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Ryan Gallagher and Other Early Contenders to Win The Voice Season 19

| October 21, 2020 11:05 am PDT
7 Early Contenders to Win The Voice 2020

Season 19 of The Voice is finally back, with the first two episodes of the famed Blind Auditions in the books. Seventeen artists have already seen chairs turn for them, with every coach landing at least four singers.

Kelly Clarkson leads the charge with five performers on her team, which could give her the leg up as she and the rest of the coaches try to dethrone Blake Shelton.

It’s a tall order, as Shelton is arguably the biggest star on the show, and monopolizes the country music genre, as well as its entire fan base. He also is the winningest coach in the show’s history, and he happens to have some very intriguing talent on his team already.

Is Shelton ready to produce yet another winning act in season 19, or should entertainment bettors be looking for the winner of The Voice on another team?

There’s no doubt it’s way too early to know. The Voice betting websites aren’t even offering wagers yet, and probably won’t until the initial field is complete.

It’s fun to think about which singers may be early contenders to win The Voice season 19, however. Of the 17 singers that are officially on the show’s roster, here are the performers I think have the best shot at going the distance this season.

Tamara Jade – Team Legend

The first performer for the season 19 Blind Auditions, Jade stood out immediately for her eclectic style, which combines stellar power, elite versatility, and loads of confidence.

Seriously, Jade smashed Lizzo’s “Cuz I Love You” and made it her own.

This is pretty exceptional talent, when you can confidently take a superstar’s song and offer your own spin. Jade has all of the tools, swagger, and personality to be a serious threat to win season 19 of The Voice.

She also landed in the perfect situation, as John Legend is probably best equipped to mold her exceptional gift going forward. If you plan on betting on The Voice this year, don’t leave Tamara Jade out of your singer pool.

Ian Flanigan – Team Blake

The Voice is supposed to be about finding that one undeniable voice that just reigns supreme, so we absolutely need to consider Ian Flanigan.

A family man pursuing his dream as he travels the country during a global pandemic, Flanigan ups the ante with a grizzly tone unlike any we’ve ever heard.

Flanigan offered a very unique take on Zach Brown Band’s “Cold Weather” and his special tone did not disappoint.

Before the first episode kicked off, I offered some The Voice season 19 betting tips, and one of them was to keep an eye on Blake Shelton, who has won more than any other coach. He’s as dangerous as ever this season, as he landed Flanigan’s seasoned vocals.

John Holiday – Team Legend

The first episode of The Voice season 19 was capped off by the brilliant John Holiday, who had a beautiful, piercing voice that shocked some of the judges.

Why? Well, see for yourself.

Yes, that seamless voice with an opera quality that flows effortlessly? It was coming from a man.

Holiday is a truly unique talent, and it will be interesting to see how he can stretch himself out under a powerhouse coach like John Legend. If The Voice odds were out, I’d be a little shocked if Holiday wasn’t in the top-10 already.

Cami Clune – Team Legend

Let’s just stick with Team Legend, as the versatile artist has himself quite an eclectic and powerful group in the early stages.

Another major threat in his roster is Cami Clune, who earned an instant chair turn the second she started singing.

Clune’s rendition of Bon Iver’s “Skinny Love” wasn’t just flawless. It had emotional depth, and was poetry in motion.

Hats off to Bon Iver, to be sure, but Clune made this song her own, and corralled the coach’s interest instantly. Her smooth tone and fluid singing style give her a real shot at making a deep run in this competition.

Liam St. John – Team Gwen

Gwen Stefani narrowly found a way to snag one of the 7 early contenders to win The Voice. I am not a big fan of the team Gwen Stefani is putting together so far, but she found a way with Liam St. John.

In fairness, it’s really not her fault. She’s going up against bigger names when you look at the coaches, and that’s caused her to lose some very interesting singers.

Not this time, as Stefani snagged a potential gem in Liam St. John. Just check out his incredibly fresh take on “Sex and Candy”.

I’m getting legit Gavin DeGraw vibes here, as well as ridiculous artistry. St. John is going to be the mother of all sleepers to win The Voice this year.

Sid Kingsley – Team Legend

We can go back to John Legend’s squad, as he is unfairly building a dominant group. I’ll cap his roster off with Sid Kinglsey, who made the daring decisions to take on a Bob Dylan classic.

Kingsley still delivered, as his old school turn, gritty vocals, and the sprinkling in of a piano gave viewers a fresh take on “Don’t Think Twice, it’s All Right”.

Obviously this approach was unlike any other rendition of Dylan’s hit, but it was refreshing, and put Kingsley’s snarly tone and musical talent on full display.

The Voice is about vocals, but it’s also about pure artistry. Kingsley offers both.

Ryan Gallagher – Team Kelly

Lastly, we have Ryan Gallagher, who owned the stage in his rendition of Celine Dion’s “The Prayer”. It was certainly an interesting song for an audition, but Gallagher smoked it with precision.

A true opera talent, Gallagher has serious power and elite control, as well as a feathery tone. Kelly Clarkson lucked out here, as she stole perhaps the favorite to win The Voice season 19.

Of all of the 7 early contenders to win The Voice, Gallagher is by far the most unique through two episodes of the Blind Auditions.

If you find a site to bet on The Voice anytime soon, don’t be shocked if he ends up being listed as one of the early favorites.

Who Will Win The Voice Season 19?

I have slightly less than half of the opening auditions looking like legit threats to win season 19 of The Voice.

There are still more Blind Auditions episodes to come, and we have to get through various rounds of the show even after that.

As we march forward, I’ll also look to hand out some The Voice sleepers, double down on my favorite bets to win, and offer The Voice predictions, as well.

If you are looking for advice as to who will win The Voice season 19, my early pick is Ian Flanigan. There are probably better pure artists and more versatile performers, but his voice is already iconic.

He’s also teaming up with Blake Shelton, while Shelton and John Legend appear to have the most stacked rosters so far. Flanigan is my pick through two episodes, but even if I’m wrong, this year’s winner is probably coming from one of those two teams.

It’s crazy early in the process, though. The Voice 2020 betting isn’t even available at most entertainment betting sites right now.

That said, once those props are available and you can bet on who will win The Voice, these 7 early contenders to win The Voice look like a great place to start.

For more updates, the latest odds, and predictions, check out our entertainment betting blog.

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Noah Davis

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