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Ranking the Best Legends in Apex Legends

By Jory Hollander in Sports
| March 15, 2019 12:00 am PDT
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The Apex Legends community grows larger every day, and a Legend meta is starting to develop around the best characters in the game.

Although the competitive scene is still in its infancy, Legends have started to divide themselves into tiers due to usefulness.

Bettors should understand why each Legend is being chosen at high levels of play before gambling on Apex Legends.

This guide will cover the current competitive Legend meta and include tips for utilizing each Legend effectively.

A-Tier Legends

A-Tier Legends are top picks for competitive play. They possess strong abilities and are useful in almost every situation.

1. Lifeline

Lifeline’s individual prowess and team utility put her at the top of this list. She is extremely beneficial at high levels of play due to the consistent value her abilities provide.

The D.O.C. (Drone of Compassion) healing ability deploys a drone that heals all nearby players. The D.O.C. Heal Drone can be used during or after a fight to keep team health reserves full.

The real boon of the D.O.C. ability is that it allows Lifeline and her teammates to carry fewer healing items, opening up more inventory space for the entire squad. Extra Arc Stars, anyone?

The Care Package ultimate ability allows Lifeline to call in an airdrop containing three items for the team. The Care Package often holds at least one epic item, and the small upgrades it provides are especially useful as the game progresses.

Lifeline’s ultimate ability takes a while to charge, so most players will let their squad’s Lifeline consume all available Ultimate Accelerants.

No other Legend gets consistent value out of Ultimate Accelerants like Lifeline.

The Care Package is not always a net benefit to the team. Once placed, an incoming Care Package can alert all nearby enemies to the exact location of Lifeline’s squad. Sometimes in late-game situations, it can be better to hold onto a Care Package so that the team can maintain the element of stealth.

Lifeline comes equipped with two passive abilities, and one of them might be the strongest in the game.

  • Her first passive lets her use consumables 25% faster.
    • This passive ability is top-tier and is often the sole reason that Lifeline is chosen in competitive play. 25% faster healing equates to less time using consumables and more uptime to aid teammates. A Lifeline that is low on health can drop her D.O.C., use a Shield Battery behind cover, and be back in the fight before the enemy team has a chance to capitalize on their advantage.

  • Lifeline’s other passive allows her to place a shield when reviving allies.
    • This ability can be useful in the right situation, but it’s not usually recommended to perform revives while there are enemies in close proximity. The revive shield may sometimes attract unwanted attention, but it can also buy Lifeline just enough time to save a teammate.

2. Bangalore

Bangalore is a fragging Legend that has tons of value within her kit. Many players value Bangalore as the top Apex Legends character, and she is often picked on competitive teams.

Apex Legends character

Bangalore’s Smoke Launcher ability deploys up to two smoke grenades onto the battlefield at a considerable distance if needed. This ability can be useful on both defense and offense if used correctly.

Smoke Launcher grenades can be used to mask Bangalore’s position, provide cover for a revive, or even to disorient the enemy team.

The game provides players with a couple of ways to synergize with smoke to powerful effect.

Any teammate using threat detection optics can spot enemies through smoke, creating a one-way mirror effect. Use caution, however, because enemies can also use threat detection optics against Bangalore. Bloodhound’s ultimate ability allows him to see the outline of enemies through smoke, making Smoke Launcher in addition to Beast of the Hunt a top-tier combination.

Bangalore’s ultimate ability, Rolling Thunder, drops a series of bombs onto the battlefield that damage and disorient nearby enemies. Although Rolling Thunder can be avoided, it can be useful as a way to dispel enemies from cover or to prevent a revive from taking place.

The passive ability Double Time is widely regarded as one of the best passives in the game.

When taking gunfire, Bangalore gains improved movement speed for a period of time. This passive is extremely useful in any combat situation.

You might notice that the A-Tier Legends each have strong passive abilities; competitive players tend to value strong passive abilities that provide consistent value throughout the course of a match.

B-Tier Legends

B-Tier Legends are strong picks for rounding out a squad. They are all viable in competitive play, but some of their abilities are situational or lacking in a specific way.

3. Wraith

Wraith’s role in Apex Legends is the interdimensional skirmisher, and she is often used as a scout for her team.

Many players choose Wraith because she has the smallest hitbox in the game, making her more difficult to shoot than any other Legend.

Respawn has stated that they are going to consider balancing the hitbox discrepancy between Legends, but until then, Wraith is a strong pick.

Her tactical ability, Into the Void, helps define Wraith’s role as a scout on her team. Into the Void cloaks Wraith for a short period of time while also making her invulnerable to enemy fire. This ability allows Wraith to scout ahead for her team and then vanish back to safety if she encounters trouble.

Wraith’s ultimate ability allows her to place a portal that transfers players between two locations. While placing the Dimensional Rift portal, Wraith is granted with increased movement speed, but she cannot use weapons.

Dimensional Rift is a situation ability that is not always easy to get consistent value from. It can be used as a scouting tool to allow Wraith to move forward with Dimensional Rift and then take the portal back if she encounters enemies.

Any player can use the portal, so Wraith has to be careful that she does not open a Dimensional Rift that exposes her team to enemies.

Wraith’s passive ability, Voices from the Void, alerts Wraith when enemies aim at her or her teammates. This passive can help Wraith’s squad avoid ambushes and traps.

Although Wraith cannot detect where the enemies aiming at her are located, it allows Wraith’s team to stay prepared for potential combat.

4. Bloodhound

Bloodhound is the dedicated tracker in Apex Legends, and this Legend’s kit of abilities helps the team to pinpoint enemies’ locations. Bloodhound shines when Bangalore’s smoke grenades litter the battlefield — a common occurrence in high-level play.

Bloodhound’s tactical ability, Eye of the AllFather, pulses the surrounding area and reveals the location of any enemy players. Eye of the AllFather is useful for clearing out buildings and making sure that an area is safe from enemies. Bloodhound’s presence in a squad means there are far fewer opportunities to be surprised by an enemy ambush.

Beast of the Hunt is one of the strongest ultimate abilities in the game.

While active, Beast of the Hunt allows Bloodhound to see the outline of enemies and move at an increased speed. Beast of the Hunt is best used before a fight and can be especially strong when combined with Bangalore’s Smoke Launcher or Caustic’s Nox Gas.

The passive ability Tracker allows Bloodhound to detect the footsteps of enemies and determine how long ago they were placed. This passive enables Bloodhound to alert teammates that they are hot on the trail of an enemy team.

Tracker can also be useful to chase down enemies who try to run from Bloodhound, making this character a frightening Legend to have on your tail.

5. Pathfinder

Pathfinder is the robot scout of Apex Legends, and his mobility abilities help his team move around the map. The mobility options in Pathfinder’s kit are useful in competitive play because they allow his team to secure the most advantageous fighting positions on the battlefield.

Pathfinder Robot Scout

Pathfinder’s tactical ability, Grappling Hook, attaches to any surface and propels Pathfinder at a high rate of speed. The skill cap of Grappling Hook is high, and players who spend a lot of time mastering this ability can pull off some epic maneuvers.

Grappling Hook can be useful for both engaging enemies and escaping from tricky situations.

The short cooldown time of Grappling Hook, 15 seconds, enables Pathfinder to fly around the map like Tarzan.

Pathfinder’s ultimate ability deploys a zipline that stays permanently on the map after it’s placed. The Zipline Gun ultimate can be useful for making quick rotations around the map or securing high ground that other players can’t reach.

Players are exposed while ziplining, so it’s best to make sure that the coast is clear before taking a ride.

The Insider Knowledge passive allows Pathfinder to access survey beacons that reveal the location of the next ring. Insider Knowledge is under-utilized by many players, but its usefulness in late game situations should not be underestimated.

The capability to know the location of the next ring when there are only a few squads left can allow Pathfinder’s team to position themselves advantageously over the remaining squads.

Securing good high-ground position late in the game could mean the difference between winning and losing a match.

6. Mirage

Mirage is a holographic trickster who loves to bamboozle enemies with his decoys.

Although Mirage’s abilities may not be as strong as some of the top heroes on this list, they can still play mind games with enemies if used in the correct situation.

Mirage’s small hitbox and fragging potential allow him to stay on the cusp of viability in competitive play.

Mirage’s tactical ability sends out a holographic decoy that runs or crouch-walks a short distance before stopping. The Psyche Out decoy comes with a 14-second cooldown timer, enabling Mirage to use it early and often.

Psyche Out can be used to draw fire from an enemy team or buy just enough time for Mirage to escape a tricky situation.

Experienced players will often send out a decoy before peeking an angle in hopes to catch an enemy player off-guard.

The Vanishing Act ultimate ability cloaks Mirage and spawns a number of stationary hologram decoys around his location. Vanishing Act is undoubtedly one of the weaker ultimate abilities, as its uses are situational, and the decoys won’t fool good players for very long.

Vanishing Act is best used before an engagement so that Mirage can flank an enemy team or as a way for Mirage to buy a few seconds when in danger.

The passive ability Encore! maybe the most disappointing aspect of Mirage’s kit. It automatically deploys a decoy after Mirage is knocked down while Mirage becomes invisible for a short time. The Encore! passive could buy teammates a few seconds to save Mirage, but it pales in comparison to the usefulness of other Legends’ passive abilities.

C-Tier Legends

The C-Tier Legends are currently on the outside of the meta looking in. Both Legends in C Tier are seldom picked due to their bulky hitboxes and situational abilities. A buff is needed to make these Legends viable for competitive play.

7. Gibraltar

Gibraltar is the defensive tank of the Apex Legends roster who comes equipped with some strong abilities. So why is he so low on this list, you ask?

Many players stay away from Gibraltar because his hitbox is noticeably larger than that of other heroes. In fact, Gibraltar’s hitbox is about 140% larger than Wraith’s, making him an easy target to hit. Gibraltar will continue to be a seldom-picked character until Respawn Entertainment balances Legend hitboxes.

The Dome of Protection tactical ability is the hallmark of Gibraltar’s kit. Dome of Protection is a spherical shield that Gibraltar can use to protect himself or his teammates from all incoming fire.

This tactical ability often forces Gibraltar into close-range combat situations, so it’s recommended that Gibraltar players equip themselves with at least one short-range weapon.

The dome can be an effective way to revive a teammate or gain cover in a bad situation, but its size and bright outline often give away Gibraltar’s location to any nearby enemies.

Gibraltar’s ultimate ability, Defensive Bombardment, can be synergized with Dome of Protection to make both abilities much more useful.

Defensive Bombardment calls in a mortar strike to a position marked with smoke. Gibraltar players can call in a Defensive Bombardment on their position and then use Dome of Protection in order to buy themselves enough time to get off a revive or a critical Phoenix Kit.

Gibraltar’s passive ability deploys a small shield that covers Gibraltar’s torso when he aims down sights. The Gun Shield does help to mitigate the damage that he takes due to his large size, but the bright color of the shield makes Gibraltar an easy target to spot. However, Gibraltar’s Gun Shield is not strong enough to overcome his bulky hitbox in its current state.

8. Caustic

Caustic is known as the toxic trapper, but at times, his toxic gas can seem more like an exfoliant than a deterrent. Caustic’s kit revolves around crowd control and area denial.

Caustic Toxic Trapper

Unfortunately, Caustic has a large hitbox similar to Gibraltar, which makes him a less viable choice in competitive play.

Caustic’s tactical ability, Nox Gas Trap, allows him to deploy up to six containers full of Nox Gas that explode if enemies stray within their proximity. Once inside the gas, players take a small amount of damage over time, are slowed, and have reduced vision. Damaging the container’s base with gunfire can destroy gas traps, and Mirage’s decoys also trigger them.

All Caustic players, enemy and friendly, are immune to all gas effects.

The ultimate ability Nox Gas Grenade disperses gas in a large radius for a short period of time. Nox Gas Grenade functions similar to the gas traps except the gas can be released on demand.

Caustic players must use his gas abilities tactically because Nox Gas can also affect teammates who are caught within it. All of Caustic’s gas abilities are useful when combined with digital threat optics or Bloodhound’s Beast of the Hunt ultimate ability.

Caustic’s passive ability allows him to gain threat vision on enemies who are caught within his gas. The Nox Vision passive helps alert Caustic to the presence of enemy players who trigger his traps, and it can also be useful in an area of Nox Gas where visibility is low.

Winning Bets with Legend Knowledge

The make-up of teams and combinations of Legends is an important element of success at high levels of competitive play. The format for competitive Apex Legends tournaments is still being developed, and certain Legends excel in different situations.

Until private lobbies are available to all players, many tournament formats will consist of matches being played in public lobbies.

These tournaments will revolve around who can get the most kills and place well, and the Legends being picked will reflect that format. Private lobbies filled with all competitive players might develop a different meta that revolves around a more defensive style of play.

The goal of this guide is to help bettors become more familiar with each Legend so that they can properly forecast the outcome of competitive matches. Bettors who can spot strengths or weaknesses in a team’s composition will increase their chances of winning more wagers in Apex Legends.

Check out our rankings for the best sites to bet on Apex Legends.



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