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Sleeper Picks to Consider Betting on for the 2021 Emmys

| August 11, 2021 5:51 am PDT

The 2021 Emmy Awards are closing in. Everyone is talking about the return of pro football, but entertainment fans are fawning over the hardware that will be handed out come September 19th, 2021.

Some big names in television will be disappointed, but there will be a lot of happy performers who finally get paid their due. If you haven’t brushed up on all things Emmys related, be sure to get your feet wet with a look at the biggest snubs and surprises from the 2021 Emmys nominations.

Those are the shocking inclusions and most despicable snubs, but the show must go on. The top entertainment betting sites have had Emmys odds available for quite some time now, and the clock is ticking for bettors.

It’s easy to spot the favorites by now, but their pricing is egregious for the most part. That brings value into the discussion, and anyone looking to bet on the 2021 Emmys will want a dart throw or three.

With that, here are my favorite Emmys sleepers for 2021, and why they just might be worth a bet.

William H. Macy to Win Best Actor in a Comedy Series (+1200)

Blasphemy! I know, Jason Sudeikis is the rightful favorite for his affable turn as the titular character in Ted Lasso, and he’s an overwhelming -2000 favorite at the best Emmys betting sites.

However, things go wrong at award shows, and upsets do happen. Just look back at some of the biggest Emmys upsets in history.

I don’t know if I see Sudeikis losing here, but at -2000, you certainly aren’t piling all of your cash on him to win, either. I mean, you’re literally getting back just $100 for every $2,000 you put on the line.

Given the odds of him winning, you probably should either fade this bet, or go big elsewhere.

That brings Macy to the table, seeing as Shameless is coming to an end, and he’s yet to be properly praised for his self-deprecating performance over the past 11 years.

Macy’s upset would be more of the “overdue” variety, and it absolutely would be shocking. Shameless hasn’t exactly hit it out of the park in recent seasons.

After scoring 70% or (far) better in each of its first eight seasons, this is how it graded out over its last two:

  • Season 10 (20%)
  • Season 11 (67%)

Season 10 was one to forget, but the rebound last year has Macy back in the picture when it comes to betting on the Emmy Awards. Macy has done some fine work, and he probably should have taken home an Emmy for this role by now.

Because he hasn’t – and because the odds are to die for – Macy remains a value bet worth considering.

Jonathan Majors to Win Best Actor in a Drama Series (+1200)

I suppose you could also toss in Majors’ creative vehicle (Lovecraft Country) in the mix to win Best Drama. However, attempting to take down a -1200 favorite like The Crown is quite the tall order.

At least Majors has some semblance of a chance, as The Crown’s Josh O’Connor (-200) isn’t such an overwhelming favorite at the top entertainment betting sites.

Billy Porter (+275) and Rege-Jean Page (+400) are the next actors in line here. They have better odds, and their shows have a bit more recognition.

Still, Majors takes us on an unforgettable journey in Lovecraft Country, marrying fantasy, horror, and drama.

Majors is seemingly just one piece to this beautifully dark series (88% on Rotten Tomatoes), but he’s undeniably the glue that holds it all together.

A win here could start to reshape how the Emmys honor acting, especially since nobody among the nominees for this category walked through the fire quite like Majors.

Ewan McGregor to Win Best Actor in a Limited Series/Movie (+900)

What are we even doing here? The favorite for this category (Paul Bettany) is getting the nod for a Marvel series on Disney Plus, and two of the other four contenders are from Hamilton.

Hamilton, as in the Broadway play that literally already won a ton of Tony awards back in 2016.

I don’t really get why it’s back in the running for anything, so if you ask me, we’re tossing out Leslie Odom Jr. and Lin-Manuel Miranda. Not because they weren’t great (they were), but because they’ve had their time in the sun.

Hugh Grant (+125) is a fine challenger, and Bettany was a bit more emotionally complex in WandaVision than anyone probably figured he’d be. But McGregor has to be the most deserving actor in this category.

McGregor dazzled as iconic fashion designer Halston, while taking viewers on a delirious jaunt through an uncontainable era.

To capture his fashion expertise, McGregor pained over the most minor details, and it showed in his performance.

Mapping out a wild and turbulent life under the microscope made the series itself plenty interesting, but this award is about brilliance in acting.

McGregor isn’t the obvious choice, but his ability to get lost in the chaos in Halston – convincingly so – makes him a sleeper bet worth considering.

Cynthia Erivo for Best Actress in a Limited Series/Movie (+1200)

To be totally fair, this award is almost certainly going to Kate Winslet (-150 betting favorite at BetOnline) or Anya Taylor-Joy (+150).

Winslet was stripped down in the methodical and weaving Mare of Easttown, while Taylor-Joy enjoyed a breakout performance as an off-the-rails chess master in The Queen’s Gambit.

I would imagine Taylor-Joy wins at this point, but there is a reason these two are priced so closely. It probably doesn’t leave much wiggle room for a third actress to crash the party, but it’s at least arguable one is deserving.

That’s none other than Cynthia Erivo, who has already established herself as a rising star in Hollywood thanks for riveting turns in Harriet and The Outsider.

Erivo took over the reins of the latest Genius installment, breathing exceptional life into Aretha Franklin.

Playing the Queen of Soul isn’t easy, but it’s even harder to become the legendary singer. Erivo accomplished that.

Not only did Erivo smash the role, but she brought power and sass with her own impressive vocals. It’s a wonder why she doesn’t have better odds to win at the 2021 Emmys.

Betting on the Emmy Awards in 2021

For the most part, Emmys sleepers aren’t the way to go when betting on the 2021 Emmy Awards.

The above Emmys value bets do stand out for a few reasons, but it does feel like the top favorites are already running away with their specific categories.

It’s why I broke down the most likely winners for the 2021 Emmys, because price changing aside, they all just felt like slam dunks.

Not much has changed. If anything, their respective Emmys odds only got worse for bettors.

In other words, if you were going to bet on the favorites, the ship has sailed as far as getting a big return on your investment goes.

At least these 2021 Emmys sleepers give you someone else to root for, and a little upside to potentially tap into.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t value to be had at the Emmy Awards in 2021. You’ll just need to pick your spots and embrace the idea of major favorites taking home the hardware.

If you plan on betting on the 2021 Emmys, consider these value bets, and also brush up on the event with a look at our Emmys betting guide.

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