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Real Money Online Casinos with Positive Reviews in 2020

By Daisy Williams in Rankings and Reviews
| November 9, 2020 10:14 am PDT
Images of Casino Games

Have you been looking for online casinos with good reviews, only to be confused by varying opinions?

Like everything else, real money gambling sites receive their share of positive and negative impressions. And online players, like most customers, tend to vocalize distaste over approval.

That doesn’t mean that you’re left high and dry, though. As long as you know what you’re looking for, many online casino reviews have merit.

To set you off in the right direction, I’m going to clue you in on the evolution of online casino reviews and why you can rely more on today’s reviews than what you’ve read over the past couple of decades.  I’ve even got a few examples of online casinos with positive reviews given for different reasons but backed up by facts and figures.

Things have changed in the industry. There’ve been ownership changes, new licensing and regulation, and much more accountability to players than ever before. So, it’s time to wipe the slate clean on dated feedback and turn to current and accurate evaluations.

You can take more stock in today’s online casinos with good reviews, as long as they’re backed by plenty of data.

Evolution of Online Casino Reviews

Anyone who’s been following the online casino industry for a while now may have noticed a shifting pattern in search results of online casinos with good reviews.

Let’s take a look at how things have evolved.

Early Years of Online Casinos

The online gambling industry started as a free for all, with the market flooded with all kinds of gambling site providers throwing up subpar websites. You may be familiar with the term “rogue casinos,” as it was used quite often and still is to some extent.

Some of the fly by night gambling sites tried to stick around, while others took the money and ran. An era of cash grabs prompted list after list of rogue casinos with payout problems, unfair gaming practices, and notably absent customer service agents.

Casino Reviews Prompted Positive Changes

Online players took control by doing their own flooding of the market with poor casino reviews and publicly posted complaints.

Review sites also popped up, serving an essential role by publishing warnings and blacklists. Online casino review sites also focused on alternatives for fair and safe real money online casino gaming.

Of course, reviewers are people too, and opinions still varied, at least slightly. Nonetheless, the overall impact was a positive one.

It was the players and review sites that prompted a significant change in the online casino gambling industry.

Online casino providers couldn’t hide behind the curtain anymore. Their payment problems or gaming practices were brought to light. If you’re deciding between a fair gambling site and one that doesn’t pay, which one are you going to choose?

Good Casino Reviews are Now More Prevalent

Now, don’t assume that EVERY online casino is now reputable and worthy of your time. There are still rogue gambling sites out there, and bad behavior reports, but you do have a much better chance of using a quality service these days.

These days, looking for online casinos with good reviews should yield more accurate results, but you still have opinions in play. And now you have to think about the legitimacy of the reviews before gambling at online casinos for real money.

How Do You Know If an Online Casino Review is Legit?

We’ve moved beyond the first dozen pages of search results being dedicated to rogue or blacklisted casinos, and into the realm of more positive reviews, but there’s a new issue.

How do you know which ratings and reviews are accurate?

I’ve got a quick and easy answer to that question. Look for reviews that provide detailed information.

Details Matter in Casino Reviews

I’ll start with an example to illustrate my point.

Let’s say that you’ve never heard of Netflix, and you pull up a review of it to see if it’s for you.

You go to one review, and it says, “Netflix is the best. You pay monthly, and then you get to watch stuff!”

Then, you go to another review that starts with “Netflix is an online streaming service that you can pull up on your TV or smartphone. You pay $10.00 a month, and then you’ll have access to thousands of popular TV shows and movies, and you don’t have to pay anything extra….”

Do you see the difference?

It may sound oversimplified, but it’s the same principle with reviews of real money casino gambling sites.

Reviews Backed by Facts

You can pull up an online casino review that’s positive but has nothing but a few words to back that up. Maybe it describes a fun theme or that there are 200 slots.

That’s all well and good, but that doesn’t protect your financial investment.

The best and most accurate reviews of online casinos touch on every aspect of the service.

A good online casino review should include the following, and more.

  • First impressions
  • Customer service
  • Deposits and payouts
  • Bonuses and other promotions
  • Software used
  • Other gambling opportunities provided,
  • Ownership reputation
  • Number and variety of games

Beyond the Overall Rating

When it comes to quality online casino reviews that you can trust, relying on lengthier, more in-depth reports is a good rule of thumb.

When you have all of the information to draw from, you can decide if the service is worth your time.

Giving a casino site three out of five stars doesn’t necessarily mean anything by itself.

A reviewer might give an online casino three stars because the number of slots was most important to them and weighed heavier as a deciding factor.

But what if you don’t play slots and are looking for table games, or maybe that three-star sites has free deposits and payouts, and that’s number one on your list?

My point is that reviews are often subjective. That’s why it’s important to read those that are unbiased, detailed, and as objective as possible.

Another good solution to deciding where to play is to look at online casinos with good reviews from multiple sources. I’ve got a few examples of real money casino sites that have overall positive evaluations, but for different reasons.

Las Atlantis Surfaced with Good Impressions

Las Atlantis casino logo

Online casinos receive good reviews for different reasons, and that’s why we recommend turning to detailed reports. Even if you don’t want to read every word, you know that the review has merit when backed by facts and figures.

Let’s take the Las Atlantis casino, for example, which is new for 2020.

As a new casino gambling site, Las Atlantis doesn’t have a track record for payouts, nor does it have any player feedback patterns to use as a reference. So how does Las Atlantis merit its good reviews and ratings?

Full Disclosure

Our detailed review of Las Atlantis Casino is based on everything we know. We discovered that Las Atlantis covers the following bases,

  • Free deposits and payouts
  • Three ways to reach customer service
  • Software from RTG (RealTime Gaming) and ViG (Visionary iGaming) in the live casino
  • Approximately 250 games
  • Proper licensing
  • A long list of bonus incentives
  • Mobile play

On top of those positive aspects, Las Atlantis impresses right out of the gate.

It has a custom design that’s been thoroughly planned and well-executed. It’s not a website that’s just slapped together to get the games in front of players.

We gave Las Atlantis Casino a positive and unbiased review based on what we know while being transparent about its longevity.

After reading our objective assessment of Las Atlantis, you can decide if you want to try its service based on facts.

Super Slots Benefited from Other Positive Reviews

Super Slots casino logo

SuperSlots.ag is another new 2020 addition to the online gambling world. But SuperSlots inherited some review material from its sister sites, including the BetOnline sportsbook and Wild Casino.

While SuperSlots doesn’t have the sportsbook that BetOnline is known for, its banking and real money casino gaming matches its siblings. Even though SuperSlots is still evaluated independently, you can’t ignore other websites’ track record under the same ownership umbrella.

The name recognition contributed to a positive casino review. Additionally, though, SuperSlots also covers the bases with licensed software and two live casinos. Players can pick from five cryptocurrencies or go the conventional banking route, and most of the virtual gaming floor is available for mobile play.

Whether you want to give the casino or one of the two live casinos a try, SuperSlots is open to US players as well as players in many other locations.

Red Dog Casino Belongs to a Highly Rated Family

Red Dog Casino logo

When it comes to family ties, Red Dog Casino is in the same boat. It’s not part of the BetOnline group, but it has some impressive sister sites, including El Royale and Slots Empire.

Each of the casino sites has a distinct theme that creates a VIP-like ambiance. But they also have licensed RealTime Gaming slots, video poker and table games, a live casino, and the Red Dog bonuses and promotions are very good.

However, the primary reason for such relatively good casino reviews is the credit card acceptance in both directions.

Payouts to Credit Cards are a Plus

US-facing sites, like Red Dog Casino, struggle to find ways to accommodate American players with deposits and payouts. Red Dog has free deposits and withdrawals and, along with El Royale and Slots Empire, is one of the few that’ll pay back to credit card accounts.

Red Dog Casino is an ideal example of casino reviews being subjective. Anyone who doesn’t like RTG slots, for whatever reason, may give it a low rating. However, it rates toward the top with banking and is the number one pick for many players. If you’ve got your credit card in hand, you can take advantage of real money gaming at Red Dog Casino now.

Vegas Casino Online’s Free Payouts

Vegas Casino Online logo

I just mentioned Red Dog Casino, focusing on its above-average banking menu.

Cash is king when it comes to good reviews for online casino sites. You can’t have a superior gambling site without a fair and accommodating deposit and withdrawal system. People want to get their cash in and out of their accounts as quickly and easily as possible.

Like Red Dog, Vegas Casino Online doesn’t tack on fees in either direction either, which is number one on the desired services list for many of those who play at online casinos for money.

Low minimum deposits are especially appealing to recreational players and beginners.

You could give Vegas Casino Online a try with only a $5.00 deposit using Bitcoin. Taking the conventional route with Visa, Mastercard, or American Express, the minimum is $20.00, which is still relatively low.

So, you get the same RTG slots and casino games, as well as free banking, and a low minimum deposit wrapped up into one online casino, and that skews the review toward the positive side.

Anyone who wants to give a new online casino a try without a significant investment should take a peek at our review of Vegas Casino Online.

Why Does Wild Casino Have Good Reviews?

Wild Casino

Wild Casino’s favorable reviews revolve around its unique theme, easy to use website, and $5,000 welcome bonus.

Part of the positive feedback is also based on family ties, like with BetOnline.

Instead of RealTime Gaming, Wild Casino uses Betsoft Gaming. So, players who appreciate titles like Frankenslots Monster or Good Girl-Bad Girl appreciate accessing that information from a publicly posted review, as it could make all of the difference.

Unlike Vegas Casino Online or Red Dog Casino, though, Wild’s banking isn’t quite as attractive. Patrons who are on a mission to avoid deposit and withdrawal fees at all costs need to see that piece of the puzzle as well.

While there are different reasons for positive reviews, they must be comprehensive evaluations, covering the negatives and the praises.

Your $5,000 welcome bonus awaits if you want to give Wild Casino a try.

The Importance of Relying on Good Casino Reviews

If you’re wondering what’s the point of relying on positive online casino reviews when they can be subjective, then consider using them differently.

First of all, a top-notch review from a reputable source will eliminate rogue casinos and operators with questionable business and gaming practices. Those fly by night operations are first and foremost on the list of services that players don’t want to see.

Remember a “good” review is one that’s comprehensive, unbiased, and accurate. An online casino can then receive a “positive” review designating it as a quality service, meaning that good (or excellent) is the overall evaluation.

Here’s why I believe you need to narrow your options to quality casino sites based on high-quality reviews.

  • Rogue operations are brought to light
  • Certification and regulation are addressed
  • A full picture of banking, betting, and bonuses is provided
  • You can access information on the services that are most important to you

And I’ve got three few tips for getting the most out of online casino reviews.

  • Don’t rely on the ratings exclusively – as I mentioned, reviewers skew ratings based on their priorities and not necessarily what’s most important to you.
  • A negative review isn’t always a dealbreaker – while you want to avoid rogue and blacklisted casinos, a bad review is also up to interpretation. Look for details, not overall impressions.
  • The best reviews cover all the bases – you want to see back-up information, including specifics like the number of games, banking options, licensing, customer service, etc.

Reviews Matter, But Only if They’re Reputable

When you’re looking specifically at real money online casinos with good reviews, you’ve got plenty of information to access. But look for patterns and reliable resources.

One public posting from a player complaining about poor mobile access or not being able to use their personal Mastercard isn’t going to make or break a gambling site. The same applies to just one glowing review with nothing to back it up.

You have plenty of choices, so you should look for online casinos with positive ratings and reviews from multiple sources.

Just stick to good reviews from good reviewers. Our reviews are a good place to start.



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