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Reviewing the Payment Options at SuperSlots Casino in 2020

By Daisy Williams in Rankings and Reviews
| September 7, 2020 6:38 am PDT
Reviewing the Payment Options at SuperSlots Casino in 2020

The online gambling universe expanded in 2020, particularly for North American players with the introduction of SuperSlots.ag.

SuperSlots is part of the BetOnline/Sportsbook.ag/Wild Casino family. So, even though it’s a new face in the virtual crowd, there’s familiarity. The two may look entirely different, but games, banking, and some of the bonuses in Wild and SuperSlots are quite similar.

We’ve got an entire SuperSlots review that covers all aspects of this new gambling site. So, in this post, I’m going to stick to reviewing the payment options at SuperSlots.ag. There’s an undeniably US-feel to the banking menu.

Unlike many of the European, UK, or Asian casinos, you’re not going to see a long list of alternatives like e-wallets and prepaid vouchers. Instead, the focus is on cards and cryptocurrency, with a few traditional banking options thrown in for good measure.

Cards, Crypto, and Cash

Before I get into all the specifics about what you can and can’t use to manage your SuperSlots.ag betting account, let me give you a glimpse at the overall situation.

Payment options at SuperSlots.ag break out into three categories.

  • Four debit and credit cards
  • Five cryptocurrencies
  • Checks and wires

Revealing the Best Banking Method

I won’t leave you hanging until the end, as the best all-around method is cryptocurrency. Pick one of the five; it doesn’t matter. But if you want to avoid fees and you’re looking for the fastest turnaround times, Bitcoin or any of the other four accepted wallets are your best bet.

Remember, this is a US-facing gambling site, and e-wallets, like Skrill and Neteller, aren’t American payment options. So, for a slam dunk transfer without any formal approval process, it’s wise to have a cryptocurrency account.

If you decide to move forward with a credit or debit card payment option at SuperSlots.ag, then you’ll want to know that there’s a deposit fee. Plus, you’ll end up with a check payment if you accumulate $500 in winnings to cash out of your account.

Four Cards in One Direction

  • Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express
  • Minimum Deposit: $50
  • Maximum Deposit: $2,500.00
  • Deposit Turnaround: Instant
  • Deposit Fees: 7.5%
  • Payouts: through Check by Courier

I’m not going to be very complimentary about the four card payment options at SuperSlots.ag. But it’s not for anything other than the deposit fee. You’re already risking money when you opt to use any online casino. So, the idea of losing before you do any wagering isn’t appealing.

However, I recognize that some players either prefer to stick with cards or don’t have any other choices. So, you can use Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover. As a tip, Visa is the most challenging when it comes to approvals. It’s easier if you have a card that allows for international purchases, though.

The minimum deposit for card deposits is $50, but the minimum withdrawal is a much higher $500  with checks by courier. If you’re more of a conservative, recreational type of player, then you could discuss other options with the cashier, like person to person payouts.

Five Cryptocurrencies Have the Edge

  • Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Lite, Ethereum, and Ripple
  • Minimum Deposit: $20
  • Maximum Deposit: $100,000
  • Deposit Turnaround: approximately 20 minutes
  • Deposit Fees: none
  • Minimum Withdrawal: $20
  • Maximum Withdrawal: $15,000
  • Payout Turnaround: an average of 24 hours
  • Fees: none

I’ve already done the big reveal when it comes to the absolute best of the payment options at SuperSlots.ag, so this section won’t come as a surprise. This particular casino goes beyond Bitcoin to accommodate four other cryptocurrencies. They’re all subject to the same transfer allowances and turnaround times, though.

As you can see in the list of details, nothing is deducted from cryptocurrency deposits or withdrawals. Additionally, the minimums are much lower, as you can get the party started with just a $20 deposit (and know that $20 will be in your betting account balance!).

For players that are used to the situation with online casinos, you’re already aware of the crypto advantages. But if you’re new to gambling sites, then it’s helpful to know that Bitcoin and its counterparts are the most accommodating with financial transfers.

Not only can you move funds within an average of 20 minutes, but you’re not under the thumb of a traditional bank that’s approving (or not) transfers based on an internal list of codes. So, there are quite a few advantages to cryptocurrency, which is why I designate it as the best “banking” option at SuperSlots.ag.

Going Old School with Other Deposit Methods

Money Orders
  • Minimum Withdrawal: $300
  • Maximum Withdrawal: $9,000
  • Deposit Turnaround: based on transit
  • Notes: Express shipping fees credited
Bank Checks
  • Minimum Withdrawal: $1,500
  • Maximum Withdrawal: $15,000
  • Deposit Turnaround: typically two to four business days
Person to Person
  • Minimum Withdrawal: $100
  • Maximum Withdrawal: $600
  • Deposit Turnaround: based on transit
  • Notes: Fees covered with a minimum $300 transfer
Bank Wires
  • Minimum Withdrawal: $1,000
  • Maximum Withdrawal: no limit
  • Deposit Turnaround: typically one to three business days

Cards and cryptocurrency are the two predominant methods of funding your SuperSlots.ag player account. But there are a few alternatives if neither works for you. Bank wires may hold up the process for a few days, but they accommodate high rollers, as they’re the only way to move unlimited funds.

A benefit to going old school is that bank transfers and similar methods assure that you’re able to fill your SuperSlots.ag betting account. The downside is that you don’t get immediate gratification. You have to do some planning, whereas a card deposit is credited immediately.

A Shorter Payout List

Checks by Courier
  • Minimum Withdrawal: $500
  • Maximum Withdrawal: $2,500
  • Payout Turnaround: seven business days
  • Fees: $50 for withdrawals under $1,500, and 3% over $1,500
Bank Wires
  • Minimum Withdrawal: $500
  • Maximum Withdrawal: $15,000
  • Payout Turnaround: 15 business days
  • Fees: $45 to 3%
Person to Person
  • Minimum Withdrawal: $50
  • Maximum Withdrawal: $400
  • Payout Turnaround: five business days
  • Fees: $26 to $51

Cryptocurrency deposits become cryptocurrency payouts. But if you’re using a card or other traditional banking methods, then you’re most likely getting a check in the mail.

Checks by courier are the most common way to claim your winnings. Your card account will default to a check unless you make other arrangements with the casino. With a check or bank wire, you’ll need at least $500 in your betting account to meet the minimum requirement. So, if you’re anxious to get cash in hand, person to person may be the go-to for you. Keep in mind, though, that it has low minimums but high fees.

I would suggest reviewing options with the casino’s customer service department or cashier before you jump in with both feet and click the “withdraw” button. If you’re claiming just $50 in a person to person transfer, you’re only ending up with $24, as there’s a $26 fee for the service.


When it comes to payment options at SuperSlots.ag, or any casino for that matter, it’s best to look at the whole picture before you transfer money into a new betting account.

SuperSlots.ag gives you a list of options, but some are much better than others. When you’re looking at a 7.5% deposit fee and then another 3% at cash out time, it may be worth it for you to set up a cryptocurrency wallet.



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