the Demogorgon.

He’s been connected to Vecna ever since then, and we saw it in full effect at the end of Season 4. Before the ash started filling the sky and the volcano-like storm began, Will felt a shiver down his spine.

That should be a subtle form of foreshadowing into Season 5. It’s unclear where Will’s character arc is headed, but one thing’s for sure, it will be massive. His character has been a strong supporter of the group over the last couple of seasons, but he’s set up as one of the main characters this time.

There are a couple of different pathways the Duffer Brothers can go with Will. They can make him turn into a villain, or they can make him a hero.

Will had a rough go of it in Season 4. You couldn’t help but feel awful for him as he helped Mike and El through their relationship issues when he clearly longed to be with Mike the whole time. Being the selfless person that he is, he might be tired of being the nice guy.

Vecna may be able to turn him against his friends due to their connection through the Upside Down. Along with this, Mike and El appear to be in good shape, so Will won’t be able to have Mike to himself for a while.

Mike is also incredibly oblivious to how his lifelong friend is feeling. Will had a full-on meltdown sitting right next to him in the van, and Mike didn’t seem to notice or know how to react.

If Will gives into Vecna and the Upside Down, he might become the most challenging villain for the group of friends to face.

On the other hand, Will could be the hero. He could be like a compass to Vecna and help El find him before he returns stronger than ever before.

If you were wondering how Stranger Things will end, you could expect to see a lot of Will Byers.

The Upside Down Completely Overtakes Hawkins

Upside Down imagery

The Stranger Things finale will be set in the new world that unfolded in the last season. In Season 4, Vecna created four doorways from the regular world into the Upside Down.

Every time he killed one of his victims, it bridged the two worlds together by opening a doorway to the other side. That’s how the band was able to enter the Upside Down and try and kill Vecna themselves.

In the final episode, all 4 of the doorways are connected to each other and the world above. It shredded Hawkins into pieces and took down many houses and people in the process. That shouldn’t be the end of it, though. It’s only the beginning.

The ash falling from the sky and a rapidly growing storm heavily imply that the Upside Down might completely swallow Hawkins. This would create quite the battleground for Vecna to face everyone again.

That would also mean that the town of Hawkins is in trouble, as well as the surrounding areas. Vecna was draining energy from his victims, so imagine how many bodies he has in his arsenal now.

He’s been using the Upside Down as a place to get stronger this entire time, but now it’s going to be taken to the max. At first, it was only the little friend group and a couple of stragglers, but now the whole town is in grave danger.

Add in the fact that he has home-field territory, and things could get dicey for whoever tries to stop Vecna.

The Upside Down was where Vecna became stronger and, as he revealed in Vol. 2, created the powerful Mind Flayer. Now that it’s going to be even bigger than before, who knows what Vecna is capable of.

I can only imagine what the budget costs for Season 5 will be, considering how insane they were for Season 4. It cost an estimated $270 million ($30 million per episode) in Season 4, while Season 5 could take place in the Upside Down almost entirely.

Maybe one of the early Stranger Things 5 predictions is an over/under on the budget costs.

Relationship Predictions for Stranger Things 5

The relationship dynamics are one of the most underrated aspects of the Stranger Things franchise. A handful of relationships are already beautifully done, but there’s still a lot to unfold.

We already mentioned Will’s Season 4 struggles regarding Mike and El’s relationship, but there’s more to it.

There were multiple times in Season 4 where Will was the one to step up and save Mike and El’s relationship, all while wanting to be with Mike himself. Will is in a challenging position as a friend of both, but he’s also fighting his true feelings.

Another touching scene in Season 4 was when Jonathan told Will he always has his back as his big brother. Will broke down because that was essentially the first time someone said they would be there for him when he is always the one to assure his friends that he would have their back.

Jonathan’s relationship with Nancy is also very tough to predict. They spent a lot of time apart in the timeline between seasons 4 and 5, which took a toll on their relationship.

Jonathan still hasn’t told Nancy about not going to the same college with her, setting up quite the fight in the future. Jonathan asked if they were good in last season’s finale, while Nancy’s response wasn’t too convincing.

Add in the fact that Steve heavily implied that he still has feelings for Nancy, and you have quite a predicament.

It could go either way, but it looks like Nancy is leaning towards breaking up with Jonathan and getting back together with Steve. One of the props that were available for last season had to do with who Nancy would kiss first.

Stancy/Jancy could make for another one of the Stranger Things Season 5 predictions to bet on.

Lucas will be waiting for Max to awake from her coma, so you can only imagine the pain he is going through. It is also unclear whether or not Max is conscious within her coma so she may be silently suffering as well.

Hopper and Joyce’s relationship has been incredible and is reaching new heights. Everything is going well for them, and I’m excited to see their relationship progress.

What Will Vecna’s Next Move Be?

Although El defeated Vecna, Vecna was still able to escape. They came to confirm the spot where his body landed, but it wasn’t there. Due to his injuries inflicted by El, it is safe to assume he will be hiding in the shadows before he’s ready to fight again.

The last time this could have happened was when he created the Mind Flayer. It would not be surprising to see Vecna create an army of villainous monsters this time, given that he couldn’t defeat El himself.

El wasn’t even at her full strength, as she just got her powers back before leaving to help her friends. Dr. Brenner warned her she was not ready for the fight, and perhaps he was correct. She could also learn about new abilities, considering how she was able to heal Max after her near-death experience (well, to an extent).

That said, it took an enormous effort to defeat the Mind Flayer and Vecna separately. Vecna could try to create another monster comparable to the Mind Flayer or revive him to fight by his side this time.

The group barely made it out fighting the Mind Flayer and Vecna individually, but fighting them simultaneously would undoubtedly give the bad guys a better chance of winning.

We also met the demobats in Season 5, which unfortunately killed our beloved Eddie. Eddie went out in a dramatic hero effort, even though he didn’t have to sacrifice himself.

Check out these freak show monsters to get an idea of what kind of have been in the story so far:

The whole Upside Down and Hawkins have now meshed together, so the monsters are released into the real world. They could feast on civilians and become way more vigorous than before.

Vecna could also go behind enemy lines with Will and Max. Will’s connection to the Upside Down could be a pathway for Vecna, and Vecna was milliseconds away from killing Max. He’s basically in the back of both of their minds, which could be how he takes over.

You aren’t alone if you’re wondering how the Stranger Things series will end. There are so many different things that the Duffer Brothers can do at this point. One thing is for sure, though, Vecna will be stronger than ever.

Who Will Die in Stranger Things Season Five?

Max from Stranger Things

We have made it through every season with the core cast still intact. Max made things close in Season 4’s finale, but I think she has a good chance of returning. Hopper has also had a good amount of near-death experiences himself.

With that being said, the core group tends to survive. However, if we look back throughout the show’s history, we’ll find that the new characters in each season tend to die.

Technically everyone was new in Season 1, but Barb wasn’t one of the core members of the cast. That could have changed if she survived the Upside Down, but sadly that wasn’t the case.

Bob was a good guy but couldn’t make it out of Season 2. Billy was not a good guy initially, but he had an amazing redemption moment in the next season. Alexia was another very likable new character but died in Season 3. Finally, in Season 4, Eddie became one of the most likable characters in the show’s history, but that wasn’t good enough to keep him alive either.

We don’t know if new characters will be added to the story now, but I would try not to get too emotionally invested in them, considering the pattern.

Hopper in Season 3 and Max’s current state seem to be the closest we have gotten to a near-death from one of the core members of the cast. Now that we are entering the Stranger Things finale, we might start to see some of those cast members die.

I would say El is the most likely one to die, given that she’s the main target of Vecna. El’s fight with Vecna will be deadly, and there’s a chance neither of them will make it out alive.

Steve and Hopper tend to be very heroic, indicating a high likelihood of dying. We might see another Eddie-like sacrifice, but this time from one of our favorite characters.

Will and Max’s connection to the Upside Down and Vecna could also be a severe threat to them.

Given the fact that Vecna can reach into the minds of basically anyone he wants, you can’t really say anyone is safe. Even poor Dustin was hobbling around like a wounded animal at the end of last season.

The Stranger Things Season 5 death odds will be available soon, so keep an eye out for those. Also, check out our entertainment betting tips and strategies if you need some more guidance.

Betting on What Happens in Stranger Things Season 5

Stranger Things graphic

We are still quite a long way until Season 5 of Stranger Things is released.

The usual time in-between seasons is around two years, so we likely won’t see Season 5 until 2024. There’s also a confirmed time jump by the Duffer Brothers, which should correct the age gap between the actors and the characters they play.

For example, next season, Joe Keery will be around 32 years old.

My Stranger Things Season 5 predictions could be way off, considering the number of directions the show could go in. The Duffer Brothers tend to keep the audience on their toes, but that is also part of the fun of attempting to guess their break-neck twists and turns.

It’s going to be hard for the directors to top their scene with Eddie playing the Master of Puppets for me, but I’m still excited to see where it all ends up.

Betting on your Stranger Things ending prediction should be available in the coming months on the top entertainment betting sites. So be sure to create an account and regularly check on them to see if the odds become available.

The only thing we can do for now is make our Stranger Things 5 predictions and wait, which is the sad part. Luckily, there are plenty of other entertainment betting markets to take advantage of right now. I’ll leave you with a couple below.



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