San Francisco 49ers’ Chances of Winning Super Bowl 55 – Odds, Analysis, and Prediction

| May 22, 2020 1:39 am PDT

The San Francisco 49ers looked the part of a team on the rise going into the 2020 NFL season. I had them pegged as the favorite to win the NFC West, but I certainly didn’t anticipate a Super Bowl run.

John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan built a gem, though, and that’s precisely what the Niners pieced together. Up 20-10 in the fourth quarter, the Niners collapsed and handed Kansas City a championship.

This team does have amazing leadership and is stacked on both sides of the ball, but do they have the resolve to get over that loss and avoid the Super Bowl hangover?

Nobody can know just yet, but the top Super Bowl betting sites do keep the Niners among the top title threats. Let’s take a look at San Francisco’s Super Bowl 55 odds and whether or not bettors can trust them in 2020.

49ers’ 2021 Super Bowl Odds

  • BetOnline (+1200)
  • (+800)
  • Bovada (+850)

The pricing for the Niners is different depending on where you look, but they’re still among the best bets at nearly every sportsbook online.

Of the best options, BetOnline offers the most bang for your buck, and that’s with San Francisco still coming in with the fourth-best Super Bowl odds.

It’s hard to shake the logic, either. On paper, the 49ers are still supposedly the team to beat in the NFC West, and they may even still be the class of the NFC.

Will that all hold up once the NFL playoffs start? To decide that, let’s take a look at both sides of this debate.

Why the 49ers Can Win Super Bowl 55

Because they nearly just did. Kyle Shanahan has now twice implemented fantastic game plans, built big leads, and watched them fade away.

Shanahan mismanaged both Super Bowls he’s run offenses in, but he also got there and put his team in position to win those games initially. He’s a huge reason — not to mention his specific desire to overcome these collapses — why the Niners remain a threat.

San Francisco is a real handful in the trenches in every capacity. Their running game ate people alive in 2019 and could get even better. Their pass defense limited big plays, put pressure on the quarterback, and was typically rather stingy.

The 49ers even have a loaded arsenal of weapons for their passing game, which Jimmy Garoppolo has flashed an ability to put to good use.

As a whole, the Niners have every single attribute needed to go the distance. They just need to get back to the big game and find a way to finish the job.

Why the 49ers Won’t Win Super Bowl 55

I don’t even know if the 49ers will win the NFC West. Maybe I’m aiming high here, but I have the Cardinals taking first in my 2020 NFC West betting preview.

Arizona played the Niners very well last year, and this division as a whole is loaded. Seattle very nearly swept the 49ers last year, and the Rams aren’t exactly a bad team.

The easiest way for the 49ers to fail in their bid to win it all is to have a really tough time in a difficult division. That may very well happen, and it’s at least something this writer is predicting.

One other issue is the presence of the Saints, as well as the fact that the Packers, Cowboys, and a few other teams could be better.

Fundamentally, of course, the Niners are far from flawed. However, their weak link was exposed in the playoffs. If Jimmy Garoppolo is forced to win postseason games again, the 49ers could continue to miss the mark.

Will the 49ers Win Super Bowl 55?

I have the Chiefs repeating, so probably not. Can they, though? Of course.

San Francisco probably should have held on for their sixth championship last year, but much like every other team that faced the Chiefs in the playoffs last year, they failed to kick Kansas City when they were down.

Jimmy G continues to be the main reason why I won’t pull the trigger on the 49ers. Everything else checks out, though. It’s still possible the NFC West is theirs to lose, and even if it’s not, they should lock up a playoff spot and give teams hell in the postseason.

But the NFC is getting nastier. Tom Brady is here, people are doubting Aaron Rodgers, and Drew Brees is slowly becoming a bit of an afterthought.

It’s dangerous to treat the Niners in a similar manner, but teams also tend to have a tough time getting back to the Super Bowl in successive seasons.

Perhaps the Niners need to take a tiny step back before they can go win it all in 2022.

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