Reviewing the Online Slots at Slots Empire Casino

By Daisy Williams in Rankings and Reviews
| May 12, 2020 1:14 pm PDT

It’s right in the name of the casino. Slots Empire opened its doors in 2019, unveiling a 185-game slot collection provided by RTG (RealTime Gaming).

You can play low or high stakes, random jackpot games, and, if you love those bonus rounds, there are even Feature Guarantee titles.

Slots take up the biggest part of the virtual betting floor, and you can keep the reels in motion by taking advantage of Slots Empire’s daily bonus incentive. There’s also a featured Game of the Month promotion that’ll get you some free spins as well.

Slots Empire accepts players from around the world and, yes, if you’re an American, Canadian, or Australian, you can play, too!

I’m about to hit a few of the standout online slot games hosted by Slots Empire. But if you’re antsy to get started, you can use our handy link and head right over to the site. We’ve also got more information available in our full Slots Empire review.

Overview of Slots in the Empire

The Empire’s slot banks are busier than some of its competitors. Many of the RTG casinos carry about 125 titles on average, but Slots Empire takes it to the next level with 185.

I noticed, right off the bat, that the casino keeps track of the player favorites and puts them into a separate section. That’s helpful if you have no clue where to start, as you know there must be something about those games to merit mention.

I’m going to give you some details on two of those player selections, as well as a slot title that has two ways to play it.

While you’ll appreciate some fun games and a broad range of features, the news isn’t so positive when it comes to mobile play. I counted only 22 of the 185 when I pulled them up on my phone.

Popinata – Explosive Player Favorite

You’ll find the Popinata slot included in the “popular” section. It’s one of the preferred games by Slots Empire players.

This particular game may only have ten paylines, but you get the benefit of the win-both-ways setup. That means that wins count from left to right, as well as the right to the left. In addition to flexibility with the matching symbols, there’s one feature under the spotlight, and it serves four purposes.

Donkeys are not just wild in this Mexican fiesta-themed experience. Those Donkeys also expand, become sticky, and prompt a free re-spin. Needless to say, the Donkey is the hit of the party.

Betting ranges from 0.10 to 10.00. I suggest that you turn your sound down a bit if you decide to play this one, though, as every win leads to popping fireworks. They’re fun to watch, but they get a bit loud.

From Slots Empire to Caesar’s Empire

Slots Empire’s premise is based on Ancient Rome. You’ll get the gist immediately. It’s an upscale and well-designed website, and the theme carries through from the background to the information pages and promotions.

So, I had to include Caesar’s Empire in my three top picks. It perfectly suits the casino, and it has some big prizes up for grabs.

Caesar’s Empire is a 20-line game that you play for as little as 0.20 or as much as 20.00. Not only are you vying for a top five-of-a-kind worth 7,500 credits, but there’s a random jackpot looming in the background.

RTG has quite a few random jackpot games. The prize doesn’t tie to anything on the reels. Instead, you could finish a game and, poof! You’ve got a four-figure payout added to your credit balance. Well, maybe I’m oversimplifying, but that is how it works.

In this slot, Caesar rules his Empire with generosity. The Caesar Wild will triple a winning combination. Then, combine that wild with a Coliseum on the fifth reel, and you’re heading into a free spins round where all of the payouts are doubled.

One Title, But Two Slot Games

My third slot pick to highlight for you is Aztec’s Treasure. Don’t confuse it with Aztec’s Millions, which is the elusive progressive jackpot game by RTG that hasn’t awarded its top prize as yet.

Aztec’s Treasure is on the list of games twice. That’s because you can select one of two ways to play it. In its standard version, it’s a 20-line slot with a betting range of 0.20 to 20.00. The Aztec Queen’s five-of-a-kind will gift you with 5,000 credits.

Like Caesar’s Empire, any bonus free spins in Aztec’s Treasure are worth more. Not only will they pay triple the regular payout, but extra prizes are added to the mix.

The second version of Aztec’s Treasure is a Feature Guarantee game. Instead of 20 lines, you’ll stake 25 with a bet of 0.25 or more. You’ll notice the feature meter prominently positioned at the top right of the screen. It counts down the number of spins it’ll take to get you a guaranteed bonus round.

When you play minimum stakes, the number starts at 150. But there’s a twist to the scenario, which you’ll appreciate if you’re really excited to get some bonus action in gear.

Any time you want, you can click on the “instant trigger chance.” You’ll see a probability of success on the red and green meter, but it’s up to you how to play it. If you want to take a chance, you can set the meter into motion. When it lands on the green, you’re off and running. However, if you end up on a red spot, then the gauge fully resets.

If you play the 25-line version, you’ll still have access to the same prize payouts, like 5,000 coins for the Aztec Queen.

Play Online Slots at Slots Empire

I know that if you’re a seasoned online slot player, I haven’t revealed any new titles to you, as Slots Empire is an RTG casino. It features most of the same games that you’ll find on comparable betting sites.

But instead, maybe I’ve inspired you to try something new. Feature guarantees and win-both-ways can add more excitement to your standard spins. Plus, if you check out Caesar’s Empire, you’ll see that there are quite a few relatively high prizes on the board.

To get those reels in motion, you can head right over to the Slots Empire Casino. Or if you want to see how it stacks up against other options, check out our list of the best online casinos. We reevaluate the criteria regularly to make sure that our recommendations are always top-notch.