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| April 7, 2022 1:04 pm PDT
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I recently browsed through some of the best poker tips Reddit users have provided over the years. Surprisingly, I got pulled in by some of them.

Although there were a lot of predictable cliches and regurgitated tropes to swim through, a little digging found me some real gems. Anyone who has previously scrolled through Texas hold’em advice, video poker pointers, or poker tournament tips Reddit users have provided will know what I mean.

Having been blessed by these Redditors’ almighty wisdom bestowed on me, I thought I’d share them with you. Cos, why not? Some might be a little basic. Others, perhaps slightly too complicated. But I bet there is something below that will help you raise your game in one way or another.

Before we get into things, our guide to playing poker is a great starting block for beginners and intermediate players. Feel free to start there and come back to this post, or vice versa!

But if you’re ready to dive in, keep scrolling!

Most Important Poker Tips Reddit Users Suggest

There are tons of general, and Texas hold ‘em poker tips Reddit users have gone out of their way to provide philistines with over the years. 

I’ve been reading more of them recently, having decided to put this piece about the best poker tips Reddit commenters suggest. If there is one thing that consistently survives scrutiny in the poker community, it’s this — the simplest information is typically the best. 

Naturally, a lot of the following will not be new to experienced players!

If You Can’t Spot the Sucker…

The comment above, posted by TBRNY, sums up the importance of the basics. In just six sentences, he has managed to emphasize the importance of.

Poker for beginners graphic
  • Understanding your environment.
  • Making your initial reads.
  • Knowing your place at the table.
  • Keeping your goals realistic.
  • Being capable of spotting an opportunity to take a risk.

Success Has No Shortcuts

Simple but direct. Furthermore, something that goes beyond online poker tips Reddit users have upvoted. This is true in pretty much any worthwhile endeavor in life. 

When user FlickrPaul responded to a question about what they wished they knew when they first started playing, their response was bang on.

“That there are no shortcuts to success, and you will need to get ready to have your ass handed to you on a regular basis starting out.”

What more can be said about that? Aside from being one of the top Reddit poker tips, it speaks for itself.

Don’t Fear Getting Stuck in and Having Fun

World Series of Poker logo

If you have grand designs on becoming a future member of the World Series of Poker Hall of Fame or are just looking to learn the game, you will still have to start somewhere.

I don’t believe that any endeavor in life can be done spectacularly without at least some enjoyment. There are exceptions to the rule, of course. But especially when learning how to play poker, you must be a fan of the game in some sense to stick with it!

User Regitime responded to the original poster (OP) with an excellent summary of why there’s no shame in kicking off with “very small” stakes. Furthermore, they emphasized the importance of enjoying yourself, as this is congruous to your success!

Bravo, Regitime!

It’s tough to ignore that Reddit does tend to have its fair share of “condescending f**kwits” when someone shows an initial interest in a topic. Although, posters like this are also a common feature on the social media site.

In the same post, there are some excellent intermediate and basic poker tips Reddit users have chimed in with. You can find some pearls of wisdom under Regitime’s response to the OP’s question, which asks for serious beginners’ advice in poker. If you’re new to the game, check them out!

Other Reddit Poker Tips for Beginners

Here are a few other tops tips for poker on Reddit that I believe will come in handy for novices and intermediate players.

This one relates to using a Heads Up Display (HUD). Some sites and apps have this feature, while most of the best poker apps look down on it. I’m citing this comment because you should know how these work and, perhaps more importantly, how Sharks use HUDs to exploit fish and donkeys.

Poker cards
“Also, if you’re playing online, use a HUD. It will expose so many mistakes you’re making and of course, your opponents tendencies. I really thought I was a pretty tight player until I saw how many hands I actually played. My VPIP was around 35-40%, which is about 20% higher than it should be at my level. Fold pre isn’t a joke.” – Deleted User

Here’s another excellent summary for beginners from user Effex on a similar beginners’ poker thread on Reddit.

“Do not make plays from the “gut.” Exercise discipline. There is math behind poker; Use it to gain as much of an advantage as possible. Poker is a great recreation, but if you want it to be anything more than that, then realize that poker is a long-term grind of small edges and having the ability to exploit them to make a profit.”

And the last of the beginner poker tips Reddit, I would suggest focusing on the importance of the basics, such as poker bankroll management and game selection.

“Bankroll management, tilt control, game selection and other macros are far more important than most new players think. Focusing on hand to hand to improve is okay, but you’ll learn a lot more if you start focusing on the bigger picture, eventually those tricky hand to hand micro spots will have obvious answers.”

A quick shout out to user 1kylef for their comment on that poker for beginner Reddit post.

Best Texas Hold ’em Poker Tips Reddit Recommends

Texas Hold'em graphic

Unsurprisingly, “THE” poker is probably the most discussed variant of the game online. Its popularity is huge, which means that, well, more people are playing. If more people are playing, that infers that there are already tons of participants just waiting to take your money.

Does that make you shiver in fear or want to get as good as possible before you hit the felt? That’s what I thought!

Finding Your Strategy

It’s important to find your strategy when learning how to play Texas hold ’em and in the developmental stages in general.

As pointed out by the poster below, getting on track with ranges is your bread and butter. More experienced players will have the ability to spot a fish or a donkey from miles off, so make sure to heed the following advice.

I’m not too sure about the poster’s name. But his advice is golden!

Reddit Texas Hold’em Books Suggestions

Looking for suggestions for the best Texas Hold’em books? Reddit to the rescue, again.

As the poster below points out, there are some very useful resources out there that can help you make your game even better. However, you should learn to differentiate between quality material and muck before you take anything to heart.

This poster makes some good points. And they are going to come in handy if you are to become the best poker player you can be.

Using Modern and Free Texas Hold’em Resources

A lot of the literature on the game is outdated and easily exploited at the tables. Think modern and learn about stuff like proper etiquette for Texas hold’em!

As the commenter below points out, you don’t have to dish out top dollar for quality material or resources. Not with a wide range of free resources out there for you to use.

This is one of my favorite Texas hold ‘em betting tips on Reddit, and something to keep in mind as you progress through the ranks on the tables.

The real money poker tables, that is!

Poker Tips from Reddit for Texas Hold’em Live Games

A solid example for playing the world’s favorite poker game on betting sites and at land-based casinos. 

This is probably more suited to new players looking for fundamental tips to get started. If you class yourself in that bracket, this poster has some crucial advice for you!

I haven’t mentioned it yet, but there’s a lot to be said for following Reddit for poker tips. Especially when it comes to the fundamentals, as you’ll find many commenters competing for karma and clout.

Pretty soon, you could find yourself dishing out advice for betting on Texas hold ‘em on Reddit!

Real Money vs. Free Roll Reddit Poker Tips

Remember to learn about the difference between both. Don’t forget the various types of Texas hold ‘em tournaments

Finding the type of games you enjoy the most will be impactful when it comes to establishing yourself as a solid poker player. You’re not going to become a shark overnight, of course. But you already knew that, right?

User Swimming_Cheek_8460 puts into words what many poker heads know but can’t quite articulate.

It’s mega important to approach real money poker tips from Reddit the same way as you would with advice on buying a new TV or selling your home. That is if you are serious about improving!

Just remember that everything changes when real money is involved.

Learn. Learn. Learn

Failure to prepare is preparing to fail. Get cracking!

That proverb is one I hold as dear to my heart as a royal flush in the final stages of a tournament. The first step toward improving in poker is to become an absolute voracious digestor of useful information. Read, read, read.

Of course, there is only so much you can learn from swallowing up information. Getting involved in games will be as important as the info you take in.

But always remember that you either win, or you learn. Just make sure to learn the rules before you break them!

Best Video Poker Tips Reddit Users Recommend

Video poker

One of the best types of poker games to play, according to many Redditors, is video poker. 

Although some relate this type of poker to smoky, loud saloons, it’s popular for many reasons. The biggest of them all is the surprisingly low house edge!

Here are a few top tips to help you on your way. 

Get Acquainted with the Fundamentals

There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting stuck into a new game with the type of enthusiasm that will make it enjoyable in the long run.

But nothing sucks harder than losing big. And doing so early on can put you off video poker. But thankfully, Reddit user pumblech00k has some excellent advice for starting as you mean to go on.

“You do have a chance of winning on any individual spin; however, it’s only about 5-10%. The longer you play, the more you will lose, on average. So, enough of the bad news that you probably already know. Best to try and play for as long as possible. So, as well as looking for the highest pay tables:

  • Take breaks
  • Cash out your credits
  • Play for comps
  • Play lower stakes
  • Aim for machines that give the highest total win, not the greatest frequency of win
  • If you want to play longer, play fewer lines at a time. As per #5, you will win less frequently, but your money will go down slower.
  • Know that in the US, each spin is independent. There are no such things as “hot” machines or machines that are “due” a win. This is not the case in the UK; not sure about other countries.
  • Remember to have fun; this is paid-for entertainment.”

Poker Strategies Change According to the Table and Game

This is standard knowledge among Reddit video poker experts and well-advanced players in general.

Although simple to understand, it is something that is grossly overlooked by noobs. Redditor Askaget sums it up for us.

Knowing the right cards to hold, depending on the title, is crucial to winning money playing video poker. And yes, that also applies to the online titles. 

On that thought, I’d recommend stopping here and taking a few minutes to read through our online video poker guide if you play on casino sites.

Avoid the Bar!

Emphasizing simplicity, this is one of the top video poker fundamentals Reddit user goodgamble offers. 

Instead of playing at the bar, look for more profitable tables throughout the casino or resort. Doing so can help you increase your chances of winning.

I remember being told this at a casino in Ireland. Although it’s cool to kick back and play with a nice cold one in your palm, decadence often comes with a price to pay. And as this comment sums up, it’s not the price of the beer, wine, or cocktail that will get you!

Study the Table!

I’m not talking about the dinner table. As delicious as those burritos look, keep your eyes on the prize.

You’re doing it wrong if you don’t know what the highest hand on the list is before you play.

Again, this is another of the basic beginner poker tips Reddit has to offer where the video version is concerned. But let’s face it. You wouldn’t be reading this right now if you had all the answers. You would probably just be looking down your nose from your ivory tower on the site itself!

Best Live Poker Tips Redditors Have Provided

People playing poker

Alongside some of the best poker tournament tips Reddit offers, a quick scan of some of the comments is equally entertaining. 

As I mentioned earlier, there are so many snooty commenters waiting to shoot down the first person asking for beginner live poker tips on Reddit that it sounds ridiculous. I must admit, some of them are hilarious. But others can also highlight some of the fallacies that fall apart at the tables. 

Like airborne crap slung from the palm of a pissed-off gorilla at a zoo, no inexperienced bystanders are safe from this useless nonsense. That’s why learning to walk before you run is a great live poker strategy when trying to dodge the bull.

Anyway, to the comments!

Live Poker is Not the Same as Online

Are you looking for that seamless transition from the action of online poker to live poker? Sorry. It doesn’t exist.

At least that’s what Reddit user Throwaway473884774 believes.

Someone buy that Redditor a drink!

Seriously, they have a point here. You should be prepared for a completely different feel when sitting down at a real table. There are only so many live poker tips Reddit will list before you run into logic. 

Stop making sense!

Excessive Bluffing is Bad Form

Shock. Horror. And the sound of many jaws dropping onto their keys. Seriously, though. This deleted user’s comment is very true.

If you’re thinking of bluffing your way to the top with poker tips and tricks from Reddit, don’t expect any proficient player not to see your bluffs coming a mile off.

Consider These Superb Live Poker Betting Tips

There are a lot of awesome tips in this post from user ChimichangaNeck! Just read ’em.

An excellent post worthy of any list of online poker tips Reddit has to offer for live games.

Negative and Positive Tilts Advice

Again, it is a superb piece of insight about learning how to be successful in live poker. Reddit user airwalkerdnbmusic hits it out of the park here!

  • Negative tilt = anger/frustration/disbelief/gambling addiction/being offensive/getting out of order at the table/berating others and even yourself for not playing correctly when you got it in good and got sucked out on.
  • Positive tilt – when you’re on a heater and running well, it can blind you. You get an “expectation” tilt and “entitlement” tilt; your mind is high on good results and thus builds an expectancy that this will continue. The human mind is geared toward patterns and predictability, it’s only natural. Learn to recognize the signs (when you consider getting into pots with less than premium because you think you will run well, hit well, etc) and control it. A prime example of this is when you scoop a double-up/triple up and fancy getting in a raised pot with less than premium – you flop lucky but get outgunned on the turn by a disguised set or straight and end up losing a lot of chips.

I think we’ll end on this post. Bravo!

Most Important Poker Tips to Consider

Poker symbolism graphic

There is only so far you will get with poker tips Reddit users recommend. After all, it’s often difficult to gauge exactly when gambler forums are helpful and when they aren’t.But as you can see, Reddit in particular is an awesome resource to use when learning how to play.

From beginners’ advice to poker tournament tips Reddit commenters have used to win money on poker, there are some genuine gems out there. Of course, there is also a lot of crap that is just so mind-numbingly dumb.

Some holier-than-thou posters will hit out at this advice ferociously, but that’s not always a bad thing. It can be positive if a comment is constructive and offers an explanation exposing erroneous poker tips. Either that or hilarious.

So, to wrap things up, I’ll leave you with some crucial poker tips to take away. 

  • Learn as much as you can before hitting the tables. Seriously.
  • Avoid the shysters and snake oil salespeople selling you tips on becoming an expert overnight. Why? It’s not possible.
  • Be skeptical of every dodgy poker site and app out there. Instead, only play with the best real money poker sites.
  • Start slow when playing Texas hold ‘em, Omaha, or any other poker game, as there are more sharks out there than you think. 
  • Have fun but don’t forget that this game takes time to learn and become good at.

Last but not least, I’d recommend reading this excellent piece from Noah Davis. If you’re looking to improve your poker game and not lose all your money to those sharks.

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