Seattle Seahawks’ Chances of Winning Super Bowl 55 – Odds, Analysis, and Prediction

| May 23, 2020 1:40 am PDT

The Seattle Seahawks exceeded expectations in 2019, and had week 17 gone differently, they could have had an amazing year.

They still did, of course. Russell Wilson powered an 11-5 finish that very nearly included sweeping the 49ers and winning the NFC West.

Not being able to accomplish the latter forced Seattle to go down a treacherous playoff path — one that ended bitterly in a failed rally in Green Bay.

No matter, as the Seahawks are used to fighting against it and will look to defy the odds again in 2020.

With Russell Wilson leading the charge, this remains a team everyone needs to watch out for. Can he do enough to lead Seattle back to the Super Bowl, though?

Let’s explore Seattle’s latest title odds and decide how likely a title run is for the team this season.

Seahawks’ 2021 Super Bowl Odds

  • BetOnline (+2500)
  • Bovada (+2000)
  • (+2500)
  • (+2200)

BetOnline is still the best site to bet on the Seahawks to win it all this year. Only offers the same Super Bowl odds, and it’s arguable BetOnline is the superior option for bettors.

Other sites aren’t that far off, but perhaps Seattle fans will pay attention to that more than anyone looking to bet on the Super Bowl.

The reason? Bovada, for one, gives the Seahawks a better shot at winning it all this year.

It remains to be seen which sportsbook is closer in that regard, but there are arguments that could pull you either way. Look at both sides of this debate before placing your final bets.

Why the Seahawks Can Win Super Bowl 55

Russell Wilson is a menace. The dual-threat passer is an agent of chaos and routinely orchestrates flawless game plans or resurrects his dead offense for late-game rallies.

Wilson only knows winning, and in 2019, he dropped 30+ touchdowns for the third straight season. For whatever reason, he continues to get zero looks in the NFL MVP race.

Perhaps Wilson changes that narrative in 2020, as the guy simply wills his team to wins, and the sky’s the limit for an offense featuring Tyler Lockett, D.K. Metcalf, and Greg Olsen.

Seattle has the ability to be incredibly balanced, too, as evidenced by the league’s fourth-best rushing attack a year ago. Defensively, the Seahawks lack a major punch but are far from a garbage unit.

If the Seahawks can run the ball, be a bit better defensively, and Wilson keeps working his magic, the Seahawks will probably be playoff bound. Once in, anything can happen.

Why the Seahawks Won’t Win Super Bowl 55

The major issue with Seattle is that they’re built in a fashion where they require Russell Wilson to bail them out on a regular basis.

They can still make big plays and run the ball, but the reliance on Wilson stepping up and saving them can be a killer at times.

If he keeps doing it, it’s not really a death sentence. However, that style didn’t work early in a playoff loss to the Packers, and a late rally fell short.

Seattle’s defense also leaves a lot to be desired. Jadeveon Clowney’s return is needed, but that isn’t a guarantee. Without him, a pass rush that tied for 29th in the NFL could (gulp) be even worse.

Wilson alone keeps the Seahawks relevant, but the ancillary pieces around him aren’t as supportive as they need to be for Seattle to be considered among the elite.

Will the Seahawks Win Super Bowl 55?

Surprisingly enough, the Seahawks were very efficient on offense in 2019.

They ranked sixth in weighted offense per Football Outsiders, they had one of the best running games in all of football, and Wilson played a hand in the 11th-most big plays through the air in the entire league.

The Seahawks are plenty good. Unfortunately, their defense is far from its Legion of Boom days, and Wilson’s amazing talent is often used as a crutch.

This team has basically become what the Packers had been with Aaron Rodgers. Green Bay realized last year — and even more so this year based on their draft — that winning solely by the hand of their star quarterback wasn’t the best route to success.

Seattle having to go on a title run out of the loaded NFC West makes it even tougher to buy them as Super Bowl threats. I won’t ever actively bet against Russell Wilson, but the Seahawks don’t look like a great title bet given their clear flaws.

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