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Reviewing the Table Games at Las Atlantis Casino in 2020

By Daisy Williams in Rankings and Reviews
| October 2, 2020 10:06 am PDT
Las Atlantis Casino’s Table Games 2020

Las Atlantis Casino just emerged in the Fall of 2020, so you may not be familiar with the name yet. I feel like it’s destined to be a player in the online gambling world.

The table games at Las Atlantis are accompanied by free banking, plenty of bonus awards, nearly 200 slots, and a live dealer area.

“Under the Sea” from The Little Mermaid keeps playing my head whenever I visit Las Atlantis. There’s no doubt about the theme of this unique casino site. The homepage displays an Ocean Floor directive that’ll plunge you downward on a trip through promotions and popular games.

Despite its creative presentation, Las Atlantis is an online casino with about 250 betting opportunities, including 21 table games. The tables in the main casino are supplemented by live dealer gaming in a separate live casino area.

While we have a full Las Atlantis casino review, in this post I focus wholly on the table games on offer.

What’s in the Virtual Table Games Pit?

Visionary iGaming provides the gaming and entertaining dealers in Las Atlantis’ live casino. The main table games area I want to introduce you to here uses RealTime Gaming software.

So, straight up, I will say that you’re not going to experience anything out of the ordinary with Las Atlantis’ table games. They cover 21 tables with casino standards and a few entertaining twists on those traditional games.

Remember, this is a RealTime Gaming (RTG) casino), so quite a few other gambling sites provide similar opportunities.

Now that’s not to say that it’s not a quality casino, though. Amongst the 21, you can access eight different styles of Blackjack, three Caribbean poker games, along with four others, Baccarat, Craps, Roulette, Rummy, Red Dog, and War.

A table like War is ideal for rookie players, but the entire virtual pit could be used as a training ground.

Each game is random number generated, played against the computer (aka the house). So, beginners can take it slow and steady, while more experienced punters can play at lightning speed.

Many Faces of 21 at Las Atlantis

If blackjack weren’t such a popular casino game, there wouldn’t be so many variations. The Las Atlantis table games area is evidence of that, as it houses eight virtual variations on the game of 21.

Most, if not all, of the blackjack tables in the Las Atlantis Casino, have $1.00 to $250.00 table limits. They’re typically one-handed games, which contrasts with some other casinos that give players the option to take a few seats at a time.

A few of the tables that merit attention include Face Up Blackjack. It’s an unusual variation that lets you see both of the dealer’s cards. Of course, something’s got to give with that privilege, so blackjacks pay even money, and there are a few other minor rule changes. But, hey, it’s not every day that you get to see your opponent’s cards.

Suit ‘Em Up Blackjack requires a side bet. But if you’re excited about a 3:2 payout, how about 60:1 for Suited Aces? Of course, you’re not going to get that in every go-round, but, if you do, it’s quite exciting.

The third Blackjack table I wanted to mention is called Super 21. You don’t have to stake anything extra, as there aren’t any side bets. Instead, the super payouts, like 2:1 for a five-card 21 or Diamond Blackjack, are just part of the game.

Royal Flush Potential

If poker is your game instead of blackjack, then you’ve got nearly as many choices in the Las Atlantis Casino table games area.

To start, you’ve got the Caribbean trio of Draw, Hold ‘em, and Stud. Both Caribbean Hold ‘em and Caribbean Stud are part of the progressive jackpot pool. Wagering is $5 to $250 for the main game, but a $1 side bet gets you in the running for five or six-figure side bet payouts.

You don’t need to stick to those three, though, as the Las Atlantis Casino table games pit also includes four other ways to play flushes, straights, and full houses.

  • Tri-Card Poker
  • Let ‘em Ride
  • Pai Gow Poker
  • Texas Hold ‘em Bonus

The variety is excellent. You’ve got the unusual premise of Pai Gow Poker, reverse betting, which is the premise of Let ‘em Ride, and a three-card variation with Tri-Card, plenty of ways to ante-up!

Las Atlantis Table Game Bonuses

If you’re familiar with how online casino bonuses work, you’re aware that most are geared toward slot players. I’m not going to be able to tell you that Las Atlantis is different. However, if you don’t mind taking longer to fulfill a bonus playthrough requirement, then a few table games are on the board.

The Las Atlantis casino has a long list of promotions for its players. Some are free spins awards, while others are deposit bonuses. Free spins are cut and dry.

 However, if you accept one of the deposit-match awards and want to play table games, a few are acceptable, but with a lower contribution rate.

  • Blackjack and Tri-Card Poker = 20%
  • Roulette and Roulette Multiplier = 10%

If you have any doubts, make sure you double-check with customer service so that you don’t void your bonus.

Also, I can tell you that you need to steer clear of the live casino if you have an active bonus in your account. Live casino tables are off the table when it comes to player rewards in the Las Atlantis casino.

Get Your Chips in Play at Las Atlantis

When’s the last time you’ve tried something new or returned to a table game that you haven’t played in a while?

Every time I review a game, I wonder why I waited so long to play it. I particularly enjoy games like Pai Gow and Let ‘em Ride, but I never think to sit down at the table and play a few rounds.

Now that you have a new casino with Las Atlantis, why not wander around the table games area and try a few on for size? You’re not holding up other players if you take a while to make a decision, as they’re all computer games, so it’s just you.

Las Atlantis caters to Americans and Australians, has free banking in both directions, and some enticing bonuses, so why not?



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