Ruby Rose Out – Who Will Play the Next Batwoman?

| May 25, 2020 4:39 am PDT

Batwoman season two was given the green light back in January. A wild pandemic has slowed Hollywood to a screeching halt, but that hasn’t prevented some development from the hit CW show.

Sadly, it’s not the type of progress fans were hoping for.

With news that lead actress Ruby Rose would be exiting the series, Batwoman fans suddenly have to be worried about the future of the series.

It’s still going forward, but if Rose isn’t donning the suit and cape, who will?

The options are endless, with the caveat that the character (who openly identifies as lesbian) be played by an actress from within the LGBTQ community.

What the actual limitations are for interested actresses are — and who makes the studio’s shortlist — nobody knows. All we know is that one of the biggest superhero shows on television is looking for a new lead.

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So, who will play the next Batwoman? Here are five actresses that seem like logical fits.

Ellen Page

It’s unclear if the next Batwoman star has to be a lesbian or if they simply can be part of the LGBTQ community, or mere supporters. Whatever the case, Ellen Page would qualify.

Page came out as gay in 2014 and is also one of the best actresses in Hollywood. She’s much smaller than Rose, but she honestly seems tougher, and we’ve seen her flex her action star muscle in X-Men: Days of Future Past and Super.

It’s clear Page has an affinity for superhero material, while she’s also not too big for the small screen. Having starred in The Umbrella Academy and Tales of the City recently, Page is a very real threat to take the Batwoman baton.

Cara Delevingne

If Hollywood prefers the next Batwoman actress to be younger, they could try to land Delevingne. Never shy about her sexual preference (bisexual), Delevingne just got out of a public relationship with Ashley Benson.

While Delevingne would fit the criteria of someone in the LGBTQ community, she also is one of the best young actresses in Hollywood.

Delevingne has the size and youth of a superhero star, while she’s also dabbled in this genre with roles in Suicide Squad and Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.

Lady Gaga

This one comes out of nowhere, but you can’t say that it wouldn’t make some sense. Gaga is obviously a massive music star, but she also has put her acting chops on display.

Gaga has mostly portrayed herself in acting, but she delivered a surprisingly exceptional performance in A Star Is Born and won an Oscar for her singing.

She also took things to a whole new level in American Horror Story, so while we can’t know how she’d fit into the Batwoman suit necessarily, we know she has range.

Few actresses could match the style, confidence, and creativity Gaga could bring to the table, while she’s one of the most vocal proponents for LGBTQ rights you’ll find.

Megan Fox

Another actress to consider is Fox, who is openly bisexual and could have some time on her hands after recently splitting from husband, Brian Austin Green.

Fox could look to stay out of the limelight given that sad news, or she could desire to get busier than ever.

A role on a hit CW show could do the trick, while we know the 34-year-old has no qualms about getting her hands dirty thanks to roles in Transformers, Jennifer’s Body, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise. 

Fox has a slew of upcoming roles in feature films, but she could be down for a return to the small screen. She was quietly fantastic in New Girl and has the confidence and look to effectively play Batwoman.

Rose Leslie

I could go on and on about which actresses could be the next Batwoman, but if the studios want to make the openly lesbian character genuine, they’re probably right to enforce that criteria in their search.

Leslie isn’t a lesbian in real life, but she has already played a homosexual character in The Good Fight. Her husband Kit Harrington has also called out the MCU for not casting LGBTQ actors in their films.

It’s arguable Leslie could be a good fit, while her run on Game of Thrones also displayed her sass and penchant for action.

Who Will Be the Next Batwoman?

Ruby Rose’s exit from the show is a bit of a bummer, not only because she was crushing the role but because it disrupts the chemistry and cohesiveness of the series.

Fans need to fall in love with that character all over again, the fit needs to make sense, and the on-screen chemistry needs to be as good or better than it was before.

Of the options above, I think Cara Delevingne should be the next Batwoman.

She checks all of the boxes and is a huge name, so if there is any doubt about actual fit, at least the studios know they’re hitting a home run as far as marketability and popularity goes.

That said, there are so many talented actresses that could crush in this role, may have interest, and also have some ties to the LGBTQ community.

After the Batwoman showrunners hit it out of the park the first time around with Ruby Rose, however, it’s safe to say whoever the series picks to take over will work out just fine.

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