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Ranking Every Semifinalist for Season 15 of America’s Got Talent

| September 4, 2020 5:34 am PDT
America's Got Talent Season 15 Semifinalist

Season 15 of America’s Got Talent rages on with the Semifinals coming at us next week. I’ve already dabbled in a litany of approaches to betting on America’s Got Talent this season, with the main takeaway that a music act is going to win this time.

While that’s probably the case – and the top entertainment betting websites have it priced that way – there is always value in exploring other options for bettors.

Now that we are out of the Quarterfinals, we are down to just 20 remaining acts. To get a better idea as to where each one stands, I’m unleashing my America’s Got Talent rankings for season 15.

Each of these acts technically are in the running to win season 15, but who really has a legitimate shot? Consider deferring to my AGT rankings before finalizing any America’s Got Talent wagers.

20. Archie Williams (Singer)

Archie Williams stole our hearts with a powerful audition, and few have as compelling of a narrative as a wrongly convicted man. Williams can sing well for a 50+ year old, but he unfortunately doesn’t hold a candle to the other music acts in this competition.

I can see Williams making it another round due to his solid talent and heartbreaking story, but at this point, he has the least talent of anyone left.

19. BAD Salsa (Salsa Duo)

I’m not here to say dancing isn’t a talent by any means, and BAD Salsa sure do offer a fresh take on salsa dancing. After a fun audition, I didn’t see them as an act who did enough to distinguish themselves going forward.

This duo is talented, but probably doesn’t raise the bar quite enough to stand next to the other impressive acts in season 15.

18. Double Dragon (Singing Duet)

These two sisters can certainly put on a show, as Double Dragon seriously raised their game to another level with their latest performance.

Double Dragon is a fine sleeper, but they teeter between seriously impressive to a bit of a gimmick. I like them, but do they really have what it takes to beat out the more seasoned singing acts? My guess is no.

17. Broken Roots (Singing Duo)

Broken Roots isn’t as flashy as Double Dragon, but they certainly have more grit and come off as a bit more genuine.

The former police officers probably aren’t the public’s most popular act these days, but they did a fine job with a recent U2 cover. They have the tone and chemistry to keep going, but like Double Dragon, they’re not really in that upper echelon of musical talents this season.

16. Voices of Our City Choir (Singing Group)

The first recipient of a Golden Buzzer on this list, Voices of Our City Choir have a beautiful collective sound and solid artistic direction.

They crushed their audition (obviously), and kept it going with a breathtaking rendition of “Stand By Me”. Their tear-jerker backstory puts them on another level, and almost has them cracking my top-15 America’s Got Talent acts.

15. Celina Graves (Singer)

Adele with grit, says I. Celina Graves didn’t really blow me away with her initial audition, but I’m glad I returned to give her a second chance, as she surprised me with a very clean performance, showcasing her control, tone, and power.

The scary part is Graves made such amazing strides between performances, that I’m curious as to where she goes from here. For now, she’s inside my top-15, and there’s enough here to think she can make a big leap.

14. Malik Dope (Drummer)

Dope delivered a rock-solid audition when he showcased his impressive one-man drummer act, and it rightfully earned him a spot in the quarter-finals.

He put on an even better show in his most recent outing, as his combination of slick drumming moves and footwork make him a unique act.

That said, it’s worth wondering just how far Malik Dope can take his act.

There’s probably only so much he can do, and I fear we’ve seen the best he has to offer. His best is still worth watching, but I don’t think it trumps the 13 acts I have ahead of him in my America’s Got Talent rankings.

13. Shaquira McGrath (Singer)

The music act genre is so loaded this year, that it’s been the favored genre to win season 15 of AGT since the competition started.

I put McGrath slightly ahead of the other singing acts already mentioned, just because she offers the same power and range, but has a much smoother tone.

The versatility McGrath offers almost gets her inside my top-10 America’s Got Talent rankings, but the talent from here is really tough to argue against.

12. Alan Silva (Aerialist)

Silva wowed with a borderline poetic aerial act in his audition, and also delivered a spirited message about not giving in to criticism.

My main concern initially was how he could scale his act, but he picked up the pace and displayed better showmanship, along with some riskier moves.

Silva’s act is exciting and certainly takes skill, but there’s really only so much he can do to up the ante.

11. Bello Sisters (Acrobatic Trio)

The Bello Sisters continue to impress with their elite chemistry, balance, timing, strength, and choreography.

Their audition was pretty stripped down and was plenty impressive, but their most recent performance offered a more intense ambiance and increased the difficulty considerably.

Like many of the acts behind them in these rankings, though, it’s tough to imagine the thrills increasing too much from here.

10. Max Major (Magician)

It takes something special to blow me away when it comes to magic acts, and Major does have a knack for taking things to the next level.

He’s dropped jaws with his ability to connect with his audience, and seems to deliver a shocking revelation more satisfying than the last. This type of inclusive act could go far, but Major isn’t the best we’ve seen at his craft.

Regardless, he’s the best of his genre left in this competition, and he does put on a good, engaging show. Because of that, he safely slides into my top-10 America’s Got Talent rankings.

9. Cristina Rae (Singer)

Rae is another powerful singer with a clean voice, an awesome tone, and an insane range. She really has the ability to slay any song, and that’s precisely what she’s done since arriving at AGT.

The Golden Buzzer winner offered her own adaptation of the ever famous “Hallelujah”, which helped cement her spot inside my top-10.

8. W.A.F.F.L.E. Crew (Dance Group)

Another deserving Golden Buzzer act is the W.A.F.F.L.E. Crew, who have an emotional backstory and the skills to back up their current standing.

As if their exhilarating audition wasn’t good enough, the W.A.F.F.L.E. Crew added some extra flair with a fun outdoor performance that included a bevy of entertaining moves, on the fly relocation, and an overall performance you just don’t get to see often.

Dropping part of their latest performance in a makeshift subway really put things over the top, which firmly keeps them inside my top-10 and may give them a shot as a sleeper in this competition.

7. Jonathan Goodwin (Daredevil)

Goodwin is just insane. He took things to a whole new level when he doused himself in gasoline and locked his head in a box. I shouldn’t have to repeat that for it’s full effect, but just read it again.

While Goodwin may be taking things a bit too far, any daredevil act probably needs to in order to keep advancing. He is dangerously close to my top-5, as his act is incredibly risky, and finds you on the edge of your seat each time out.

6. Kenadi Dodds (Singer)

I was pretty floored by Dodds during an emotional audition that saw her crush an original song with her guitar. That was enough to get me on board, but in the Quarterfinals she displayed a softer side at a piano with another beautiful original.

Dodds isn’t my favorite singer at this point, but she’s among the best, and certainly has enough talent to approach the top-5 America’s Got Talent acts.

5. Brandon Leake (Poet)

Coming in at #5 is Leake, who may not have the most obvious of talents. He’s not a singer or dancer, and he doesn’t do any magic or make you laugh. However, he does something arguably more impactful than any of that – he makes you feel something.

Leake doesn’t even deliver his spoken word in the most appealing way you’d want or think, yet it still gives you chills. And the fact that it is that way no matter who you are is what makes him so special.

Can Leake really go the distance? I doubt it, which is why he’s 5th. But he’s powerful and, frankly, rather important.

4. Brett Loudermilk (Sword Swallower)

We’re trying to find acts that can keep audiences locked in for long periods of time, and dazzle every step of the way. That is the perfect description for Loudermilk, who blends a risky act with excellent showmanship, as well as spot-on humor.

Loudermilk’s act genre isn’t for everyone, but it sure is engaging, and also highly entertaining. He is not your usual sword swallower act, and his unique style gives him a real shot to win this thing.

3. Daneliya Tuleshova (Singer)

Easily a top contender to win season 15 of America’s Got Talent, Daneliya Tuleshova had an impeccable audition, and followed it up with a near-perfect take on “Sign of the Times”.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the song choice, but it still allowed Tuleshova to display better than advertised stage presence, and it also showcased her beautiful tone and power.

The question isn’t her immense talent, though. It’s if she’s the most impressive music act in a truly loaded genre.

2. Spyros Brothers (Diabolo Duo)

If you are looking for a non-music act that can win season 15 of America’s Got Talent, this is it. The Spyros Brothers have a nice, uplifting backstory, but none of that really matters when they’re putting on such a fun show.

The Spyros Brothers smashed their audition, but they upped the difficulty of their show, and even added a risky component.

1. Roberta Battaglia (Singer)

Lastly, we come to the girl who I pegged as the favorite way back when auditions first started.

I did waver slightly after seeing some impressive acts, but Roberta Battaglia was one of the first Golden Buzzer winners, and all she’s done is prove she was worth the press of the button.

Age is a pretty big factor here, as Battaglia already displays an amazing combination of tone, power, and control at just 10 years old. Her take on “You Say” was emotional and powerful, allowing a 10-year old to move the audience like some adults can’t hope to.

Battaglia has a bright future, but she’s already way ahead of much of the competition, and she’s the most talented music act remaining.

America’s Got Talent Predictions

As you may imagine, I’m ranking the season 15 America’s Got Talent Semifinalists with the #1 pick seen as the top threat to win.

Once America’s Got Talent betting sites start offering props on who will win season 15, you can put these AGT rankings to good use. Hopefully, that equates to earning some type of profit.

For now, my #1 pick is still going to be Battaglia and I see her taking the top spot when everything is said and done.

Her control, power, range, and tone is just amazing for someone her age. There are a lot of other viable music acts, though, so if you’re not with me there, you can bet on another singer, or just a music act to win.

Of course, if you’re looking for another wager, consider the top acts that slide in right behind Battaglia in my America’s Got Talent rankings.

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