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Soccer World Cup Group C: Round 1 Preview and Betting Picks

| June 15, 2018 12:00 am PDT
Group C Preview Round 1

France will be the team to watch in Group C of the 2018 soccer World Cup. The squad is packed with talent and has a great chance of taking the trophy home.

This is why it’s interesting to see how France will start their adventure in the game against Australia. Elsewhere in the group, Peru and Denmark will play against each other in a match that will be crucial in the fight to progress to the last 16.

In fact, this is the key game I selected in my Group C betting preview, as France seems certain to progress as group winners, and the second-place position will be contested by the other three teams.

But enough of the future. Let’s take a look at the current games and see if there are good betting options for round 1. And of course, I will add my suggestion for the BetVictor Million Pound Bet at the end.

France – Australia

Here are the main odds for this opening game of Group C.

France to Win1.25
Australia to Win13.00
Under 2.5 Goals2.00
Over 2.5 Goals1.80

The bookies obviously see France as the overwhelming favorite in this game, and there’s no surprise in that. You will struggle to find any position where the country doesn’t have at least one or two top players.

The whole squad screams balance, and we saw that on the road to the World Cup. France is more than capable of defending for a couple of reasons. Hugo Lloris is a great goalkeeper, and there’s a lot of quality in defense and some hard-working midfielders who are happy to shield the back line.

At the same time, the creative talent in the middle of the park and up front is one of the best in the World Cup. In fact, I believe one of the challenges of coach Didier Deschamps would be to rotate the players and get the maximum of everyone.

The only aspect where Australia can compare to France is the team spirit. The Aussies are always exciting because of their desire, and I love watching their games during World Cup finals.

There’s a lot of passion in this team that has often allowed them to overcome better opposition. I don’t think this will be the case here, though.

Their defense is all right and might hold firm against some of the other teams in this group, but not France.

A lot of the best players of Australia are past their prime, and the new generation is still too young and lacks experience.

I expect the country to try and keep it tight at the back and possibly score from a set piece. This is the only viable game plan, but the chances for success are slim because France simply has too much.

Prediction and Betting Picks

I certainly believe France will win this match, but a price of 1.25 seems fair and doesn’t contain a lot of value, at least in my opinion. This is why I will skip this betting market and take a look at the other options.

The over 2.5 goals seems like the better choice at 1.80 because France could easily cover that total themselves. Also, Australia could manage to snatch a goal from a corner or late in the game if the European team is winning comfortably.

I usually don’t like picking overs in the first round of the World Cup, as the pressure is high and many teams keep it tight, but I will make an exception.

France should easily score at least 2 goals in this game, probably more, and Australia could also add to that tally. My correct score prediction would be 3-1 for France.

PICKOver 2.5 Goals1.80

Peru – Denmark

Let’s see the main odds for this game first.

Peru to Win3.30
Denmark to Win2.40
Under 2.5 Goals1.60
Over 2.5 Goals2.30

This is one of the most important games in Group C of the World Cup, as I recognize Peru and Denmark as the two teams who will be fighting for the second place in the last 16.

It will be the first game in World Cup finals for Peru since 1982, and the whole country is lifted for the first round. On top of that, Peru received a huge boost when suspended striker and skipper Paolo Guerrero was cleared to play in the tournament.

As a result, I think this is one of the countries that will have an exceptional team spirit, and this is always important in the World Cup.

Of course, Peru has the squad to back that up on the pitch as well. There aren’t as many shiny names as other nations from South America, but the system is working. The team relies on hard work and strong defense combined with quick transitions to counter attacks whenever possible.

You could see the results from that in the friendlies before the World Cup, as Peru hasn’t lost a game in 2018. In fact, the country conceded just once facing the likes of Sweden, Croatia, Iceland, and Scotland.

I expect more of the same in Russia, as Peru has the means to protect the goal and find enough openings at the other end. In fact, I believe Denmark will struggle to find the net in this opening game.

The Scandinavian team has scored only 3 goals in their last 4 games. They are heavily dependent on the form of Christian Eriksen. His job at club level is predominantly to create chances, but he is required to also score for his country. Denmark simply doesn’t have enough quality strikers, and this will be a problem in Russia.

However, there are no concerns about the defense. The team only conceded 8 times in 10 games during the qualifications to the World Cup finals, and no one has scored against Denmark in 2018.

By the looks of it, this game will be very tight, and a single goal could make the difference at the end.

Prediction and Betting Picks

Both Peru and Denmark are masterful in defense but struggle to score. The most logical choice under those circumstances is the under 2.5 goals pick.

The price of 1.60 is just enough to make sense, in my opinion, so I will take it. I would say that a goalless draw is highly likely, so a small bet on a correct score of 0-0 at odds of 7.50 or so is also a good idea.

PICKUnder 2.5 Goals1.60

BetVictor Million Pound Bet

It’s time to take a shot at the grand jackpot of BetVictor, and I think you already will have an idea what would be my choice today. The 7.50 for Peru and Denmark not to score is an excellent base, so let’s see what the final wager is.

  • Correct score 0-0
  • Over 11.5 corners
  • Peru over 1.5 cards

You already know my opinion on the goals in this game, so I won’t talk about that. As for the corners, the direct style of both teams when it comes to attacking could lead to a lot of corners.

Also, Denmark relies on the good deliveries of Christian Eriksen, and the set pieces are something the country is actively playing for.

At the same time, Peru can be a bit dirty at times, so I could see two of their players getting booked at some point of the game.

Overall, these three selections return a juicy price of 35.00, which is certainly a decent choice for the BetVictor Million Pound Bet.

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Final Words

I like this group and will probably enjoy all of the games. Each team has something to offer. France is mostly about quality football, Australia has the spirit, and Peru and Denmark rely on solid, tactical soccer.

The first round will be crucial for the chances of each team, and it’s interesting to see what happens. Hopefully, we can make some money in the process.

As always, don’t hesitate to share your own thoughts on the games in the comments section.

Good luck!

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