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Reviewing the Video Poker Games at Wild Casino in 2020

By Daisy Williams in Rankings and Reviews
| October 14, 2020 6:02 am PDT
Reviewing the Video Poker Games at Wild Casino in 2020

Wild Casino is a dark-green jungle-themed website that offers slots, video poker, and table games, as well as live dealer tables.

If you live in the US, then a trip to the jungle may be just what you’re looking for, as this particular casino is on the shortlist of North American-facing services. You won’t find a massive collection of betting opportunities, but there’s a decent sampling of everything in Wild Casino, including video poker.

As video poker is an afterthought on some sites, it’s good to see that Wild has prioritized it by offering 28 different games arranged in three categories. You can play single-handed, multi-hand, or pyramid in a variety of poker “flavors.”

I happen to enjoy a good game of video poker, so I’m excited to introduce you to the games that you can play in the Wild. If the information piques your interest, then we’ve got you covered with a full Wild Casino review.

Three Types of Video Poker

Nucleus Gaming is behind Wild Casino’s video poker collection.

If you’ve played a hand of Nucleus poker before, then it’ll look familiar to you.

Almost 30 Ways to Play

There are 28 different games, but they separate into three categories. It’s helpful so that you can hone in on your favorite way to play. For example, if you like more action, then you’ll bypass all eight titles in the single-hand section.

Multi-hand games aren’t all the same. I noticed that Five Draw only comes in a five-handed version. But if you select Double Jackpot Poker, you’ve got five ways to play it. Double Jackpot deals out 5, 10, 25, 50, or even 100 hands at a time.

Those 100 hands lead me to the downside of Wild Casino’s video poker gaming, and that’s mobile play.

Mobile Play Reduced to Two

If you prefer to place your bets on your smartphone, then you end up with a sad video poker collection. “Collection” probably isn’t the best word, as you get access to two games through the mobile platform.

You can play Jacks or Better, or Deuces Wild, and forget about multi-hand or pyramid poker, as these are single-handed games.

So, to take advantage of some of the souped-up poker opportunities in the Wild Casino, you’ll have to stick to your good, old laptop or desktop. Or check out some of the better options for mobile video poker.

Split Way Royale

I wanted to hit the highlights of a few standout video poker versions that perhaps you’ve never tried before. These aren’t exclusive to Wild Casino, but they rise to the top of the list, as they’re fun variations on standard poker games.

The first is Split Way Royale. I’ll be honest; I’ve seen this game plenty of times but have never given it a try until recently. I’m a fan of Deuces Bonus Poker. I like the wild assistance and the bigger prizes provided by the Deuces with the Ace or the low-value five-of-a-kinds.

With Split Way Royale, you’re not going to have a bunch of opportunities to claim more significant monetary awards. But, instead, there are two 4,000-credit payouts on the board.

This particular game has the standard Royal Flush (Ace through 10), as well as a Low Royal. The Low Royal is a Straight Flush that runs from 2 to 6. So, instead of the measly 250 credits that you typically receive for a Straight Flush, you get the top payout.

Climbing the Pyramid

Pyramid Poker is an entire grouping of games and not just one title.

Eight Versions

It’s the hallmark of the Nucleus Gaming video poker library and offers eight different ways to play this unusual variation.

I always appreciate a fun twist on poker games, and this is one of them. You can pick from a variety of titles, including Jacks or Better, Bonus Poker, Deuces Wild, and Double Jackpot. Wild Casino offers the same variations in pyramid as in multi-hand, except All American multi-hand is replaced by Aces and Faces in the pyramid section.

Three Hands in One

You’re placing a bet on three hands at a time. But, instead of three different hands, as in multi-hand video poker, there’s only one. However, there are three ways to play it, as you’ve got one five-card paytable and two three-card paytables.

  • Five-card hand
  • Three cards on the left (in positions 1-3)
  • Three cards on the right (in positions 3-5)

Strategize for Maximum Impact

What I really like about pyramid poker is that you have to switch gears with your strategy. You may even toss a winning pair if you’ve got a guaranteed high hand on one of the ends that’s even better.

If you’re staking the maximum, it’ll cost 15 credits a hand. But you could end up playing for a while if those three-card hands cooperate.

A 10,000-Credit Top Prize

The third video poker game that I wanted to highlight for you is only in the single-hand section.

It’s called Deuces and Jokers, and the name gives away the premise.

This particular poker variation combines Joker Poker with Deuces Wild to give you even more wild assistance. One of the downsides to this game is that the value of traditionally high hands, like four Deuces, is significantly reduced. For example, four Deuces only pay 125 credits.

On the flip side, though, there’s one big-money prize that beats all others, and that’s the payout for five Wilds. If you end up with four Deuces plus the Joker, then you’re claiming a whopping 10,000 credits!

It’s kind of like Split Way Royale in that all of the focus is on the top of the paytable, so your volatility is higher. Unless you take the top prize or you get on an unbeaten streak, your credit balance could go down rapidly. But, again, this game is designed for players who have their eyes on the big prize.


If you’re a video poker player who doesn’t mind using your desktop or laptop to play, then you’ve got quite a few possibilities in front of you through Wild Casino. All of the standards, like Jacks or Better, Bonus Poker, and Deuces Wild, are included, as are some fun twists on the traditional.

I recommend giving pyramid poker a go, especially if like unique set-ups, as in Spin Poker or Super Times Pay.

You will find that most of the sites that allow US players to participate have similar collections. But, if you want to shop around and compare other casino features, then we’ve not only got some recommendations, but the reviews to back them up and provide you with more details.

One of the most important aspects of any online gambling site is the banking situation. Wild Casino accepts five cryptocurrency methods, as well as money orders, bank checks, bank wires, and person to person transfers.

You might also like to check out the video poker available at some of our other top-rated real money online casinos.

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